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postheadericon The australian shepherd is a working sheep and farm dog that might do quite poorly in an apartment

The Australian Shepherd is a working sheep and farm dog that might do quite poorly in an apartment. They are vigorous dogs with high intelligence that were bred to think and work. They require at the least, a properly fenced in enclosure and at the best, a farm to run and work.

They form strong bonds with their family and demand a great deal of attention and time. They will follow their master from room to room in a house and want to ride in the car, help with chores, etc. If left alone for long periods of time, they may invent their own entertainment which can include destroying the furnishings or garden. They need to be properly socialized with children and pets and may nip at the heels of children. She is a very protective dog of both body and property.

Approximate Adult Size

The approximate adult size (two years old or older) of the male Australian Shepherd is 20 to 23 inches to the withers (highest point of the shoulder) and from 50 to 65 pounds. The female should run about 18 to 21 inches to the withers and 40 to 55 pounds.

Special Health Considerations

Some heartworm medications may be toxic to this breed due to a gene mutation. Your veterinarian can test for this. She can suffer from canine hip dysplasia (genetic based looseness in the hip joint that can lead to arthritis pain and lameness), hereditary eye problems, hypothyroidism (sluggish thyroid gland which can result in weight gain), discoid lupus erythematosus (an autoimmune disease), cleft palate, seizures, von Willebrand’s disease (a problem with blood clotting), and patent ductus arteriosis (a circulatory abnormality).


Brush this breed often with a firm bristle brush and wash when necessary. She will shed quite a bit. Brushing will help keep your pets coat clean and healthy, help avoid tangles and help keep your house more free of shed hair. Brushing will also help you keep a closer eye on your pet health and strengthen your emotional bond with her.

Her coat is of moderate length and medium coarseness. Be prepared to become real friendly with your vacuum cleaner if kept indoors. Her teeth should be brushed at least twice a week with toothpaste and toothbrush designed for dogs. Brushing removes the accumulation of plaque and tartar which can cause cavities (rarely) and periodontal disease. Dog periodontal disease can lead to pain, loss of teeth, bad breath and other serious disease.

Life Span

The Australian Shepherd can live between 12 and 15 years with proper nutrition, medical care and excellent living conditions.


The only working livestock breed actually developed in the western portion of America, although she does have some roots in Australia. She was developed from sheep dogs that were imported with flocks of sheep from Australia, France, Spain, New Zealand, Latin America and England during the late 1800 and early 1900 period, especially during the California gold rush. Australian Shepherds were popularized, especially in California, after World War II by horse shows, rodeos and movies.

* ASCR Australian Shepherd Club of America
* UKC United Kennel Club
* NKC National Kennel Club
* CKC Continental Kennel Club
* APRI Americas Pet Registry Inc.
* AKC American Kennel Club


Herding group.

Terms To Describe The Breed

Intelligent, good natured, even disposition, good stamina, agile, muscular, balanced and devoted.

* He is a loyal companion.
* Easy to train.
* Excellent farm dog.
* Easy to housebreak.
* Eager to please.
* Wants to be with their master constantly.
* Makes a great family dog.
* Her pretty coat comes in amazing colors.


* Needs lots of exercise.
* Needs a job to do.
* Wants to be with their master constantly.
* Can be very territorial.
* May bark at neighbors too much.
* May become destructive if bored.
* Can have health problems.
* May shed copiously.
* Can by shy, especially with strangers.

postheadericon Golden retrievers are obedient, beautiful, make fantastic family pets as well as hunting dogs

Golden Retrievers are obedient, beautiful, make fantastic family pets as well as hunting dogs. This breed is also the most preferred guide dog for the blind and for important things like narcotic detection dogs and tracking dogs (used to find missing people) among others.

Among the many other breeds available as good pet options, the Golden Retriever remains one of the most versatile and most surprising breeds.

But before you take the plunge and finalize on buying a Golden Retriever puppy, you need to learn more about this breed. Try and attend dog shows where you can meet owners who have Golden Retrievers as pets as they can give you a lot of important information about this breed – information that a breeder may not give you since he is interested in making a sale. Check you local kennel club again for information.

People who own Golden Retrievers are quite proud of them and are always willing to talk about their pet especially if they find you interested in the same breed.

When you buy a Golden Retriever puppy, your best bet is to look for one at a backyard breeder or the local puppy mill. Backyard breeders care a lot about their puppies so they will have a lot of information about the dogs and they also would like to get the best possible homes for their litter.

Visit the local branches of the Golden Retriever club of America and get a list of the breeders in your area. It is important that you get your Golden from a reliable source. All puppies come with some built in friskiness and other attitudes. You need one that is best suited to your family. The breeder knows his pups very well and he will be a good judge of which pup will suit you based on some questions he may ask.

Do not rush the buying, take you time and look at all the options available. Get all the pertinent information about your puppy regarding its medication, its injections, and its food and training requirements etc.

Once you have all this, then try and get a questionnaire or list of points to consider while buying a golden Retriever pup from some Golden owners and the local vet. Take it to your breeder and ensure that the pet you get matches at least 95% of the points you have.

Remember you are buying a friend for life so you want a pup that has a good temperament and is warm, open and responsive. A pup from a breeder, who is only in it for the money, will invariably end up being of poor quality along with a nasty disposition.

A little patience and research will get you the best there is in Golden Retriever pups.

postheadericon When feeding your dog, think about the following:

When feeding your dog, think about the following:

– The size of your dog
– The daily activity level of your dog
– The life stage of your dog
– Any health conditions that your dog may have.

If you don’t take into account all of the above, you can be setting your dog up for a major crash that you could surely avoid by being smart and attentive to your dogs needs.

Too many dog owners care little about the foods they supply. They buy the cheaper brands, which have little nutrition. They feed their dog table scraps, which are poisonous to their dogs and they just don’t seem to care, either.

When your dog is fed all of these substandard foods, they are set up for all kinds of sickness. Your dog can become lethargic and lack energy. They can be listless and stop being frisky. You might think your dog is tired, so resting more when in fact your dog could be sick. It is so important that you feed your dog right if you want your dog to be healthy.

The size of your dog will determine greatly the amount of food that you should feed him. For proper feeding regulations the bag will list approximate amounts, however if you are an experienced dog owner you will find that these recommended portions are not always appropriate for your specific dog. The label on the bag is just a guide, a little more, or a little less will not hurt based on your opinion. Trust your judgment when reading the label and do what you decide is best.

Your dog will have individual needs. No two dogs are exactly the same.

Certain breeds of dog have specific nutritional requirements that must be met in their diet for them to live an optimum lifestyle. Knowing this, dog food manufacturers have started to produce breed specific dog foods. Royal Canin is the leader in this regard and have a great line of breed specific dog and cat food products on the market.

A high energy dog will need a high energy diet. Calorie rich food will benefit a dog that is highly active, for example a working dog, needs a high calorie diet, due to their active days assisting their masters to perform important daily tasks.

Choosing a dog food according to your dog’s stage of life is very important to your dog’s health. Your dog’s nutritional needs will very depending on his stage of life and depending on your dog’s size. Puppies need a high protein, high calorie diet. Adults need a balanced blend of all of the necessary elements, and senior dogs have specific food products with extra additives to take care of their special needs some of which being but not limited to joint maintenance, immune boosters, and ostio strengthening.

Regardless of what your dog’s special needs are there is a dog food that fits. Your job is to find the food that is the best for your dog.

postheadericon Most people think that disciplining a dog is laborious and expensive

Most people think that disciplining a dog is laborious and expensive. Furthermore, dog training calls for a lot of patience and creative thinking for your dog. We have to remember that dogs can’t be as intelligent as us.

Training your silky terriers calls for forgiveness and consistency. Silkys answer actively to praises and to rewards. Additionally, they become rough and unresponsive towards punishments and animosity, respectively.

Trainings with obedience classes can be intensely beneficial in caressing your silky terriers. In a lot of dog training schools, courses for puppies are available. Young dogs are taught to get accustomed with other dogs and people using limited trainings. Nevertheless, there are regions that don’t conduct formal obedience training unless the dog is at least half a year old. Always remember that a dog is never too old to benefit from training when a dependable trainer is available, or if the owner is fully devoted to the task.

The suggested ways of disciplining silky terriers are Reiteration or Repetition.

Reiteration is the name of the dog training game. In here, dogs are expected to do a task over and over again to attain mastery. Dog tricks are best picked up when reiterated and reinforced through rewards.

Patience is a virtue that requires you to endure hardships. Persistence is trying to be patient for a longer time until a goal is achieved. Obviously, dog training requires a lot of persistence from the owner or from the trainer Physical and psychological aspects of the owner and/or the trainer must be sound.

Commendation, plainly put, if a dog does the correct thing, it ought be said loudly. Otherwise, the dog should hear, “No, that’s not it!” when the trick isn’t accomplished or suitable for the command given. These words reinforce correct responses and decrease the unwanted ones.

Bites of cheese would really be good treats for dogs who answered correctly to a given instruction. Additional food can be bought at pet stores. All the same, if you’re able to get the respect of your pet, instructions will be carried out even if there are no longer called for treats. Likewise, these things reinforce warranted reactions.

Lifestyle may allow being in charge of training your own pet, do the training yourself as long as you feel enough patience and commitment.

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