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postheadericon A appropriate place to go and get pet rats

A appropriate place to go and get pet rats?
Does anyone know of a good place to get pet rats in Genesee county,MI

Am I right to be furious next to the vet?
On monday afternoon, I called my vet surgery because my beautiful blue rat Crispin was not a hundred percent. I thought either he had broken his leg, or had a stroke, because he be not himself at all and he was struggling to walk.I told them…

Am I scare my hamster?
I woke her up by refilling her water bottle, and she went up to the top of the shut within and looked at me very alertly,not moving and I try to calm her down by speaking softly

Am i the solitary one who hate crittertrail cage?
i just think they are small and cramped , alot of people utter they are good for dwarfs but they don’t fit up the tubes and they are way to small for syrians . I think habitrail cage are the best cage they ever invented , nice…

Am i treating my hamster right?
I change is bedding two times a week or more if the bedding starts to smell.I feed him nutriphase gold ingots.There is always food available for him.I give him broccoli or a slice of apple every other day.I nick him out to play every day.I even have…

Animal suffering/cruelty on youtube?
Why are certain videos allowed, and most importantly, how can we stop it? i just saw a video beside a guy whose bulldog killed a rat that had no chance to escape. this is cruelty because the bulldog didn’t find the rat external; the owner made him…

Another guinea pig ask.?
so i know everything i need for the cage now but can someone detail me where everything is supposed to go?lol.like in attendance is bedding, hay and all that stuff.am i supposed to cover the whole cage beside bedding even under their hide aways? what do i…

Another guinea pig cross-question?
so the guinea pig i thought was a girl is definitely a boy! thats ok i still love him well he is a brat and i know he of late needs to get to know the other piggys well i enjoy two other male piggys farely young…

Another Hamster Treat Question?
Ok, there was some confusion with my ending question due to lack of information.I accidentally bought my hamster these guinea pig treats http://www.f3images.com/IMD/250/EI04726/… Will these be ok to give to my hamster? If not i’m in recent times going to take these back to the store.

Anti-social and workshy hamster oblige?
My Teddybear Chandler was active enough when I first get him about two months ago. Now he’s fallen into a few bad customs.Firstly, he puts all of the bedding in his removable hamster globe, so he couldn’t get any exercise if he wanted to unless I verbs…

Any belief what’s wrong next to my guinea pig?
My guinea pig is female and about 3 years old. She be fine yesterday and i out her in her hutch at about 1pm.she and her sister were both fine. this morning when i saw her she be sat in the main nouns of her hutch ….

Any cage that are apt and cheap online?
I need to find a site that has some cheap rat cages that are still perfect qualityi’m thinking like 30$ and under?

Any Good Tips roughly speaking Rats?
Earlier I had asked what a good pet for my daughter would be and she decided on a cute furry rat. That I generally would hate but…it is furry so I guess not. I don’t want her to kill it so can I have some tips? It…

Any hamster information?
I got one for my b-day and I Know alot but I need more

Any homemade bedding suggestions?for hamster?
Are there any home made one that won’t harm the hammy resembling newpaper would as ink is poisionous thanks..Also have any of you had any hamsters from pets at domestic any succesful and unsuccesful stories?Thanks

Any honest name for guinea pig babies?
My guinea pig had a litter of three, and we already named one Rex. The other two are mostly brown with black spottings-crazy fur, and the other one is mostly black near brown streaks and smoothe hair. Any suggestions?

Any honourable Male Gerbil name?
I am getting 2 or 3 new gerbils soon, and they will be male. I want to name them after physical people from bands that I like, and I be wondering if anyone could help me.So far I have contracted on two names that I like, Charlie…

Any suggestions for rat round up platforms?
I now hav my cage… http://www.libertacages.co.uk/media/imag… i need to build at least 2 full platforms i think in shield they should fall from the top..any suggestion on where…and out of what?many appreciation

Any tips for a trial babe guinea pig? ?
I’m buying a new guinea pig and i need some tips!

Anyone have any flawless succesful hamsters from Pets at Home? Or Bad?
All my pets from there die anyone had any good pets that lived for some time?

Anyone own any warning on raise teen mannish rats?
I just adopted a four month of male dumbo rat which I name Logan Horatio Taylor or just Logan. I’ve kept rats for years but this is my first male. I was wondering whether anyone could offer some advice on raising males and energy stages to watch…

Anyone who have a hamster..?
What kind is it and what is his/her name?

Anything I should verbs roughly my rat?
One of my female rats is about 1.5 years now. I own noticed that she has gained a bit of weight(she have always been on the slim side) and has decrease in activity. She is a siamese and I also noticed that around her anal nouns, she…

App. how much longer will my hamster live for?
Snickers(My hamster of course:) ) is turning 3 in February. It kinda looks like she is losing fuzz around her eyes and other parts of her face. :[ Will she be… leaving us soon?(Don’t worry I don’t want her to depart:P I…

Are 2 guinea pigs harder to steal watchfulness of than 1?
I would like to get 2 guinea pigs but my mom asked me how harder it would be to take comfort of them. What should I say back to her and let her know that 2 isn’t much harder to bear care of than 1?

Are adjectives the Yesterday’s News litters and bedding’s matching product?
I have guinea pigs. I want to know if the Yesterday’s News cat litter, rabbit litter, ferret litter, and small animal bedding are the same product?whether they are the same product, which is cheapest?

Are ball upright or doomed to failure?
i have two rats and i was wondering if i could put they within separate balls so they could get extra exercise. what are your opinion on them?

Are cereal boxes ok for gerbils to chew on?
Like will the ink make them sick?

Are Cheez-its impossible for chinchillas?
I let my chinchilla out to run in the living room, and we can’t help giving him little hand-outs immediately and then (whatever snack we’re eating.) He likes Cheez-its. I want to know whether they are really bad for his digestive system.

Are dwarf hamsters cool pets?
Just wondering. My girlfriend is getting me one and I wanna know if they are cool.I know the bedding is a huge part of it, and a huge pain. but are they cuddely, approaching can i take it out and hold it while i watch tv and…

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postheadericon The giant schnauzer, also referred to as a riesenschnauzer, is a german breed that was developed to be a cattle dog

The Giant Schnauzer, also referred to as a Riesenschnauzer, is a German breed that was developed to be a cattle dog. It is suspected that this breed was created by crossing rough-coated shepherd, Bouvier des Flandres, smooth-coated drover dogs, and Great Danes. Today this breed is used as a guard dog, as a watch dog and as a family dog.

This impressive breed stands between 23.5 and 27.5 inches tall and weighs between 70 and 77 pounds. Their coat is short and wiry and it comes in solid black or salt and pepper variations. This is a very loyal and protective breed that can fit into just about any type of family as long as they are socialized properly. To keep the Giant Schnauzer happy and healthy you will need to provide it with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Giant Schnauzers are actually not gigantic dogs as suggested by their name, but simply a larger and more powerful version of the Standard Schnauzer.

They will only reach the heights of 28 inches for males and 26 inches for females. Giant Schnauzers that go beyond 80 pounds are considered overweight.


The breed was developed in the Wurttemberg and Bavarian sections of Germany. These places were agricultural areas. Dogs like the Giant Schnauzers are in high demand as farm workers that help in variety of tasks. They were used as livestock controllers and they aid shepherds with driving livestock to market. They were also used as guard dogs

Appearance and Abilities:

Giant Schnauzers are practically enlarged standard schnauzers. In general appearance, they should resemble their smaller relatives. They are robust, strongly built, nearly square in proportion of body length to height at withers, active, sturdy, and well muscled.

They have a rugged build with a dense weather resistant coat that is wiry. They are powerful dogs and are very useful as working breeds. Giant Schnauzers are versatile and very intelligent. Their high train-ability makes them useful for police work as well.

The Giant Schnauzers coat, distinctive beard and eyebrows are its trademark appearance. The breed is accepted in solid black or salt and pepper.

They have free, balanced and vigorous gaits, with good reach in the forequarters and good driving power in the hindquarters. When moving at a fast trot, a properly built dog will have a strong, firm, and flat gait.

Temperament and Tendencies:

Giant Schnauzers are active and always in high spirits. They are extremely intelligent and have reliable temperaments. This breed loves to work and it naturally wants a job to do.

They have strong territorial; instincts which makes them very good watchdogs. The Giant Schnauzer loves his owners and feels great responsibility to protect them. Fortunately, its remarkable intelligence makes it learns quickly to distinguish between friend and foe.

Giant Schnauzers are bold and valiant creatures. They are courageous and enduring. They have profound alertness with intelligence and reliability. However, they are genuinely composed and deeply loyal to family. They can be amiable and playful with people they are comfortable with. But they are very commanding creatures when aroused.

Training and Care:

The objective in training this dog is to achieve the alpha dog status. It is a natural instinct for a dog to have an order in their pack. When we humans live with dogs, we become their pack. The entire pack works together under a single leader. As an owner, always assume the top position to manage and control your Giant Schnauzers behavior.

This breed must be socialized early and extensively to prevent the strong territorial instincts and to keep them from becoming hostile.

Giant Schnauzers need a lot of exercise, requiring daily walks, playtime with another dog or romps in the yard.

The breed requires regular grooming, including brushing and stripping. Giant Schnauzers’ owners should be prepared to spend time maintaining the breed’s coat.

postheadericon So, you have wanted a horse all your life, but you can’t seem to get your parents to agree to get you one

So, you have wanted a horse all your life, but you can’t seem to get your parents to agree to get you one. Well, what you need is a plan, a parent friendly plan that shows your parents just how a horse will affect your life.

Start off by getting a job. I know, everyone says that, but it is really important. By getting a job you will show your parents that you are responsible enough to manage money. You will need at least $500-600 a month to care for a horse, so show your parents that you can earn that much money. Start a savings with your income and set aside enough money to pay for at least two months of board.

Next, find a barn that is local where you could keep your horse. Find out what the costs of keeping a horse there are. Be sure to include vet and farrier costs in your cost estimate. Get all these numbers on paper so that you can show your parents the actual costs.

Now consider what you could be doing if you did not have a horse. Are you currently spending a lot of time out partying or hanging out with friends? Be prepared to lose much of that time to your horse. Show your parents that these things are less important to you than your horse would be. Explain to them that you would be more concerned about paying your horse’s upkeep and working with your horse than going out late to parties or getting into things your parents would prefer you avoid (after all, who can afford drugs or alcohol if all the money is going to the horse).

With this information in hand, sit down with your parents and have a long talk. Discuss doing a trial run of horse ownership. You can either take on a part board situation or a lease of a horse. This way you avoid the initial cost of buying a horse, but still get the chance to show your parents how you will handle horse ownership.

If your parents agree to the trial, be sure to keep up your side of the bargain. Pay your horse’s expenses. Your parents should not have to foot the bill unless there is an unforeseen emergency. Go out to the barn as often as you can, and avoid going out and partying late. If you can keep this up for a year’s lease or part-board, your parents might actually start to see things your way.

Owning a horse is a huge responsibility, and you will need to do everything in your ability to prove that you are up for the challenge. Many kids just can’t manage the stress of having a job and paying for their own horse. On the other hand, parents are stressed enough just paying for the general bills. If you can prove that you will be self sufficient, you will give your parents the chance to accept your proposal without fretting that you will leave them in the lurch.

postheadericon The phrase, “putting on the dog” refers to people who try to appear wealthy or more important than they really are

The phrase, “putting on the dog” refers to people who try to appear wealthy or more important than they really are. If you were to walk down the dog food aisle in a supermarket or pet store, the front of the bags would sound very impressive, assuring you of complete nutrition for every stage of a canine’s life. But in reality, many of these pet food companies are guilty of “putting on the dog”. Before you put anything “in” your dog, flip those bags of dog food over to read the fine print.

Do you want your dog to be healthy, obedient and live to a good old age? Scientists determined that dogs have the potential to live to 20 years, but in reality, most canine companions struggle beyond the 10-year mark. Veterinarians are seeing an increasing number of heart and respiratory disease, joint problems and diabetes. The shelters are full of dogs that left their “forever homes” because they exhibited hostile and even violent behavior.

All of these health and emotional issues could have a solid basis in the type and quality of food these dogs have been given. It’s not enough to merely fill up a bowl with any dog food so your pet doesn’t go hungry. Dog owners need to evaluate what’s going into the dog’s dish because those ingredients can mean a better life or one that is filled with health issues.

Buy a premium dog food. Generally, this type of food is not sold in supermarkets and not even at your veterinarian’s office. There are a few exceptions where you will find top quality foods at these establishments.

Before making a selection of dog food, turn the bags over and read the list of ingredients. The first 5 ingredients make up the bulk of the dog food so take note. If more than 2 of them contain grain products, like corn or wheat, the food is mostly vegetable protein, which provides less in the way of nutrition. Dogs who eat this type of food will have more bowel movements because their bodies are not absorbing a high level of nutrients and these ingredients are processed as waste.

If the bag lists “by-products” it’s best to leave it on the shelf. By-products of animals can mean the head, feet and intestines. There is practically zero nutritional value in this ingredient. Look for chicken “meal” or lamb “meal” which actually provides a greater degree of animal protein.

Avoid foods that contain preservatives, like BHT or BHA. They can be harmful to your pet’s health. Canned food often contains more preservatives because they are needed to keep the food fresh. Additionally, canned food has a high water content and that should be factored into your dog food buying decision. Dogs do very well on dry dog food alone, and the crunching action helps to keep their teeth cleaner.

If you want to give your dogs treats, the same rules apply. Check the list of ingredients. Try not to get your dog “hooked” on cheap treats with no nutritional value because that may make it difficult to offer a premium dog food that is not artificially enhanced with flavor additives.

postheadericon Taking your puppy out on a leash walk does not only train your pet; it also brings in health and social benefits for him

Taking your puppy out on a leash walk does not only train your pet; it also brings in health and social benefits for him. It is not just an exercise; it also serves as a way of teaching your dog to be obedient to you. He learns to explore new places and situations but does not become stubborn. But there is more to just dragging your pet when leash walking. There are things that you should take note when you bring your puppy out on a leash walk.

If it is your first time to walk your puppy to the park, make sure to stroll briskly. Do not let your puppy slow your pace. If your pet is dragging on his feet, do not wait for him. The trick is to walk faster, as if it was cold and raining. This will give your puppy the idea to keep on walking. This will also prevent your dog from straying or from looking at other people and objects that might catch his attention. If you keep your enthusiasm throughout your walk, your puppy will also feel the joy of the activity.

During moments when the puppy attempts to move in a different direction or stops suddenly, be patient. You may halt with your puppy and console him. Try to see if he is injured or if he needs to rest. If he heads off to a new direction where he is not allowed to go, then try to get back his attention and move on with your walk.

Your puppy, during this time, may also attempt to pull away from you. The best way to respond is to give him a gentle pop on the head using the leash. Avoid tugging or ripping your puppy, as it would cause him to jerk. Gently pop the leash into the direction where you should be walking. While doing this, you can also talk sweet words to your pet, like “come on, sweetie”, or “were you hurt”. Say these words while you are walking. This way, you are training your puppy to keep moving, and that every time he switches direction, he gets a pop on the head.

Sometimes, the leash can make your puppy feel exhausted. Try to adjust the tightness of the leash. Better yet, put more allowance or distance between your hands and your puppy’s neck. The shorter the distance, the more drag your puppy feels. After a successful leash walk, cheer your puppy, give him a hug, and reward him with his favorite food.

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