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postheadericon We like to take our pets on daily walks

We like to take our pets on daily walks. After all, we are concerned with their health and should want them to remain in good shape. But beware of the unseen health risks to your pet that can be associated with the summer heat.

Presently I have 4 dogs in our kennel that are being watched this month. They range in age and their general health conditions vary, and each must be considered when taking these dogs for their walks.

The current makeup consists of 2 puppies only 3-4 months of age, an 8 year old but overweight German shepherd, and a 13 year old mix breed.

A single walking session shows the effects that summer plays on each dog’s individual condition. The two puppies are young, vibrant and full of energy, and do not hesitate at the prospect of a 20 minute walk through the woods. The 8 year old shepherd and the 13 year old mixed are also looking forward to the same walk.

Within a few moments of walking into the woods, (the woods are about 100 yards from the kennel), you can notice a considerable change form the harsh daily sun to a much cooler shaded area of the woods. At this point each dog is holding their own on this simple and short walk.

At the halfway point, now 10 minutes of walking, we take a momentary rest, more for my sake then that of the dogs. Each dog is panting quite regularly at this stage. None of them look at all tired, and none have stopped to drink any water from my bottle.

Due to a recent rainstorm the night before, we have come across an occasional puddle or two for them to wade in. This has helped them stay a little refreshed.

As we head past the 3-quarter mark of this trail, there is a considerable difference in the overweight shepherd’s desire to lead the pack. At this point, the older 13 year old mixed dog, is actually keeping a stronger pace then the young puppies, even though the puppies have stopped a number of times to rest and take on water.

By the time we reach the stretch of trail back to the kennel area, the fours dogs are showing signs of being both tired and thirsty. The last 10 feet lead straight to a waiting pool filled with fresh cold water. The older dogs take a few moments to grab a quick drink while the puppies play and splash around happily. All four dogs are taking a well deserved rest.

By and far they all show some signs of being tired. But keep this in mind that they each have reacted differently to the same walk, under the same conditions. The puppies did tend to pull more on their leashes, which will cause them to put additional stress on their collars and breathing. The overweight 8 year old, while younger showed more signs of fatigue then the older 13 year old. The mixed dog is not carrying around a lot of excess body fat. The extra weight and fat is putting additional stress on the larger dog’s legs, chest and his heart.

Be careful of walking your pets in the hot summer months. Take then out during the early morning or later evenings when it is cooler. Make sure to take water with you, for the pets and yourself, if you’re going to be walking any kind of long distance. When they get back, give them fresh clean water from a hose or kiddies pool. They have thick fur coats and only cool down through their tongues so please let them relax in the shade and take a break during the walk to make sure they are not getting to overheated.

Be careful to avoid heat strokes or other conditions that can be avoided with a few simple steps. Bottom line is that you should not risk your pet’s health simply because it is the summertime and you went for a walk.

postheadericon People are not the only ones exposed to numerous health risks

People are not the only ones exposed to numerous health risks. Pets too are in danger of experiencing a variety of health problems. When pets are sick, they usually go through a lot of pain, leaving them stressed and even sleepless at night.  Resting is the most common way of recharging one’s self and doctors always advice patients to take a good rest.  The same advice is given by vets to pet owners. Studies also show that resting, specially sleeping brings a lot of relief and comfort for sick pets.

Since sleeping plays an important role in the pet’s fast recovery, owners must also give importance to their sleeping area.  The cold floor may not be suitable to their aching joints and may worsen their arthritis.  Giving them therapeutic pet beds can help them soothe their body ache as they lay on soft and comfortable mattresses.  There is a wide variety of dog beds and cat beds available today.  Pet supply manufacturers have developed temperature controlled beds that can either perform heating or cooling functions.  A correct body temperature is better for their health in cold or hot environments.  During the cold season, pets would surely love the warmth of heated dog beds and during the hot season, pets would enjoy the cooling effect of cooling dog beds.  Both these products have medicinal or therapeutic benefits to dogs of all ages.

Pets with joint ailments like old and arthritic dogs can take advantage of therapeutic or orthopaedic pet beds. These will save them from excessive moisture, heat, cold and pests. They provide comfort and support to the pressure points like the spine, hips, and shoulders.  Any pet will surely enjoy these cozy and soft foams that perfectly match their weight and shape.

postheadericon Household pets are susceptible to a multitude of dangers lying around the house and even some in their own bird cage

Household pets are susceptible to a multitude of dangers lying around the house and even some in their own bird cage. Like all other pets, pet birds are also subject to a number of risks. This is mainly due to their small size, sensitive respiratory system, fast metabolism and in the case of parrots, their curiosity to explore everything around them with their beaks. Owners are responsible for their pets safety and should take the necessary precautions to prevent any accidents. Here is a list of the top dangers faced by household pet birds. Starting with the most obvious, birds have a special dietary need and cannot digest most food processed by other pets and humans. High sugar or salt concentrations are inappropriate. Fatty foods are also discouraged. Chocolate is to be avoided at all costs as it is toxic not only to birds but also to other pets in general. Water is the preferred beverage choice. Caffeinated and alcoholic drinks are very dangerous!

Because of their sensitive respiratory system, birds are extremely sensitive to poisons and toxins. Some dangerous contaminants from cleaners, industrial fumes, and pesticides are fatal for birds. Strong and aromatic odours can also kill birds. Aerosol body sprays, Nail polish, cigarette smoke, and paint fumes are to be avoided. If, as typical, one dedicates a special spot for his bird cages inside his car garage, he should take care not to start his car inside the garage as carbon monoxide can lead to respiratory diseases. One should make special mentioning of non-stick coatings, which emit particular fumes that are toxic to birds when overheated. These coats are usually found on non-stick cookware, irons, space heaters, blow dryers and more. As many birds chew on many things small enough for their beaks, one must place safer bird toys, which are made from sanitised and toxin-free plastics or woods like eucalyptus and manzanita in order to avoid poisoning from ingesting or biting the toys.

Birds, which are left, to roam around the house are also at a risk of falling into sources of open water such as in toilets, sinks, buckets and water bowls. Even worse, they can fall into hot pots of water sitting on stoves in the kitchen, so it is generally preferred not to let birds out of their bird cages in kitchens. Ceiling fans pose a major threat to flying birds and have been the cause of several serious injuries and fatalities. Birds tend to get very agitated and nervous with moving things above them and may become stressed out of a ceiling fan running close to their bird cage. Other electrical appliances, which might not pose a direct threat to a bird, might have an exposed electrical cord. As most birds explore with their beaks, electrical cords can pose a danger if bitten. Cords should be concealed as much as possible using corrugated plastic tubing for example.

Even bird toysspecifically designed for parrots and other birds may not be totally safe. Apart from being made out of toxic materials, toys can be broken down by bigger parrots and parts swallowed. Remember that even if a particular toy looks pretty durable at the time of purchase,bird toys don’t last forever and should be checked from time to time. Rope toys can also cause birds to get tangled up in them and get strangled as a result. Finally, birds are rarely known for social interaction with many other pets and birds, especially cats. They can attract the predatory instinct of other animals and if attacked, any bites or scratches can become fatal to a bird. Therefore, cats or dogs around the house can be a risk to pet birds even if they are in their bird cage.

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postheadericon When talking about dog training, the hottest and latest thing is dog whispering

When talking about dog training, the hottest and latest thing is dog whispering. We are not talking about just “whispering” and talking softly to your dog, but taking it another step further.

Dog whispering looks deeply into your communication with your dog – understanding its actions and behavior. It is not a “proper” way of training, as it relies on intuition and different techniques, and therefore many trainers do not see it as a training method.

A very strong element which dog whispering is based upon is body language. As the dog is a social creature, it notices and follows body language. And as a trainer, you must know and learn your dog’s body language. It can help you understand your dog, approach it the right way. Observing, understanding and absorbing are very important keys to improving communication with your dog. Respecting and understanding it will diminish any feelings of intimidation or threat.

Dog whispering can be looked at as a humanistic way to understand and reach out to your dog. It has no elements of commands or obedience. This training technique is based on trust and good relations, making it very natural for the dog to follow its trainer. Having a strong connection can do wonders in dog training, emphasizing the fact that there is no need for “harsh” behavior.

A dog trainer is something anyone of us can become. It takes a bit of effort, energy and time, but it is all worth the strong bond and relationship with your dog.

postheadericon Relief from heat does not come easily specially for our furry friend

Relief from heat does not come easily specially for our furry friend. They do not have sweat glands so they cannot sweat to cool off. Most dogs will just simply give up the comfort of their bed and stretch out in the bare floor to cool off. Panting also help to cool them off but this is not sufficient. Dogs with thick, double-coats are more susceptible to heat stroke. Dogs can experience some serious discomfort during summer and hot months. A cooling pet bed is the ideal solution to this. Canine cooler bed can provide an ongoing therapy for your furry friend. It can be very helpful and bring much relief, especially if your dog suffers from bad joints, hips or one of many skin conditions affecting pets from all walks of life. A cooling pet bed doesn’t have to be expensive either, and can be used all year around, especially in those hot summer months.

Some dog have thicker fur than others, which makes it hard to keep cool. Unfortunately this can be the cause of your pet’s lack of energy, skin irritations, breathing difficulties and a variety of other concerns. Although they can lie down on the bare floor to cool off, this can bring other medical problems to them such as arthritis especially for aging dogs. Sleeping on the cold hard floor can cause chronic pain and additional discomfort.

There are two common types of dog beds, the cooling water bed and the cooling pads. Cooling water beds are filled with water provide a great relief during summer. Cooling pads are more like a thick mat that a fluffy mattress type of bed. The cooling pads are designed in such a way that they do not absorb heat thereby making the bed hot, but repel the heat so that your pet can always stay cool. Some of these pads are also the thermo-regulating kind, which means that they can be used as cooling dog beds in the summer, as well as heated dog beds come winter time. Make sure that the bed you get for your dog is made of high-quality and non-toxic materials.