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postheadericon Christmas is a special time of the year

Christmas is a special time of the year. Get Fido into the spirit with his very own Christmas ornaments and a stocking to hang on the mantle. Don’t forget your canine friends when shopping for Christmas, as there is a wide array of holiday gifts available for all of your four legged friends.

There a unique selection of Christmas ornaments for nearly every breed of dog available, so we can decorate our trees and homes with beautiful ornaments displaying our favorite breed. Some ornaments show the breeds of dogs on both sides so that as they are hung on the tree, the picture can be seen from any angle. You can find gold or brass ornaments etched with the dog breed of your choice, even tiny velvet stockings holding glass figurines of your dog would be adorable on your tree. You can personalize round ball ornaments with your dog’s name, or ornaments that look like little bones. There are even hand-beaded ornaments or glass domed ornaments displaying your breed of dog. Many different kinds and shapes of ornaments are available to show your love for your dog, it will be difficult to choose and you will want to get more than one.

Now Fido and Fifi were all snug in their beds, while visions of chew toys danced in their heads. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care… That’s right, there are stockings for your dogs, too!

A fun way to give your dogs their raw hide treats and chew toys is in their very own stocking. Stockings can come in a variety of materials and styles that can again be personalized with both your pet’s name and a picture of his breed.

If you have more than one dog, why not personalize a stocking for all of them? Fill their stockings with a variety of dog toys and treats. Put a new dog bed with a squeaky toy in it under the tree, and with the stockings and Christmas ornaments, it will be a day they will dream about for many nights to come!

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postheadericon The perfect household is always pictured with one or more pets

The perfect household is always pictured with one or more pets. These can be dogs, cats or many other animals. And even then, the dog is one of the most popular family pet in the USA. Even more so in the California area, where having a four legged companion is almost the norm. Dogs bring a spirit of liveliness in the house. They make everybody more alert, responsible and definitely happier. Many family celebrations remain incomplete without a dog in the picture. If you live near the beach, then walking your dog on the water’s edge can be a very relaxing experience.

But, if you do not want a very large dog because of space or cash restraints, there is no need to worry. The Los Angeles teacup puppies are small and take up very little space. Literally, the size a teacup would take on your table. They are very intelligent animals that are no trouble to train at all and cost very less in the market. Star Yorkie has a number of these Los Angeles yorkie puppies for sale each day. Being one of the most reputed kennels in the CA area, they have an extensive range of CA teacup poodles and CA teacup Yorkshires for sale.

The kennel also lets one adopt an abandoned CA teacup puppy and take care of it. There are very few things that give greater happiness than bringing back love into a small puppy’s life. Another great advantage of having Los Angeles teacup puppies is that they can come with you anywhere. Most establishments in the Los Angeles and California area will not refuse entry to a dog that fits into a spacious handbag. In fact, they are welcomed and often become a favourite among the owners. Families can take them on holiday, on short trips and even on visits to the family without having to worry about arranging somebody to take care of them.

The teacup puppies are easy to handle. They require a very minimal amount of training because of their intelligence and are house broken with ease. Not only do they love unconditionally, they are loyal and can be the source many a happy times. Star Yorkie is one kennel that looks towards yours and the dog’s happiness. They make sure that their Los Angeles teacup puppies are the best, most loving dogs around that are bound to make your days filled with happiness. 

If you are looking for a good breeder of teacup puppies in Los Angeles, California, then Star Yorkie is the best place for it .To know more about teacup puppies CA.

postheadericon These are helpful hints to ensure that your cat has a pleasurable and healthy stay with us

These are helpful hints to ensure that your cat has a pleasurable and healthy stay with us. Knowing that we take the time and care to get to know each cat can make a difference to the quality of your holiday. Less worry for you means better holiday relaxation!

Fun – They love our treasure hunts for treats to keep them interested and stimulated and even the catnip bubbles!

Love – Perhaps the most important of all. Each cat needs time, love and attention suited to them individually. Some like to play more, others prefer to be cuddled. Our secure, family-sized units, large enough to accomodate 4 cats, ensure that your cat gets the very best attention at all times.

Grooming -This should be done each day not only to collect hairs but for the main reason of bonding with the cat. This, in turn means a more relaxed cat that is more likely to eat!

Vaccinations – Keep a note in your diary as to when your cats vaccination booster is due. This avoids disappointment as we cannot board cats without a current certificate.

Travelling Basket – Get your cat used to this by placing a favourite blanket inside as well as treats. Encourage them to explore it themselves for a few days leading up to boarding.

Meals – When giving a pouch meal to a cat always break it up so that it is easier to eat and it then releases the smells which encourages even the most fussy cat to eat.

Water – It is vital that a cat drinks lots so a variety of drinking vessels should be dotted around. Also some water added to the moist food ensures that the cat gets its much needed water

Routine – Very much needed in a cattery to ensure the cat feels more secure emotionally.

For a viewing of this newest Barnsley Cattery please call 01924 830934 or look online at www.poshcatscattery.co.uk