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postheadericon Owning a large dog can be a wonderful experience

Owning a large dog can be a wonderful experience. These dogs can be fun and bring endless joy to the family. Unfortunately, these loving family members can also let their size work against them and cause unintentional damage when they get too excited or too curious. A good solution for many people is to invest in a large dog kennel. This can be your dog’s own special space. Both you and he (or she) will be able to relax knowing that there isn’t much harm that can be done in their living space.

There are some special things you need to consider when purchasing a large dog kennel. Primarily you need to make sure that your large dog kennel will stand up to the strength of your family friend. The door/gate area is of particular concern since it must be able to stand up to the strength of a large dog pushing against it. Many dogs are capable of mastering simple latches so your tall fellow needs a latch that is a little more challenging than a typical swing gate latch.

Your large dog kennel must be installed securely to ensure that it will not collapse or come loose at the side connections. The proper installation will include being secured to the ground. The preferred method is to install it on a concrete slab with the posts security anchored either in the ground or in concrete. Not only will an escaping dog cause you headaches, a collapsing structure can cause injury to your dog.

You need to consider how much time you expect your dog to spend in his kennel when deciding how large it should be. A dog should never be confined in a small space for extended periods of time. Your pet needs room to stretch and exercise. This is the reason that many large dog kennels are also referred to as runs. You should always include some type of roof covering. This will ensure that your dog is protected from the elements and the hot sun.

The cost of your large dog kennel will depend on the size and configuration you choose. Most people find that the investment is well worth it. This one time cost will save you the cost of replacing damaged furniture, carpeting, or landscaping! A large dog kennel can also be installed for far less than fencing your entire yard.

Large dog kennels are readily available as modular systems where you purchase the number of panels you need to suit your design. Many people find that a square or rectangular configuration works best but you can arrange your large dog kennel in any number of ways. Door panels with a variety of different types of latches are available to work with these modular set-ups.

Regardless of the shape or size of your large dog kennel, if you make sure that your large dog kennel is properly constructed and your materials are adequate, your large breed dog will have a safe haven to call it’s own and you will have the peace of mind of knowing that this special family member is not getting into trouble when you aren’t looking

postheadericon When a good dog suddenly starts displaying aggressive or even hostile behavior it can be a frightening experience for any dog owner

When a good dog suddenly starts displaying aggressive or even hostile behavior it can be a frightening experience for any dog owner.  It is not uncommon that a dog that was once sociable and friendly suddenly becomes aggressive.  As with all negative and unexpected situations there are of course worst case scenarios, but a sudden change in a dog’s behavior is no reason to panic, the key to dealing with the situation is to get at the reason for the sudden change.

You need to remember that your dog is descended from wild animals, and while the modern domestic canine is very different in many ways from the wolves that virtually all dogs descended from, some traits remain, and they do surface from time to time.  While it is true that a dog’s mind is simple and that teaching a dog certain behavior is relatively straight forward, you need to remember that a dog’s primal behavior is inherited, and it can’t be modified, just worked around.  In order to do that, you need to know what you are dealing with.

For starters, wolves are pack animals, and it is this basic fact that is probably behind your dog’s mysterious behavior shift.  To your dog, you are a member of his or her pack.  How you behave determines what sort of a pack member you are:  Are you a dominant member of the pack to be followed and submitted to?  Or are you a weak member of the pack that needs protection and special attention?  In either case, there are different triggers for sudden aggression.  A dog will adjust his or her behavior accordingly based on yours.  The cause of the dogs aggression should be determined be a professional trainer, as the owner is often too close to the situation.

A dog will become aggressive when it feels there is some kind of threat.  A typical cause in both types is when a dog becomes possessive about something.  Typically, the “object” is food; it can also be a bed or even a cherished chew toy or any object the dog has grown attached to.  If your dog is submissive to you, he or she is less likely to exhibit this type of behavior; however, when submissive dogs do get possessive, they are likely to be more aggressive.  The good thing about submissive dogs, is that this behavior Is more easily corrected.

Dogs can also become aggressive over territory, dogs who regard themselves as leaders are typically very territorial.  Anytime they feel there is a threat to their space, they will try to defend it.  A dog’s definition of what its territory is varies, typically though, a dog will consider the house and the immediate vicinity its territory; although some dogs have been known to “claim” larger areas.

Dogs also get aggressive when they feel a member of their pack is being threatened.  The trouble with dogs is that they have a limited understanding of people, and in fact, it is often this misunderstanding that causes them to behave aggressively.  Dogs with more dominant personalities are again more likely to display this sort of behavior, but when a threat is perceived to be extreme and immediate, even dogs with submissive personalities will step up to “defend” the pack.

Aggression in dogs needs to be dealt with immediately and decisively, to not do so could be outright dangerous.  If a dog does something as trivial as growling, or worse snapping at you when you take away its bed for cleaning, you cannot let it pass.  The dog will then think that you tolerate that sort of behavior, and that it is acceptable.  If you just let it pass, succeeding incidents will likely be more severe.   You should get professional assistance to learn positive methods of letting your dog know you are the master.  Should your dog get to a point where it snaps at people habitually, you should definitely get professional help as soon as possible, and keep your pet on a leash until then.

postheadericon A lot of dog owners notice that their pets are itching constantly

A lot of dog owners notice that their pets are itching constantly. One possible cause for constant itching is a yeast infection. This is present in dogs quite often and it’s caused by yeast, especially a variety which is known as malasezzia pachydermatis.

In most cases, yeast infection will be found on the skin and ears of the dog. The discovery of the yeast that causes this infection was done less than a decade ago, so people are just now starting to understand it better and learn when their dog suffers from it.

The symptoms that are common when a dog has yeast infection are the skin lesions, itching of ears, soreness, and a weird smell from the areas that are affected and losing hair.

The malasezzia development can be influenced by a number of things, like fleas and allergies to pollen or food. These will interfere with the regular function and formation of the sebum, so the malasezzia production is influenced by them.

Another potential problem that might cause an infection is a thyroid gland that is not active enough. Also, when dogs get antibiotics treatments, chances are that they will suffer from this disease.

If a dog gets a yeast infection, the vet needs to treat the problems that are causing it, like any allergies or thyroid problems. These problems can be treated with anti fungal medications, like fluconazole or ketaconazole.

Using an oral treatment for dog yeast infection will insure a speedy recovery for the canine, as long as you make sure that all instructions received from the vet are respected. There are quite a few things one needs to do, if they want to make sure that their dog doesn’t get an infection. One of them is the fact that fungus multiplies and thrives in a moist and warm environment.

To make sure he doesn’t get dog yeast infection, the dog should be clean and dry all the time. If the immune system is weak your pet might get an infection, so feeding the dog with proper nutrients is another step you should consider.

The key areas should be identified and taken care of more carefully. Tips and home remedies used to treat yeast infection are found easily, and some of them include boric acid, glycerin and rubbing alcohol. That remedy should be rubbed on the area that is affected, so you prevent future infections.

Knowing what causes yeast infection and how you can prevent it is the first step towards keeping your dog happy and healthy.

postheadericon Providing hen sheds for your chickens really is a very simple thing to do

Providing hen sheds for your chickens really is a very simple thing to do. With the current explosion in interest worldwide in all things poultry related there has never been a better time to get involved and enjoy the amazing experience that keeping chickens has to offer and with so much to benefit from, building hen sheds to house your brood will be even more rewarding.

Not so long ago people kept chickens as a matter of having to, poor diets needed to be supplemented in as many ways possible and eggs were the perfect way to do this. With them being so versatile they could be used in any number of ways and at least you could be sure that you were getting something in to you that was full of goodness, even in the past they knew the benefits of eating eggs even if the science behind them was not known about.

The demand for the supply of eggs has continued to rise rapidly and with them being such an amazing nutritional whole food, that come very neatly packaged, it is very unlikely that this demand will diminish, so keeping chickens has become big business.

The only drawback with this is that as a result of the need for such a huge constant supply of eggs the poor old chickens themselves are suffering. They are not always kept in surroundings that are truly suitable or in any way beneficial to them to keep them in prime egg laying condition, the downside of which is that the quality and the taste of the eggs you buy really can be affected.

As more information has become so easily accessible we, the consumer have wised up to this and realised that to keep hens in your own backyard is really such an easy thing to do and takes very little time and effort and the rewards are massive, I do not know why but, somehow nothing really can beat the taste of fresh, free range eggs laid by your chickens, they are just extra delicious.

Housing them adequately is not a problem, you really do not have to be a master carpenter or an amazing handyman or wood worker to be able to follow a set of step by step instructions that guide you through from beginning to end with minimum of fuss (if I can do this, anybody can) The end result being poultry accommodation that you can be very proud of having produce it with your own hands.

So, for complete peace of mind housing your chickens in hen sheds that you know are going to keep them safe and secure from predators is the perfect solution with the added bonus that the hen sheds will be easy on the eye and have been amazingly cost effective too.

Building a hen shed is so simple and a great deal of fun when you are given the correct information. They are practical, easy to assemble and can save you a fortune.

There are dozens of poultry related websites that claim to offer visitor’s great hen shed plans, but few sadly seem to offer little more than a single basic design. However one of the best hen shed design websites online that has been endorsed by hundreds of chicken breeders and owners worldwide so far contains a wealth of chicken housing data and related information that is well worth reviewing. (

postheadericon Pet promise dog food is made with real chicken from selective farms

Pet promise dog food is made with real chicken from selective farms. They do not include any animal by products or growth hormones. They are safe and free from any artificial flavor, color or preservative. They do not include any factory farm meat or poultry. They add real chicken only after verifying that they are raised without any antibiotics.

Pet promise dog food includes essential vitamins and minerals and so they will give the highly nutritional and well balanced diet to the dogs. This will increase the longevity of your dog. The nutrition will help improving immunity system and will also provide silky skin and glossy coat.

The taste of pet promise dog food is delicious and your dog will surely love the taste. They use quality and pure ingredients that will prompt the taste buds of your dogs. Pet promise healthy and aging dog food is perfect for adult dogs. This product is fortified with antioxidants and so it will help supporting healthy aging of dogs. It contains vitamins C and E and minerals like selenium and zinc. This will help in proper functioning of growth hormones in dogs. This will also make your dog more active.

The pet promise healthy dog food has super taste formula and so your dogs will love the flavor and taste of the food. Many veterinarians recommend this food product to dogs. This will increase the immunity of your dogs and keep them healthy.

Pet promise dog food contains pure and 100% natural ingredients. As already stated, it does not include any animal by products. It contains separate range of foods for growing puppies. It produces food in small morsels which will be easy to eat for small puppies. It contains extra vitamins and minerals and provides wholesome nutritional diet.

Pet promise nutritional diet for adult dogs contains unique health formula that will fulfill the daily requirement of nutrition. This will help promote the immunity system and will in turn provide healthy skin and coat. This is good for the overall wellness of the dog.

Pet promise dog food for 7+overweight dogs is available. It contains high calories to help maintain healthy lean muscles. It is fortified with anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Pet promise wet food is also available for your lovely dogs. They contain highly nutritional values. Bison and brown rice formula contains bison, bison broth, chicken, liver, carrots, brown rice, potatoes, vitamin supplements and mineral supplements. Folic acid is also included in this food product. This will provide an exciting protein source to your dogs. Bison is a smart alternative to beef and hence it has been used as major ingredient.

Chicken and brown rice formula contains chicken, chicken broth, brown rice, potatoes, bean gum, minerals, vitamins, folic acid etc. Natural chicken raised in selective farms is the main ingredient in this. This is specially formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of puppies and adult dogs. These moist foods will give the pure taste of meat to the dogs. They meet the same high quality standards of pet promise dry dog foods.