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postheadericon Your sweet and cuddly puppy can grow up to be strong and healthy, if you choose organic puppy food for it

Your sweet and cuddly puppy can grow up to be strong and healthy, if you choose organic puppy food for it. Ensuring that your puppy eats right is your responsibility and because you love it, you must choose the best. You might be wondering what makes organic food, ‘the best’ for your puppy. In that case you surely need to read further.

You should understand that a puppy’s need for food is very different from that of an adult dog. The two reasons behind this are:

  • This is your puppy’s formative period. So, you simply cannot feed it anything and everything. Just as a human baby is selectively fed during infancy, you need to do the same for your puppy.
  • The digestive capacity of the puppy is not yet fully developed. So, it might not be tolerant towards every type of commercial dog food.

The problem with most commercially available brands of puppy food is their content. To increase their profitability, most manufacturers use animal by-products as the main component instead of meat. It has been proven that animal by-products are not suitable for human consumption. So, how they can be right for your puppy?

There is also the threat of chemicals such as artificial flavors and preservatives in ordinary puppy food. Unless specifically mentioned on the package, you can even find traces of pesticides and herbicides in non-organic puppy food!

Organic puppy food, on the other hand, guarantees the absence of toxins and animal by-products. So, you can be really sure that your puppy is eating healthy food and getting a daily dose of proteins and vitamins. Organic food is easy to digest and contains chicken, fish, eggs and vegetables such as carrots, spinach, celery and garlic. The better brands even contain pro-biotic elements, which aid digestion.

So, go for organic puppy food because your puppy deserves the best!

postheadericon The best antioxidants for cats cleanse the lymph system and liver and enhance immunity to prevent and fight off infection and disease

The best antioxidants for cats cleanse the lymph system and liver and enhance immunity to prevent and fight off infection and disease. This can give your cat a fighting chance when ill with cancer or an autoimmune disorder and is the most effective form of prevention available today. In this article, you’ll learn about two very powerful herbs that prevent and fight disease.

When a favorite pet becomes ill, usually, you take your cat to the vet. If your vet does not practice holistic medicine, then your cat will be prescribed drugs. While drugs can help your cat feel better, sometimes, they can make your pet feel worse. After all, drugs do not cure illness, they just mask the symptoms in the hopes that the body will find the energy to heal itself. Obviously, this doesn’t always happen.

This is the reason that pet owners around the world are using natural alternatives. Natural medicines are better for your pet because they actually heal the cause of the problem which is obviously much better than just suppressing symptoms. The best cat antioxidants fight off and kill the free radicals the create disease and inflammation.

It is important to know that natural remedies do not have any side effects that can make your pet worse if your pet is already suffering with a disease. They also will not negatively interact with other medications your cat needs to take. Since there are no worries about drug interactions, this makes it easy to combine tradition and alternative treatment methods. For instance if your cat is receiving chemotherapy, providing cat antioxidants will help build immunity and balance the harsh effects of chemo.

Two herbs: Mistletoe and Milk Thistle have been shown to be effective for soothing inflammation, killing free radicals and boosting the immunity in the process. Rather than giving your cat individual herbs in a form that might not be potent enough or palatable, look for a formulation that contains these herbs plus Vitamin C. The most effective antioxidants for cats will be cost-effective, easy to administer, come with a money-back guarantee and provide a standardized formula that ensures your cat gets the proper dose of ingredients every time.

In addition to giving your cat this daily supplement that is gentle enough for prevention and effective enough to fight disease, make sure your pet is getting healthy food with quality protein, lots of fresh clean water (use a tap filter to get rid of chemicals) and lots of love and attention from you.

Above all, if your cat is sick, there is hope. Never underestimate the power of good food, love and care and natural antioxidants for cats.

postheadericon Are you having trouble finding your fish in the fish tank due to cloudy water

Are you having trouble finding your fish in the fish tank due to cloudy water? There can be several different reasons for cloudy water in a fish tank, so let’s take a look at the most common ones. These are debris from new substrate, bacterial bloom, chemical imbalance, or even floating algae.

Most new rocks and decorations will cause cloudy water. If this is the case then your debris should settle and go away on it’s own in a couple of days. Before adding the next decorations or rocks it best to soak them in separate water to get all the loose dirt off before addingthem to your tank.

Another problem that can come from new fish tanks is a bacterial bloom. This can cause the water to have a haze and look rather gray. This can come from overfeeding the fish or dying plants.

A sure sign of a bacteria bloom is when your water is milky and has a very bad odor. Not all bacteria are bad but some bacteria blooms can be deadly to your fish. When the nutrient levels get extremely high the bacteria go ballistic and multiply rapidly.

Be sure to remove all dead or dying plants if you have a bacteria problem. If you are changing fifteen percent of your water and using a siphon to clean debris, this type of haze will not cause the fish harm. But it is essential that you get in under control quickly.

Another thing to look at is whether or not your fish are being overfed. This can also cause the water to get cloudy. Just check the bottom of the tank for leftover food – that would be a sure sign of overfeeding.

Fixing fish tank problems like cloudy water from algae can be a pain because it will be thick and green. One of the best ways to cut down on the amount of algae in a tank is by adding algae eating fish. Keeping your lights on for long periods will encourage algae growth as well as sunlight shining on the tank so make sure to watch the amount of lighting your tank gets to help prevent algae growth.

If none of the above helps you with fixing your cloudy water problems, you should follow with a test kit. The test kit will be used to check the ammonia and nitrate levels of your fish tank water.

Once you have checked the levels, the reading for a normal level for both the nitrate and ammonia is zero. If you have something other than zero then your water quality is bad.

What causes cloudy water in fish tanks with open or semi-open style tanks? Many times these style of tanks could possibly have a stopped up filter causing debris to cloud up your water.

If you are still not sure what is causing the cloudy water in your fish tank, don’t panic. As long as your water doesn’t seem extremely bad and your fish are acting fine, give it a little time. Sometimes if bacteria is the cause the bacteria will kill itself.

This is definitely not advice for all cases. If you are concerned about your fish you should probably remove them until you get your problem under control. It is extremely helpful to have a quarantine tank just for occasions such as these. Regular maintenance will also help you enjoy your fish tank without concern.

postheadericon One question that more people these are asking these days is how to make their own dog food

One question that more people these are asking these days is how to make their own dog food. There have been some frightening revelations when it comes to the ingredients contained in most commercial dog foods that pet owners are turning towards the natural way to feed their pet. There are certainly a lot of advantages to making your own dog food, yet at the same time it can be a time consuming chore.

A lot of commercial dog foods aren’t giving your pet the nutrients it needs and, pet food isn’t covered under the same regulations that human food is. It is no secret, and there is factual evidence out there, that shows that some brand name dog foods are using loop holes in order to save money, while still being able to claim that their food is healthy and nutritious. The fact is, there are a lot of chemicals and preservatives used that have been linked to causing a number of diseases and conditions that are detrimental to your pets health.

The truth is, if you starting feeding your pet home made food, you will notice a great increase in their energy levels and overall happiness. It is something you can see visually, and some times that’s enough to motivate people into doing things.

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t make their own dog food is that they’re unsure of the best foods that they should be feeding their pets. Most of us haven’t taken courses in pet nutrition and therefore don’t know what vitamins and minerals our pets need to live a happy and healthy life. Luckily, today we have numerous guides available that will not only teach you which foods are most beneficial to your dog, but also contain a wide range of healthy and nutritious recipes that are easy to make, and will give your family pet the absolute best diet when it comes to eating properly.

That’s why I highly recommend investing in one of these fantastic guides as they will greatly simplify the task of creating your own dog food, and let your dog become more happy, healthy and live for much longer.

postheadericon Many people are concerned about commercial dog foods that are readily available in stores

Many people are concerned about commercial dog foods that are readily available in stores. With the many recalls lately, people are justified to worry whether there is any healthy dog food available any more. The truth is that just as people are concerned when purchasing processed foods for their own consumption, dog owners are also justified to be concerned when purchasing food for their canines.

There are several ways people can check to find out whether the food they are buying for their canines is healthy for them or not. It is very good practice for people go through the ingredients used by canine food manufactures to try and ascertain whether they are buying healthy dog products or not. People will be surprised to find out how much a quick scan at the ingredients list can tell them about the particular product they want to purchase.

Undoubtedly your canine is omnivorous by nature and so the food you purchase for it should reflect this fact, if it is indeed healthy. This means that at least the first three ingredients of the healthy food you want to buy should contain some kind of animal protein. The first three ingredients should therefore include proteins such as beef, fish, chicken or turkey. Experts suggest that a healthy dog meals should at least bear a 50% meat, 40% vegetable and 10% carbohydrates ratio for it to be considered healthy dog food.

People should also be aware that some low quality canine food manufactures have found a way to go around the ingredients expectations on the label. While indeed they include animal proteins as the first ingredients on the label, this is often followed by other by products which disrupt the meat to vegetable to carbohydrates ratio mentioned above. The inclusion of such unnecessary fillers in the ingredients of some commercial dog foods can be a good indicator of low quality food.

Moreover, scanning the label on a commercial dog meal products can expose the commercial dog dishes that do not carry a company name, a web address and a telephone number of the manufacturing company on the pack label. In such a case the odds are that dog food is not healthy dog food for your dog. You should therefore not purchase it.

Ultimately, a sure way people can be certain that the food they feed their dogs is healthy dog food is by preparing the food themselves. People who follow this option are, however, advisable to always ensure that they are feeding their dogs’ organic food that is free from chemical preservatives and such artificial ingredients. Canines have a different digestive system to human beings and so it is good not to constantly feed dogs’ human food. These can ensure that your dog will thrive on healthy dog meals.