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postheadericon It is important to minimise any trips to the vet for many reasons – and this can be achieved by ensuring your pet stays fit and healthy

It is important to minimise any trips to the vet for many reasons – and this can be achieved by ensuring your pet stays fit and healthy. Regardless of the type of pet you own, maintaining your pet’s physical and mental wellbeing is simply a matter of good grooming, exercise and diet – supported by regular health checks.

It’s difficult to resist feeding your pet scraps, but it’s more important to provide your pet with a balanced diet. Feeding them good quality food with all the nutrients they need can aid development, prevent obesity and ensure a good immune system. If you don’t maintain a healthy diet for your pet then this will only lead to poor health.

Some pet snacks are specifically developed to reduce tarter and plaque build up. Cat and dog owners may still need to take their pets to the vet for regular dental checks, as bad dental health can adversely affect the overall health and wellbeing of your animal.

Active pets are healthy and happy pets – and maintaining a sensible exercise routine can help those pets with excess flab lose weight. Walking and running are great exercises for dogs and will increase flexibility and stamina. In addition, fun toys can keep both cats and dogs entertained by turning exercise into quality playtime.

As the warm weather approaches, it’s important to be prepared for nature and its effect on the health of your pet. Warmer weather brings insects that could harm your pet or cause discomfort; therefore, be aware of bees and wasps, as a sting can be distressing to cats and dogs. What’s more, flea infestations can affect both pets and your family, so remember to regularly treat your pet and home with a flea preventative.

In addition to showering your pet with love and affection, regular grooming can help your pet stay trim and healthy. Washing your pet will not only help reduce germs and prevent diseases, but it also ensures you are properly examining for potential problems that may cause pain and discomfort to them.

Keeping up-to-date with check-ups and vaccinations is essential to maintaining the health of your pet. It’s also wise to take out pet insurance, as emergency healthcare or prolonged health problems can be costly. The knowledge that your veterinary bills are taken care of can leave you free to concentrate on the wellbeing of your pet.

Being a responsible pet owner means taking care of your pet’s safety, health and cleanliness – and it is important to remember that taking good care of your pet doesn’t have to be a chore.

postheadericon You will find that dogs are very nice pets

You will find that dogs are very nice pets. Not only are they intelligent beings, but they also are very amazing and playful animals. As for your own well-being and health, you will notice that your dog will help you to become more active and exercise. You will be more inclined to go for a walk, and you’ll be able to keep your blood pressure down. Keep in mind that there are a lot of ways for you to bond with your dog, however, you will need to make sure that this is truly what you want and that you’ll be able to take care of this major responsibility.

Some of the things that you will want to consider is things like if adopting a dog is right for you. Can you give up some of your time to take care of the dog? Where will the dog go if you aren’t home? What can you offer to a dog? Can you make the commitment? The last thing that you will want to ask yourself is if you are physically able to take care of a dog. A lot of people will adopt because they are lonely. Dogs can be great companions, however, you have to be prepared to walk, feed, and love your dog. There is a great amount of time and attention that you have to give your dog in order for them to feel loved. You will want to make sure that you have thought about the dog’s mental and physical well-being.

Another thing that you will want to consider is if you have any pet allergies. If you are looking for a dog, then you should stay around some of your friends and family members who have dogs, so that you can see if you have allergies. Also, you have to think about things like your family. Perhaps, you should consider about family allergies too. You will need adopting a dog that not only agrees with the family, but also mostly works well with children. Also, consider the size of the dog and the size of your house or apartment. Make sure that your landlord allows you to have dogs. Keep in mind that there are some insurance policies that do not go with dogs.

When it comes to the kids, you have to think about the age of the child and also the child’s natural movements. You need to tell your children about how to deal with adopting a dog and how it is appropriate to act around the dog. Teasing a dog will only promote a bad situation. Also, you should never leave small children around with dogs. You will notice that dogs that they know attack children, mostly. It could be his or her own dog or the neighbor’s dog. It is very important that you promote a healthy bond between the children and the dog. http://swa-pets.com

postheadericon It is said that a dog is a man’s best friend

It is said that a dog is a man’s best friend. And today, with the implementation of animal assisted therapy in hospitals, there is no better example for this saying. Therapists, doctors and mental health professionals are making use of dogs to help in the recovery of patients in one way or another.

Usually, the brain injury patients, senior citizens, those who are physically impaired, and patients in hospitals and treatment centers are the ones who benefit the most from animal assisted therapy. With this kind of therapy, both the patient and dog will experience loyalty, love and joy together, and they will develop a bond that is quite extraordinary.

Dogs are used in different settings in different countries

In some countries, dogs are used to help in fine motor control where patients are advised to move their arms and fingers so that they can pet and brush the dogs. This will help patients develop their sense of touch as part of the therapy process. Another form of therapy is the large muscle therapy where patients take the dogs for a walk or an outing in a park or recreational area.

Basically, there is no scientific evidence that support the fact that dog therapy actually works on patients. The only reasoning provided by therapists is that the unconditional love that the dog displays towards patients will help them gain self confidence. It is this self-confidence that helps them recover from whatever health problems they may be suffering from.

There is another logical reason for the success of dog therapy. Caring for the dogs and spending quality time with them will remind patients of their childhood or other positive moments of their life when they were hearty and enjoying life to the maximum. By reminiscing on the good times they had, patients will develop a renewed interest in life, and they will have a new reason to get well and carry on with their lives.

Whatever the reason, or even if there is no particular reason for the use of dogs in therapy, the main point is that dog therapy is effective in treating patients.

The elderly see a friend in a dog

Besides helping in muscle coordination, dogs are also used as companions for many patients. Usually, the elderly and isolated patients are the ones who will find great comfort and consolation in the company of therapy dogs. Having a dog as a companion gives them the opportunity to interact with another living thing, and this will certainly add some meaning to their lives.

Dogs make good companions because they are not judgmental and they are always happy to see the patients. This creates a positive feeling in the patients to help them improve both emotionally and socially. This is not always achieved with the visit of a nurse or a therapist.

Any dog of any age can help patients

There is no specific breed, age or size requirement for therapy dogs. Usually, medium to large sized dogs are used as therapy dogs. However, some small dogs can be excellent therapy dogs as well.

Some hospitals have their own therapy dogs, while others depend on volunteer dog owners who are willing to offer their dogs for therapy purposes. Usually, the dog owners will bring their dogs to the hospitals whenever health care professionals and trained therapists require their assistance.

In order that a dog can be an effective therapy dog, it has to be calm and well behaved, without any history of aggression or disobedience. It should be well socialized and not prone to barking and whining as this will only disturb the patients.

Therapists require that the dogs undergo special obedience training before they start working with patients and clients. In fact, special insurance on therapy dogs are also available as protection against possible accidents.

postheadericon With over 43 percent of the population owning at least one domestic animal, the uk pet industry is thriving

With over 43 percent of the population owning at least one domestic animal, the UK pet industry is thriving. Indeed, from grooming parlours and gourmet feed to accessories and state-of the-art toys, it’s possible to pamper your pet beyond belief.

But, with the country firmly in the grips of a recession, it’s time to start thinking smartly when it comes to what you spend on your beloved furry friends. And, with a bit of thought, it’s easy to reduce your pet expenditure without compromising on care.

The first issue to consider when looking at ways to save money is to identify and prioritise your pet’s needs. For instance, food is obviously of utmost importance, but does Fluffy really need to eat gourmet, hand-prepared meals every day? By switching to cheaper brands – many have been found to be just as good as their expensive counterparts – you could bank hundreds of pounds each year. Bulk buying is also a great way to cut down on costs.

It may be nice to buy your pets toys, but in reality they can be expensive and unnecessary. In fact, it’s far better to interact with your pet personally and a stick for your dog, for example, is just as good as pricey plastic replica. Equally, buying clothing for your pet might seem like a good idea, but when you’re watching the pennies, it is definitely an expense you can do without.

Grooming parlous are again a nice luxury to indulge in. However they can be very costly. Therefore, invest in a good brush and some appropriate cleaning products and do it at home. That way your pet will still stay shiny and clean and you won’t be out of pocket.

Your pet’s health is undeniably important. In this respect, it doesn’t pay to skimp here. In fact, most vets will tell you that it’s vital to take your pet for regular checkups and to ensure they have all the relevant vaccinations. It may seem expensive in the short term, but taking preventative health measures now will help to avoid bigger, and much costlier, problems arising in the future.

In this respect, pet insurance is also crucial. You may think that insurance is one item you can cut out, but the experts argue it is more important to have coverage in times of recession than at any other time. However, without the right research, you could end up paying more than you need to.

Therefore, when choosing your pet insurance, make sure it is the right one for your circumstances. There are thousands of insurance deals available: a quick internet search will help you to find the most appropriate ones. And remember, it’s better to pay out a few pounds a month on an insurance policy, than it is to have to spend thousands for an operation or surgical procedure.

postheadericon Did you know that cancer is the leading cause of death in american dogs; 1 in 4 dogs die of cancer here in the united states

Did you know that cancer is the leading cause of death in American dogs; 1 in 4 dogs die of cancer here in the United States. News of your dog’s cancer diagnosis can be as devastating as any other family member’s diagnosis.  First, of course, is the thought of potentially losing your loved one.  Next, you worry about the efficacy – and expense – of the treatment options available.  The good news is that veterinary medicine continues to research canine cancers, both from a treatment and prevention standpoint and great strides are being made on both fronts.  Of course, these treatments (which often involve chemotherapy and radiation) can be costly, which is why a good veterinary pet insurance policy that covers cancer treatments is a wise investment.

One of the most common cancers in American dogs is canine lymphoma (lymphosarcoma.) Fortunately, it is a very treatable canine cancer; roughly 50% of dogs with lymphoma can be put into remission.

Cancer is an immune dysfunction disease, regardless of the species. The lymph system circulates the white blood cells and most importantly, lymphocytes, which are specialized cells involved in immune function found throughout the body. In normal healthy dogs, these cells are manufactured in the bone marrow, with a life span of about one month.  Then, they die off and are re-absorbed into the body or eliminated through waste. With lymphoma, there is an overproduction of these cells, or the “old cells” live on, monopolizing the other blood cells. High white blood cell count and swollen lymph glands are the characteristic signs of this disease, followed by lethargy, loss of appetite and leading eventually to death unless treated.

Chemotherapy is the first line treatment for dog lymphoma, and because lymphoma generally affects young to middle-aged, otherwise healthy dogs, it is well tolerated. Sometimes the effected lymph glands are surgically removed as well. After surgery, some type of chemotherapy drug (again, generally covered by a good pet insurance policy) is usually recommended to clean up any remaining cancer cell not removed by the surgery.

As is the case with any cancer, the earlier the lymphoma is diagnosed the better the outcome.  Just as the human members of the family should have a physical every year, so should your pets…and their annual visits are also covered under most veterinary pet insurance plans, so the early detection of lymphoma is possible!  Treatment success is dependent upon a myriad of factors, including your dog’s age, diet, medical history, the location of the cancer, and how extensive it is and what major systems are involved.