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postheadericon The best antioxidants for cats cleanse the lymph system and liver and enhance immunity to prevent and fight off infection and disease

The best antioxidants for cats cleanse the lymph system and liver and enhance immunity to prevent and fight off infection and disease. This can give your cat a fighting chance when ill with cancer or an autoimmune disorder and is the most effective form of prevention available today. In this article, you’ll learn about two very powerful herbs that prevent and fight disease.

When a favorite pet becomes ill, usually, you take your cat to the vet. If your vet does not practice holistic medicine, then your cat will be prescribed drugs. While drugs can help your cat feel better, sometimes, they can make your pet feel worse. After all, drugs do not cure illness, they just mask the symptoms in the hopes that the body will find the energy to heal itself. Obviously, this doesn’t always happen.

This is the reason that pet owners around the world are using natural alternatives. Natural medicines are better for your pet because they actually heal the cause of the problem which is obviously much better than just suppressing symptoms. The best cat antioxidants fight off and kill the free radicals the create disease and inflammation.

It is important to know that natural remedies do not have any side effects that can make your pet worse if your pet is already suffering with a disease. They also will not negatively interact with other medications your cat needs to take. Since there are no worries about drug interactions, this makes it easy to combine tradition and alternative treatment methods. For instance if your cat is receiving chemotherapy, providing cat antioxidants will help build immunity and balance the harsh effects of chemo.

Two herbs: Mistletoe and Milk Thistle have been shown to be effective for soothing inflammation, killing free radicals and boosting the immunity in the process. Rather than giving your cat individual herbs in a form that might not be potent enough or palatable, look for a formulation that contains these herbs plus Vitamin C. The most effective antioxidants for cats will be cost-effective, easy to administer, come with a money-back guarantee and provide a standardized formula that ensures your cat gets the proper dose of ingredients every time.

In addition to giving your cat this daily supplement that is gentle enough for prevention and effective enough to fight disease, make sure your pet is getting healthy food with quality protein, lots of fresh clean water (use a tap filter to get rid of chemicals) and lots of love and attention from you.

Above all, if your cat is sick, there is hope. Never underestimate the power of good food, love and care and natural antioxidants for cats.

postheadericon Is your cat refusing to use the litter tray or box, no matter what you try to do

Is your cat refusing to use the litter tray or box, no matter what you try to do?

Then you’re not alone, because you, me, and millions of other cat owners are either facing this problem right now, or have done so in the past.

I’ve had many cats in the past, and one of them recently posed a huge problem. He is a lovely cat, but he is not litter trained and just pees just everywhere. Even though he had a litter box that he used once only, he still used to pee and poop on everything.

Luckily I already have several proven tricks up my sleeve, and in this quick article I’d like to share a couple of mistakes I’ve learned the hard way, which will help speed up the time it takes to train your cat to use the litter tray.

So, here are two common cat litter training mistakes…

Mistake #1Not realizing that your cat is choosy!

Did you know that cats may have personal preferences when it comes to their litter box? It’s true, and sadly, your cat’s preferences may not coincide with the owner’s preferences in most cases.

Choosing the right cat litter and cat litter boxes for your cat (and not for you) is important. The rest of this article explains some key things to remember when picking the right cat litter and cat tray or box…

Mistake #2 Not providing enough “drop zones”

Many owners do not provide enough litter boxes, particularly in households with numerous cats. The number of boxes in the home should equal the number of cats, plus one. For example, a two cat household needs three litter boxes.

It’s a good idea to distribute your cat litter boxes evenly around the home. In homes with several floors, there should be at least one litter box on each floor of the house.

Finally, don’t forget that each litter box must be kept very clean. Boxes should be scooped daily and completely emptied, washed and disinfected thoroughly every 1-2 weeks.

Isn’t it time you discovered why most cat training aids don’t work, and how to get inside your cat’s mind and quickly teach them perfect behaviour from any age?

Well, right now, you can discover these secrets for free, with my 9 part guide to perfect cat behaviour at http://cattrainingtricks.com

There, you’ll discover many easy ways to end cat litter box problems for good, plus so much more…

postheadericon Cats are greatly popular, and among the top favorites to have as pets

Cats are greatly popular, and among the top favorites to have as pets. They are cute, fun, and greatly independent, making them easy to have around. However, if you don’t know how to train them, your cute kitty, can turn into a great pain.

People assume because cats are independent and have a stubborn streak that they are hard to train, but if you know the proper way to train them it’s rather easy. It will take a little time, because like we mentioned before they are stubborn, however you can use that stubborn streak to your advantage.

These are a few cat training tips to ensure a successful training program:

1. Don’t give up

Two seconds into starting to train your cat, you might realize that’s not a piece of cake, but it’s not rocket science either. If you have trained another animal before, you have probably noticed that it’s not easy, but it’s not difficult once you look back on it. With training a cat, you have to stay focused and willing. Though it might take a little more effort, you can train your cat.

2. Know your cat

In order to train your cat, you have to know what his/her personality is like. No two cats are the same, so if you know how your cat acts, it will make training much easier for you. You need to learn what your cat likes and doesn’t like and go from there.

3. Know when to train your cat

You need to know when it’s OK to train your cat. First, don’t wake them from a catnap to train them. They’re just like a sleeping baby. If you wake them up when they aren’t ready to be woken up and are still tired, you’re going to have a cranky kitty on your hands.

You’re going to get frustrated because your cat is frustrated. It won’t want to listen to you, when all they want to do is nap. Plus, you need to keep training sessions short. You don’t want your cat to get overwhelmed or worse bored. This will be counter productive, and leave you again frustrated.

4. Use Positive Reinforcement

This is the most crucial part of your cat’s training program. When your cat does the desired behavior you reward them with praise or a treat. Don’t reward them out of the blue, because they will associate rewards with doing absolutely nothing. Also, remember not to punish them. If they do something wrong, don’t react at all! This is important, you don’t want them to associate what they did wrong with any attention what so ever.

5. Small steps

Though this might cause the training process to take a little longer, you have to take things slowly. You’re teaching a new cat, new tricks, so it will take time. If you want your cat to learn something, you can’t expect him/her to know how to do it that first day.

For example, if you want to train your cat to use the toilet (yes, people do it these days), then it is best for you to gradually move the cat’s litter box closer and closer to the bathroom that you want him/her to use. Don’t immediately push the cat into the bathroom and expect that it will learn to use the toilet. Small steps will get you and your cat where you want to be.

postheadericon Is your favorite pet pestering you or is it rubbing itself on your persian carpet and making a mess of the same

Is your favorite pet pestering you or is it rubbing itself on your Persian carpet and making a mess of the same? You should not blame them for the claw marks that she has left on your furniture. Being the owner of a cat, you should well know that these felines love to climb, love to claw, and also love to scratch their body. When they are outdoors, they find ample opportunity to do so with the help of trees in their vicinity. However, setting up a tree at home is not possible.

Why not build a cat condo for your feline friend and allow them to enjoy? It is not as tough as you think and they are available in prefabricated form along with the entire plan. All the pieces of the kit are marked and it is just siding up a piece with the other and then attaching them together with screws. These condos come in various shapes, sizes, and prices and you can select one that suits you best. Though most kits contain carpets for lining the interior of the cat house, certain models do not.

Even though the parts are thoroughly checked before being shipped, you should check that there are no sharp parts in the kit. If there is, you should buff it using fine emery paper. For providing the best fun tom your cat, you should opt in for a cat house that has a number of stories plus has hiding spaces for them. These kits come in two and three storey models. Some of them even have a perch on top where your feline friend can relax. The openings on these cat condos provide a fun time for cats and they will spends lots of time jumping in and out of them.

postheadericon Al bullington keeps all kinds of pets including a dog, cats, quail, bantam chickens, standard chickens, guinea fowl and parakeets

Al Bullington keeps all kinds of pets including a dog, cats, quail, bantam chickens, standard chickens, guinea fowl and parakeets.

Shih Tzu puppy training can be done faster than you may think. Here are the tricks to get started right…

Shih Tzu puppy training is essential if you’re going to have a well-behaved adult Shih Tzu. It isn’t that an older dog cannot be trained, but it’s so much easier to start your dog off right. With just a few general training principles your puppy can get off to a great start.

Remember that what is cute behavior in a tiny little dog could be annoying at best in your adult pet. Remember too that no matter how much you love your new puppy, that puppy will grow to be an adult dog. Many times unacceptable behavior in an adult dog results in the dog leaving it’s home, not by choice either. So, you must not let behavior go that will endanger your long-term relationship with your pet.

We are talking about discipline here. You must first do some thinking about what is acceptable behavior to you. You as the pet owner must make decisions. And start early to set boundaries for your pet. What do you expect from your pet? What are your responsibilities? Do not let behavior problems go unchecked. Caring for a Shi Tzu puppy is a major responsibility, but a fun one too!

If you see a behavior problem developing and you do not know what to do, get some help. Training resources are widely available either with a local trainer or on the Internet plus books and videos. See, your pet is looking to you for guidance. You must not fail your pet. It may be you that really needs the training and not your pet.

But it is a large mistake to expect too much from a tiny puppy. Little Shih Tzu puppies are very easily distracted and have tiny small attention spans. Your little puppy can learn quickly, but do not push too hard and fast with training. Be patient, very patient with puppies.

To be successful with Shih Tzu puppy training, try to link rewards with desired behavior. Link a less desired outcome with undesired behavior. Please don’t think violence is necessary. Firm but gentle is the way to head off problems.

One of the first training steps is housebreaking your puppy. Don’t start too early. Check with your dog’s breeder for a suggested time to start training. Housebreaking is a task that must be done or else your pet will probably not stay at your house.

One way to handle this is to monitor your pup closely and scoop the pup up and get to the proper place for elimination before it happens. There are several methods plus several different products to help. Products to help include dog litter boxes, doggie diapers and potty pads.

House training is just the start. You can move on to obedience training and even on to teaching tricks to your puppy.

Your puppy can grow to be a fun and important part of your family with just a little guidance from you.