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postheadericon Christmas is a special time of the year

Christmas is a special time of the year. Get Fido into the spirit with his very own Christmas ornaments and a stocking to hang on the mantle. Don’t forget your canine friends when shopping for Christmas, as there is a wide array of holiday gifts available for all of your four legged friends.

There a unique selection of Christmas ornaments for nearly every breed of dog available, so we can decorate our trees and homes with beautiful ornaments displaying our favorite breed. Some ornaments show the breeds of dogs on both sides so that as they are hung on the tree, the picture can be seen from any angle. You can find gold or brass ornaments etched with the dog breed of your choice, even tiny velvet stockings holding glass figurines of your dog would be adorable on your tree. You can personalize round ball ornaments with your dog’s name, or ornaments that look like little bones. There are even hand-beaded ornaments or glass domed ornaments displaying your breed of dog. Many different kinds and shapes of ornaments are available to show your love for your dog, it will be difficult to choose and you will want to get more than one.

Now Fido and Fifi were all snug in their beds, while visions of chew toys danced in their heads. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care… That’s right, there are stockings for your dogs, too!

A fun way to give your dogs their raw hide treats and chew toys is in their very own stocking. Stockings can come in a variety of materials and styles that can again be personalized with both your pet’s name and a picture of his breed.

If you have more than one dog, why not personalize a stocking for all of them? Fill their stockings with a variety of dog toys and treats. Put a new dog bed with a squeaky toy in it under the tree, and with the stockings and Christmas ornaments, it will be a day they will dream about for many nights to come!

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postheadericon Introducing new dog strollers at pet stroller mart

Introducing New Dog Strollers at Pet Stroller Mart provides customers with the newest and largest selection of dog strollers and pet strollers available. We’ve got an amazing collection of new dog strollers that you Will enjoy. Our new selection of dog strollers continues to score high points with customers’ demands of reliability, pet comfort, and easy travel storage. You’ll find that a lot of our customers use these pet strollers for guinea pigs, puppies and even ducks. Customers who have disabled animals discover that products from are the perfect way to bring their pets along with them wherever they go.

The Central Park Pet Stroller is a fantastic stroller that’s quite a bit larger than our 4-Wheel Pink Pet Stroller. Offered at a fantastic price, it can be found in vivid colors with a bright, neon stripe to make it far easier to spot on busy city streets. This dog stroller or cat stroller also comes with storage spots for pet snacks and water. This is a fantastic stroller to take your pet shopping in, or for a walk in the park. This pet stroller’s wheels are well built, and are designed for smooth walkways as well as rough or uneven roads. Our strollers will make great birthday or Christmas gifts.

Portable pet houses are the newest travel accessory for pets, and are part of the always growing line of products at Pet Stroller Mart. The pet house is designed to be easily folded and stored in the home or in a car. Its durable design is built for use in public parks, backyards, and any other environment as you travel. It is also easy to clean, and made out of fabric that is easy to take care of. The solid design is going to last a long time. The pet house can be found in several colors, and best of all you can purchase it and get free shipping within the lower 48 United States.

Our new Jogger Pet Stroller is a good way for pet owners that are active to bring their pets with them when they exercise. The stroller is made expressly for harder terrains and reliable for all jogging and running situations . Active pet owners can now exercise and spend some good, quality time with their puppy, cat, or other loving pet as they keep their bodies in shape. The pet stroller comes equipped with big wheels for high speeds, and is built to suit even the best runners. Keep in mind that joggers should always wear high quality running shoes because shoes that are worn or old may cause back or leg issues.

Pet Stroller Mart’s plans for the future include broadening its line of offerings well beyond pet strollers. We’re hoping to offer products especially for cats, dogs, and small animals or small critters. Pet Stroller Mart is fully committed to providing customers inventive and cutting edge products that the major retailers may not carry. Check often for luxury pet beds, and even complete pet bedroom sets, complete with clothes hangers to hang up pet outfits. We at plan to continue expanding our product line, and really hope that customers are pleased with our merchandise and their purchases.

About Pet strollers from Pet Stroller Mart offer the opportunity to bring your family pet with you wherever you travel. Pet Strollers from are great for disabled animals, puppies, small animals, small dogs, cats, and elderly pets with arthritic joints or hip problems. customers use our pet strollers for birds with broken or injured wings, for example. There are many ways that these pet strollers can be used everyday with your pets. There are a couple of Pet Strollers that can even be detatched to become pet carriers. A lot of customers also use them for smaller dogs that get tired easily on longer walks. Whatever the circumstances, Pet Stroller Mart is here, ready to keep you moving and active.

postheadericon Catnip cat toys are a great gift for any of your feline friends

Catnip cat toys are a great gift for any of your feline friends. Which types of toy should be acquired for kitty? A catnip mouse always ranks highly. Felines enjoy stalking and chasing down victims as prey, and catnip mice are an ideal combination of hunting and the love of catnip.

Plasticized catnip mice are wonderful for knocking across hard surfaces since they go flying easily so your feline friend can pursue the mouse with predatorial intent. These are inexpensive and it’s easy to buy a bag of several of them for a few bucks. Bigger, more real catnip mice also exist, ideally suited for more intent wrestling and rabbit kicking your little friend will enjoy. Often the bigger ones will have come with bells on, as it were, sewn to or in the interior of the toy such that your hunter will love the scent and the musical jingling breaking the silence of the night you’ve become so attached to.

Are there more catnip cat toys out there? Beyond catnip mice exist several more infused delights. To be sure, several types of toys can be refilled via a pouch that you just place more catnip in. If you buy bulk catnip then you can keep them fresh a long time. Certain types of catnip cat toys are simply containers for catnip. It might look like an ordinary cloth bag, or possibly more artistically rendered items like food your feline might recognize. Keep in mind a refillable toy will be enjoyable for longer, as catnip is more potent when fresh, thus having more value.

Another popular catnip cat toy aremscented balls for chasing around. Much like the small catnip mice, these are best suited to a smooth floor, since they will have enhanced rollability and your little friend will enjoy attacking them, thus getting more exercise.

Some catnip items can hung over doorframes or mounted to walls, so on occasion of their attack by your crazy cat, they bounce to and fro, and cats will assume that these are worth a fight, and therefore more necessary to attack!

Keep in mind that for sanitation and hygiene concerns, usually catnip cat toys are non-returnable as they may have been licked and drooled on. Catnip doesn’t go in them by accident, of course! As noted previously, a multitude of choices do exist, though of course any are always fun!

postheadericon Just where exactly did this sweet and adorable little lap toy dog, the japanese chin originate

Just where exactly did this sweet and adorable little lap toy dog, the Japanese Chin originate? As with many of our toy dog breeds, there are several theories for us to remember as the history of this toy dog breed.

There is plenty of evidence that the Japanese Chin can be traced back to the dogs that arrived in Japan as precious gifts from China and Korea over 1,100 years ago. The Japanese Chin is one of the most ancient breeds of dogs.

The exact history of the Japanese Chin is difficult to determine, however, evidence exists that at the end of the first century A.D., the Chinese had a type of dog known as ‘Pai’. Canine breed authorities say the ‘Pai’ was a very small, short-headed and short-legged dog. One canine breed writer, Collier, tells us there is little doubt the Japanese race of small dogs originated from China. It is fact that trade and association between the two nations date back as far as the fifth century. During the period of Tein Wu Ti (A.D. 673-686) and Ch’ih T’ung Ti (A.D. 690-696), Korea and China constantly gave small pet dogs to Japan.

As with many of our toy dog breeds there are various theories about the origin of the Japanese Chin. Some suggest they come from Korea and that a Korean prince went to Japan taking gifts for the Mikado in A.D. 732. The gifts included tiny dogs with flat noses which resemble our present day Japanese Chin. In those days they were called Shoku-Ken. They were definitely different from the dogs in Japan at that time which was of the Spitz type.

Another theory of the origin of our Japanese Chin states that as early as 520 A.D., Buddish monks took Shoku-Ken from China to Japan when they went to preach as missionaries. The dogs were said to be a symbol of the sacred Lion of Buddha.

Other people believe the Japanese Chin were of the Imperial Ch’in that supposedly originated in China. The Imperial Ch’in dogs were only owned by Chinese royalty. This seems to be the case of several of our purebred toy dogs. We are so very fortunate now that not only the wealthy have access and the companionship of the purebred toy dog.

It has also been said that the last Empress of China kept 50 of these dogs in the throne room. When the Empress entered the room story goes that these little dogs would line up from door to throne, standing on their hind legs and bowing until she was seated. Of particular note, I would like to add as the author of this article is about my little Danny Boy, who is not Japanese Chin, but is Shih Tzu. Of all the Shih Tzu I have owned, he is the only one who stands on his hind legs before me. Danny and I are very, very close. I wonder if this is a characteristic he inherited from the Imperial line of dogs in China. None of my other Shih Tzu exhibits this trait. I thought he was begging for something. He does it quite often and he looks as if he is just standing up on his hind legs like a human and his front legs are like his human arms and hands. It is so cute; I really enjoy seeing this little trick in my Danny Boy. I am also wondering if the little dogs owned by the last Empress of China lined up from door to throne, standing on their hind legs was out of “respect, love and honor for her.”

It has been said, however, that because the Japanese Chin is not the easiest of dogs to train, the thought of 50 of them doing this in perfect unison was a bit too much to believe. And…….it is only one of mine, out of all I ever had, who does this. Incidentally, my Danny Boy received no training for this. The only real thing different is my relationship with Danny Boy. He is my absolute favorite of all time Shih Tzu I ever owned and I have in many ways told him this. He does have one bad trait I think is cute, but is dangerous for him. He sees himself as rough and tough and loves to try and prove this to all the dogs, big and small. I have to many times rescue him, which may add to the beauty and love of our relationship also. He stands to his feet when I am around because I suppose in his mind, I am his “Empress.”

Other relatives of the Chinese Imperial Ch’in were the Chinese Temple Dog, the Japanese Spaniel, the Pekingese and the Chow. They resemble each other in my opinion.

With all we know about the Japanese Chin today I believe it is reasonable to assume that at least in the very beginning was an Oriental breed. We also know the early days of the Japanese Chin were spent with people of nobility or very high rank and were considered as something very valuable and precious. It is my opinion as well that this “precious look” that seems to glow from the faces of the Japanese Chin is the result of some of that pampering and adoration. The Japanese Chin is a delightful little lap toy dog companion for us today, and is still considered valuable and precious for all who truly love this breed.

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postheadericon A businessperson with even a casual liking of pets is positioned to capitalize big-time on america’s pet craze

A businessperson with even a casual liking of pets is positioned to capitalize big-time on America’s pet craze. All you need to do is keep in mind that Americans increasingly treat their pets as children.

As the number of children per household declines, the number of pets is increasing. Baby boomers, a powerful segment of today’s market, are quickly becoming empty-nesters and replacing their grown two-legged children with four-legged ones. Indeed, many people now call themselves pet parents or guardians rather than “owners.”

“By buying pets human-type gifts, we are making ourselves feel good and making them happy,” says Bob Vetere, chief operating officer of the American Pet Products Manufactures Association (APPMA). This trend suggests a hugely profitable strategy for entrepreneurs in the pet business: position pets as members of the family. Here are three ways:

Create human-like products and services for pets:
-Gourmet and specialty pet foods.
-Doggy and kitty treat cookbooks.
-Pet clothing.
-Human-type pet furniture.
-Coordinating “Mommy and pet” jewelry.
-Designer pet carriers, buggies, and strollers.
-In-home grooming services.
-High-end grooming products, such as aromatherapy baths.
-Pet portraiture.
-Pet birthday party supplies.
-Pet communicator services for pets with problem behaviors.

Rename your existing pet products and services:
-Your pet supply store becomes a pet boutique.
-Your boarding facility becomes a pet hotel.
-Your kennel becomes doggy and kitty day care.
-Your grooming business becomes a pet spa.
-Your dog training skills make you a pet behavior specialist.

Capitalize on the fur frenzy with your existing non-pet business:
-Extend your brand to include pet products.
-Feature pets in your ads and sales messages.
-Donate a portion of your profits to an animal rescue group (and say that you are).
-Welcome pets in your store or lodging facility.
-Have a food service? Host regular dog-and-human cocktail parties.
-In the construction business? Offer custom dog baths/showers in high-end homes.

As always, choose a marketing expert with a passion for pets to help you create a marketing plan that resonates with your market. People are eager to spend lots of money on their pets. You might as well be positioned to receive your share.