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postheadericon The deerhound is one of the most ornamental of dogs, impressively stately and picturesque wherever he is seen, whether it be amid the surroundings of the baronial hall, reclining at luxurious length before the open hearth in the fitful light of the log fire that flickers on polished armour and tarnished tapestry; out in the open, straining at the leash as he scents the dewy air, or gracefully bounding over the purple of his native hills

The Deerhound is one of the most ornamental of dogs, impressively stately and picturesque wherever he is seen, whether it be amid the surroundings of the baronial hall, reclining at luxurious length before the open hearth in the fitful light of the log fire that flickers on polished armour and tarnished tapestry; out in the open, straining at the leash as he scents the dewy air, or gracefully bounding over the purple of his native hills. Grace and majesty are in his every movement and attitude, and even to the most prosaic mind there is about him the inseparable glamour of feudal romance and poetry.  

From remote days the Scottish nobles cherished their strains of Deerhound, seeking glorious sport in the Highland forests. The red deer belonged by inexorable law to the kings of Scotland, and great drives, which often lasted for several days, were made to round up the herds into given neighbourhoods for the pleasure of the court, as in the reign of Queen Mary. But the organised coursing of deer by courtiers ceased during the Stuart troubles, and was left in the hands of retainers, who thus replenished their chief’s larder.


The head should be broadest at the ears, tapering slightly to the eyes, with the muzzle tapering more decidedly to the nose. The muzzle should be pointed, but the teeth and lips level. The head should be long, the skull flat rather than round, with a very slight rise over the eyes, but with nothing approaching a stop. The skull should be coated with moderately long hair which is softer than the rest of the coat. The nose should be black (though in some blue-fawns the colour is blue) and slightly aquiline. In the lighter-coloured dogs a black muzzle is preferred. There should be a good moustache of rather silky hair, and a fair beard.  


The ears should be set on high, and, in repose, folded back like  the Greyhound’s, though raised above the head in excitement without  losing the fold, and even, in some cases, semi-erect.The ear should be  soft, glossy, and like a mouse’s coat to the touch, and the smaller  it is the better. It should have no long coat or long fringe, but there  is often a silky, silvery coat on the body of the ear and the tip.  Whatever the general colour, the ears should be black or dark-coloured.  

Neck and shoulders:-

The neck should be long that is, of the length  that befits the Greyhound character of the dog.  The nape of the neck should be very prominent where the head is set on, and the throat should be clean-cut at the angle and prominent. The shoulders should be well sloped, the blades well back, with not too much width between them.


Stern should be tolerably long, tapering, and reaching to within 1-1/2 inches of the ground, and about 1-1/2 inches below the hocks. When the dog is still, dropped perfectly straight down, or curved. When in motion it should be curved when excited, in no case to be lifted out of the line of the back. It should be well covered with hair, on the inside thick and wiry, underside longer.


The eyes should be dark: generally they are dark brown or hazel.  The eye is moderately full with a soft look in repose, but a keen, far-away gaze when the dog is roused. The rims of the eyelids should be black.  

Body: The body and general formation is that of a Greyhound of larger size and bone. Chest deep rather than broad, but not too narrow and flat-sided. The loin well arched and drooping to the tail.  

Legs and feet:-

The legs should be broad and flat, a good broad forearm and elbow being desirable. Fore-legs, of course, as straight as possible. Feet close and compact, with well-arched toes. The hind-quarters drooping, and as broad and powerful as possible, the hips being set wide apart. The hind-legs should be well bent at the stifle, with great length from the hip to the hock, which should be broad and flat.  


The hair on the body, neck, and quarters should be harsh and wiry, and about 3 inches or 4 inches long; that on the head, breast, and belly is much softer. There should be a slight hairy fringe on the inside of the fore and hind-legs, but nothing approaching to the feathering of a Collie. The Deerhound should be a shaggy dog, but not over coated.  


Colour is much a matter of fancy. But there is no manner of doubt  that the dark blue-grey is the most preferred. Next come the darker and  lighter greys or brindles, the darkest being generally preferred.  Yellow and sandy-red or red-fawn, especially with black points i.e.,  ears and muzzle are also in equal estimation.


From 28 inches to 30 inches, or even more if there be symmetry without coarseness, which, however, is rare. Height of bitches: From 26 inches upwards. There can be no objection to a bitch being large, unless she is too coarse, as even at her greatest height she does not approach that of the dog, and, therefore, could not well be too big for work, as over-big dogs are.

postheadericon Puppies go through the stage of teething, which basically means he will chew almost anything he gets his teeth on whether they are shoes, wicker furniture or items and especially his bed

Puppies go through the stage of teething, which basically means he will chew almost anything he gets his teeth on whether they are shoes, wicker furniture or items and especially his bed.

chewproof dog bed

Dogs provide a great source of happiness whether you are playing, walking or just relaxing in front of the television and that is why they are the number one choice of pet of families in the US and probably around the world.

Most of us get a dog at a very young age in order to grow with them along the years. One of the first things that we acquire sometimes even before we get the dog, is new pet bed that makes the pet comfortable and happy in his or her new home. When choosing the dog bed, one of the most important features you should consider is buying a chew proof dog crates and here is why.

* Dog Issues

Puppies go through the stage of teething, which basically means he will chew almost anything he gets his teeth on whether they are shoes, wicker furniture or items and especially his bed. This is the main reason why if you have a puppy, the first feature you should look for is a chew proof dog bed. You can also look for vinyl chew proof dog crates. These will work very good for the pup’s until they grow out of their teething and chewing stage. They also make chewproof puppy bed. Either of these will work good.

Chewing at things however is not something that a dog forgets or leaves behind as he grows older. Many times after you thought the chewing period in your dog’s life is over will you find something in shreds; this is when you’ll be very happy if you still have the chew proof dog beds. Fortunately most manufacturers that make items for dogs keep in mind this specific dog habit and make beds chew proof.

chew proof dog beds

* Other Reasons to Get ChewProof Dog Beds

Besides the fact that the bed will be ruined, a good reason to get a chew proof dog bed is if the bed is heated, your dog could get injured if he chews it even if the cords are usually steel wrapped for that reason alone. A chew proof dog bed will also keep your dog area neat and clean while allowing him to nibble his bed without damaging it.

* Shopping for a Suitable Dog Bed

Besides keeping in mind the chew proof feature in the dog bed, you can choose any bed based on the size of your dog, its personality and house d?cor. You will find a huge variety of dog beds, mats, pillows, baskets, donuts, orthopedic and even luxurious pieces of furniture from which you can choose depending on the amount you want to spend.

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postheadericon Here’s a scenario for you to think about

Here’s a scenario for you to think about.  Your child is out in the back yard, running about with your 1-year old dog, when unexpectedly, you hear that dog yelp in pain.  Wasting no time, you head out the door and observe that the dog appears to have an injured hind leg, holding it aloft as it trots along on the other three.  As if by magic, the dog starts running again on all fours like normal, appearing that nothing had been wrong in the first place.

To add to this scenario, it dawns on you that you have noticed this behavior becoming more and more frequent so now you are concerned enough that you wonder if you should call your veterinarian and make an appointment.  Stop wondering and make the call.  Your cherished pooch is most likely the victim of a luxated patella, or more simply, a lipped   kneecap (or trick knee).

This discomforting malady is hereditary and causes the kneecap to move out of its normal position (dislocates), typically shifting towards the inside of the animals leg. Additionally, it normally occurs in both of the back legs but to a more severe degree in one than the other.  When the dogs kneecap is positioned normally, it sits within a deep groove where it slides down and up in a controlled manner.

As this groove gets more and more out of shape or becomes increasingly shallower, the kneecap begins to slip out of its normal position more frequently.  The leg then locks up, causing the foot to be elevated off the ground.  As a result, the dog cries out from the discomfort that results.  Typically, the condition is more common in the smaller breeds of canines than the medium-sized or larger ones.  The result of the conditions onset is immediate lameness and pain.

In less severe cases, the kneecap slides freely in and out of position voluntarily, but as the condition becomes increasingly more severe, the dislocation can become permanent requiring a vet to either pop the kneecap back into place or, in the most severe cases, correct the condition surgically.  Also, as the condition worsens, the knee capsule itself is injured and the dog appears to be bowlegged.

As we mentioned above, the condition doesn’t just happen overnight, although the initial onset of it would make the owner of the animal speculate as such. Luxated patella is an inherited condition and is most likely present when the puppy is born.  Fortunately, the condition is not crippling even in its most severe stages.  The worst case scenario is that it will have to be surgically repaired and your dog should be able to live a happy and normal life afterwards.

As a final cautionary note, assuming that this condition is inherent to the breed of dog and then neglecting to take action is a huge mistake with unpleasant consequences.  In younger dogs, not  taking care of this oftentimes results in torn ligaments or more severe damage to the knee.  In older canines, neglecting the condition has been known to lead to diseases in the bones and the joints as well as causing arthritis.  So please, don’t gamble with your dogs well-being get the condition corrected immediately.

postheadericon Introducing new dog strollers at pet stroller mart

Introducing New Dog Strollers at Pet Stroller Mart

PetStrollerMart.com provides customers with the newest and largest selection of dog strollers and pet strollers available. We’ve got an amazing collection of new dog strollers that you Will enjoy. Our new selection of dog strollers continues to score high points with customers’ demands of reliability, pet comfort, and easy travel storage. You’ll find that a lot of our customers use these pet strollers for guinea pigs, puppies and even ducks. Customers who have disabled animals discover that products from PetStrollerMart.com are the perfect way to bring their pets along with them wherever they go.

The Central Park Pet Stroller is a fantastic stroller that’s quite a bit larger than our 4-Wheel Pink Pet Stroller. Offered at a fantastic price, it can be found in vivid colors with a bright, neon stripe to make it far easier to spot on busy city streets. This dog stroller or cat stroller also comes with storage spots for pet snacks and water. This is a fantastic stroller to take your pet shopping in, or for a walk in the park. This pet stroller’s wheels are well built, and are designed for smooth walkways as well as rough or uneven roads. Our strollers will make great birthday or Christmas gifts.

Portable pet houses are the newest travel accessory for pets, and are part of the always growing line of products at Pet Stroller Mart. The pet house is designed to be easily folded and stored in the home or in a car. Its durable design is built for use in public parks, backyards, and any other environment as you travel. It is also easy to clean, and made out of fabric that is easy to take care of. The solid design is going to last a long time. The pet house can be found in several colors, and best of all you can purchase it and get free shipping within the lower 48 United States.

Our new Jogger Pet Stroller is a good way for pet owners that are active to bring their pets with them when they exercise. The stroller is made expressly for harder terrains and reliable for all jogging and running situations . Active pet owners can now exercise and spend some good, quality time with their puppy, cat, or other loving pet as they keep their bodies in shape. The pet stroller comes equipped with big wheels for high speeds, and is built to suit even the best runners. Keep in mind that joggers should always wear high quality running shoes because shoes that are worn or old may cause back or leg issues.

Pet Stroller Mart’s plans for the future include broadening its line of offerings well beyond pet strollers. We’re hoping to offer products especially for cats, dogs, and small animals or small critters. Pet Stroller Mart is fully committed to providing customers inventive and cutting edge products that the major retailers may not carry. Check often for luxury pet beds, and even complete pet bedroom sets, complete with clothes hangers to hang up pet outfits. We at PetStrollerMart.com plan to continue expanding our product line, and really hope that customers are pleased with our merchandise and their purchases.

About PetStrollerMart.com Pet strollers from Pet Stroller Mart offer the opportunity to bring your family pet with you wherever you travel. Pet Strollers from PetStrollerMart.com are great for disabled animals, puppies, small animals, small dogs, cats, and elderly pets with arthritic joints or hip problems. PetStrollerMart.com customers use our pet strollers for birds with broken or injured wings, for example. There are many ways that these pet strollers can be used everyday with your pets. There are a couple of Pet Strollers that can even be detatched to become pet carriers. A lot of customers also use them for smaller dogs that get tired easily on longer walks. Whatever the circumstances, Pet Stroller Mart is here, ready to keep you moving and active.

postheadericon With over 43 percent of the population owning at least one domestic animal, the uk pet industry is thriving

With over 43 percent of the population owning at least one domestic animal, the UK pet industry is thriving. Indeed, from grooming parlours and gourmet feed to accessories and state-of the-art toys, it’s possible to pamper your pet beyond belief.

But, with the country firmly in the grips of a recession, it’s time to start thinking smartly when it comes to what you spend on your beloved furry friends. And, with a bit of thought, it’s easy to reduce your pet expenditure without compromising on care.

The first issue to consider when looking at ways to save money is to identify and prioritise your pet’s needs. For instance, food is obviously of utmost importance, but does Fluffy really need to eat gourmet, hand-prepared meals every day? By switching to cheaper brands – many have been found to be just as good as their expensive counterparts – you could bank hundreds of pounds each year. Bulk buying is also a great way to cut down on costs.

It may be nice to buy your pets toys, but in reality they can be expensive and unnecessary. In fact, it’s far better to interact with your pet personally and a stick for your dog, for example, is just as good as pricey plastic replica. Equally, buying clothing for your pet might seem like a good idea, but when you’re watching the pennies, it is definitely an expense you can do without.

Grooming parlous are again a nice luxury to indulge in. However they can be very costly. Therefore, invest in a good brush and some appropriate cleaning products and do it at home. That way your pet will still stay shiny and clean and you won’t be out of pocket.

Your pet’s health is undeniably important. In this respect, it doesn’t pay to skimp here. In fact, most vets will tell you that it’s vital to take your pet for regular checkups and to ensure they have all the relevant vaccinations. It may seem expensive in the short term, but taking preventative health measures now will help to avoid bigger, and much costlier, problems arising in the future.

In this respect, pet insurance is also crucial. You may think that insurance is one item you can cut out, but the experts argue it is more important to have coverage in times of recession than at any other time. However, without the right research, you could end up paying more than you need to.

Therefore, when choosing your pet insurance, make sure it is the right one for your circumstances. There are thousands of insurance deals available: a quick internet search will help you to find the most appropriate ones. And remember, it’s better to pay out a few pounds a month on an insurance policy, than it is to have to spend thousands for an operation or surgical procedure.