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Before we picked up our new Goldendoodle puppy, I had not gotten ready at all. The only thing I had accomplished was buying a crate that was too large, set the pickup time with the breeder, and driven out. On my trip home the Goldendoodle pup had pottied in his crate, gotten it on his fur , and I could tell he had roundworms.

Fortunately, I got the dog in to get seen by the local vet by calling in a favor, because I had not even set up an appointment. After having the Goldendoodle pup washed up, dewormed, and gotten him a few basic vaccinations, I took him back home to our kids. They were ecstatic!

After bringing him home, I thought about some problems. We did not have a place for the Goldendoodle pup to sleep, he was beginning to gnaw on all sorts of things, and he did not even have a name yet. Even worse, he tried to escape every time he could.

After a couple of weeks, life with the Goldendoodle was not going very well. The puppy had chewed up all types of things in the home, was swallowing underwear left on the floor, the housebreaking was going badly, and the obedience training that I was conducting was not enough, because I was away at work all day. If the children had been older, either my spouse or I could have been able to get the training accomplished, but we did not have the ability. With a heavy heart, even though we were sure training him ourselves was the better way to go, we sent the Goldendoodle to a two week training regimen.

We missed him when he was gonen for two weeks. The kids kept asking when he was coming home, and my youngest even cried because she missed him so much. Bringing home the Goldendoodle had obviously been the right choice.

He returned like a new dog! No more chewing on stuff he was not supposed to, and no running away. He did still swallow a few more sets of underwear, though. We still had to work on the potty training, but with some effective odor removers we were able to get that completed also.The training was certainly required. If I had had a little more time, or could not afford the boarding school, I would certainly have purchased a quality obedience training program and gotten it done myself.

Check out the Goldendoodle pictures on our site about Goldendoodle Dogs.

postheadericon Question – is there really such a thing as urinary tract health cat food, one that will make a difference to my cat’s health

Question – Is there really such a thing as urinary tract health cat food, one that will make a difference to my cat’s health?
Answer –  It depends on how advanced the disease is, what treatment has taken place up til now, how healthy your cat was before, how old you cat is and so forth. But if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

Q – So what is the best urinary tract health cat food?
A – You can never go past raw food as the best all round, healthy cat food, for any disease.

Q – My vet tells me that raw meat has worms and parasites which will exacerbate an already ailing cat.
A – Cats have evolved on raw food over millennia. Their digestive system can deal very effectively with any worms or parasites, when they are healthy. When they are not healthy, caution needs to be taken during the change over, to ensure it doesn’t become a problem.

Q – I have heard that the best urinary tract health cat food should be a low protein diet. Surely a raw diet is high in protein?
A – Cats have evolved on a high protein diet. I don’t believe you should reduce their protein intake. What I believe is at the heart of the problem here is the modern farming methods. The artificial fertilisers that are commonly used today upset the delicate mineral balance in farm animals. Address that and the high protein then isn’t a problem.

Q – Why is it so common for cats to develop renal failure?
A – The kidneys are cats weakest link. So getting into the habit of giving your cat the best and healthiest cat food from the start will ensure optimum health and life expectancy.

Q – Is it difficult to work out what the best urinary tract health cat food should be?
A – I’ve already done it for you, so all you have to do is follow in my footsteps.

Q – Is a good urinary tract health cat food expensive?
A – When I worked out the cost of the best cat food versus the highest priced dried or processed cat food, I found they came out at about the same. And look at the additional bonuses of a healthy cat, so fewer trips to the vet!

Q – Is it time consuming to this prepare diet? I work, so have limited time.
A – Once you’ve got your head around the concept, it’s really easy. Just make the change over slowly, so you and your cat get used to it gradually. I find that’s the best way of learning something new and guarantees you’ll find it easy to stick to.

Q – What about high ash? I’ve heard that’s not a good thing in cats with ailing kidneys. Shouldn’t a good urinary tract health cat food be low in ash?
A – High ash means high mineral levels. Again, I feel that comes down to bad farming methods putting the delicate mineral balance out of whack. Cats need minerals to be healthy, but they need them in a natural, balanced form. Quality, raw food is the best source.

Q – I’m a vegetarian. It would be difficult for me to prepare raw meat.
A – I totally understand your predicament, I am too. But cats need meat, they’re true carnivores. So if you want to give your cat the best chance in life, you’re going to have to get used to handling raw meat. Or get your partner to…

postheadericon One question that more people these are asking these days is how to make their own dog food

One question that more people these are asking these days is how to make their own dog food. There have been some frightening revelations when it comes to the ingredients contained in most commercial dog foods that pet owners are turning towards the natural way to feed their pet. There are certainly a lot of advantages to making your own dog food, yet at the same time it can be a time consuming chore.

A lot of commercial dog foods aren’t giving your pet the nutrients it needs and, pet food isn’t covered under the same regulations that human food is. It is no secret, and there is factual evidence out there, that shows that some brand name dog foods are using loop holes in order to save money, while still being able to claim that their food is healthy and nutritious. The fact is, there are a lot of chemicals and preservatives used that have been linked to causing a number of diseases and conditions that are detrimental to your pets health.

The truth is, if you starting feeding your pet home made food, you will notice a great increase in their energy levels and overall happiness. It is something you can see visually, and some times that’s enough to motivate people into doing things.

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t make their own dog food is that they’re unsure of the best foods that they should be feeding their pets. Most of us haven’t taken courses in pet nutrition and therefore don’t know what vitamins and minerals our pets need to live a happy and healthy life. Luckily, today we have numerous guides available that will not only teach you which foods are most beneficial to your dog, but also contain a wide range of healthy and nutritious recipes that are easy to make, and will give your family pet the absolute best diet when it comes to eating properly.

That’s why I highly recommend investing in one of these fantastic guides as they will greatly simplify the task of creating your own dog food, and let your dog become more happy, healthy and live for much longer.

postheadericon The mastiff dog has because of links to history a very long and storied tradition

The Mastiff Dog has because of links to history a very long and storied tradition. Right around the sixth century or so Phoenician merchants introduced the mastiff dog into the Britain colonies. The mastiff dog was also utilized by the ancient Celts in battle. They found a major asset of the mastiff dog to be it’s loyalty.

Lived In Ancient Rome

This dog was used to fight in the ancient Roman arenas being captured during the Roman occupation. Then they were transported back to Italy to serve as guard dogs. It has even been stated that the great infamous Hannibal used them extensively. History also notes that Julius Caesar counted the mastiff as one of his favorite pets.

Part Of Ancient Britain

This mastiffs dog hunting prowess was so respected that there was a time in ancient Britain where the middle toes of all mastiffs dogs were removed. This was done so that the mastiffs would not be able to move fast enough to hunt deer who were protected by royal law. When this wasn’t done the dog owner’s were held responsible for their owners. Many British royals utilized the mastiffs dog to protect there vast estates. They did this by releasing the bullmastiff at night to deter trespassers and would be robbers. They also served as pets to the owners.

New World History

The mastiff was present right at the beginning of the Unites States. From the shores of Britain the first mastiff puppies were carried on the Mayflower to America. Seldom used as pets the Mastiff breeds popularity didn’t start to flourish until the late 1800’s. It was in the southern part of America where they started to make there name. This is when they were used on plantations in the South as guard dogs.

War Time Service

Being utilized to pull ammunition carts was the mastiff breed service during both World Wars. For some reason right around the same time period in Britain the mastiff breed was becoming very close to extinction. To help with the efforts to make sure the mastiff dog didn’t go extinct Canada and America both sent to Britain a large number of Mastiffs. Today with an increasing number of bullmastiff puppies and mastiff dogs being picked for pets on both continents we can say the operation obviously worked. This article should have exposed you to more information on the popular mastiff dog and why it’s storied history would make it even more interesting.

postheadericon Are you looking for one thing that cures kennel cough

Are you looking for one thing that cures kennel cough? Well the answer is that there is no one thing but many things that you can do to help your pet cure kennel cough. You obviously know that vet bills are getting more expensive each year and that we all are looking for ways to save money. Imagine being able to cure kennel cough at home where our pets are more comfortable and being ready for it the next time it occurs.

Your pet will likely contract kennel cough several times in their lives and the home remedies I will list for you will save you money time and time again. I will also list a link at the bottom so that you can find other home remedies for your cats and dogs but let’s first look at kennel cough.


Think of kennel cough as being like a cold or flu in humans. This respiratory infection in our pets is caused by bacteria and viruses. Here are the bacteria and viruses that cause kennel cough.

  • Bordetella Bronchiseptica – This bacteria is thought to be the main culprit in causing kennel cough.
  • Canine Parainfluuenza -3 – This is the same virus that causes distemper in dogs.
  • Canine Adenovirus Type 2 – This virus causes colds in dogs.

Keep in mind that humans can catch kennel cough.  In humans it is called an upper respiratory infection. The good news is that most cases of kennel cough are mild and can be treated with home remedies.

Now let’s take a look a few home remedies to cure kennel cough.


  • Pediatric robitussen is being used for puppies to help soothe throat tissues that have become sore due to the inflammation of the throat that occurs from the infection. Just like we would do for our children cough syrups are being used on pets.
  • Certain herbal remedies are also being used to expel mucus. One is plantango lanceolata .
  • Another herbal remedy being used to clear mucus is Bryonia C6 which is also reported to be able to soothe sore throat tissues.
  • For small puppies many people also use honey to soothe irritated throats and treat dog cough. The honey can be mixed in the pet’s water bowl. Most report using this first before the cough syrups.
  • Run a humidifier to help keep the air moist or boil a pan of water to add moisture.
  • Give your pet a vitamin supplement to boost their immune system and practice good nutrition.
  • Some people are reporting using Vitamin C but be cautious here as too much has been known to cause irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Loosen collars – your pet’s throat is sore and irritated.

Want to lower your vet bills and learn how to treat minor illnesses at home instead of spending so much on vet bills? If so read on through the last paragraph and click on the links to find other home remedies that will save you a ton of money.