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postheadericon When we think of a guinea pig, we usually picture the american guinea pig – the “classic” or “standard” guinea pig – and also the most common

When we think of a guinea pig, we usually picture the American Guinea Pig – the “classic” or “standard” guinea pig – and also the most common. But there are also several other breeds in addition to the common American Guinea Pig. This article will introduce you to a few of the breeds commonly found in homes today.


The Abyssinian is a long-haired breed. The coat on this animal is quite distinctive because it tends to curl itself into whirls and swirls. These whirls and swirls are called rosettes. The Abyssinian is one of the oldest breeds that can be found today. If you are looking for a low-maintenance guinea pig, keep looking. This particular breed requires daily attention to the coat to avoid tangles and keep the pig looking well-groomed.

American Guinea Pig

This is the variety that first comes to mind when we think of the words “guinea pig”. It is also sometime called an English guinea pig. This is a short hair breed which makes it suitable for a pet. It does not require grooming and can be handled and petted without messing up its coat.


The Peruvian breed is an extreme long-haired breed. Its hair can grow to an amazingly long length of a foot or more. The hair is smooth and straight and tends to part in the middle and hang naturally to either side of the pig. The long hair requires a lot of care; so many owners prefer to keep the coat trimmed to make this task easier.


The Silkie is a less common breed and is also referred to as a Sheltie. It has a very long (and, of course silky) coat – similar to the Peruvian. In contrast to the Peruvian, the hair does not tend to part naturally down the center of the back. The hair of the Silkie sweeps backward from the head. The coat of the Silkie is also softer than that of the Peruvian.
Guinea pigs are also categorized according to varieties. Varieties are coat colors or patterns and are also subdivided into three categories.

1. Self colored guinea pigs are a single solid color.

2. Agouti cavies have a coat made up of two colors. Each individual hair of the undercoat has a light-colored tip and a darker-colored base near the skin. The longer hairs which make up the outer protective layer are the same darker color as the base of the undercoat hairs.

3. Marked guinea pigs have markings, patches or islands of color (often white) in their otherwise solid or agouti coats.

This article has presented a short survey of some of the more common guinea pig breeds. No matter what the breed, variety or color; guinea pigs make great loving pets and can help to brighten a household. Although long haired breeds tend to look more exotic and sometimes make good show animals, the common short-haired American breed is a very popular household pet because its coat requires very little care.

postheadericon So you ultimately went and acquired yourself a pet

So you ultimately went and acquired yourself a pet. One of the first things that you have got to do after getting a pet you’ll need to locate a veterinarian to use. Sometimes you can go to your local telephone book to get a vet. [**] if you have what folk would consider an exotic pet like a snake, parrot, or other animal that is not your normal pet then you’ll have a harder time finding a vet.

For your standard pets such as dogs and cats then you will want to consider some questions before going to a vet for the 1st time. You will obviously need to have some research questions that should be asked before deciding on the vet to use.

Veterinarian Minneapolis

the 1st question that I have for any new veterinarian that I might consider taking my animal to is how long they have been in practice. To my mind I really like a vet which has been in practice for some time because they have seen more issues and know how to deal with them in a more realistic approach. By that I mean some of the more moderen veterinarians will only have the book learning without all of the real life solutions that the older vets have found work better than the book response.
the following question that you are going to desire to ask is the way the appointments scheduled. As an example you will wish to know if you wake up one morning and your dog is vomiting will you be able to get him seen or do you have to attend a week before being able to be seen . I know our vet that I use is very flexible on his scheduling and is ready to fit you in the same day typically for a sick animal.

I’m of the opinion that the vet that I use will give you a voice mail number to call to get a hold of him and then he calls you back typically this is within several hours of calling. If you’re able to find a vet that does that then you might be ready to help save yourself some cash by asking him the question instead of having to go to an emergency animal surgery.
I know that he’s a great vet and should be able to help my animals in any illness that they encounter for some time to come.

postheadericon A shorthair cat, sokoke is believed to have originated many centuries ago in sokoke-arabuko rainforest in eastern kenya

A shorthair cat, Sokoke is believed to have originated many centuries ago in Sokoke-Arabuko rainforest in eastern Kenya. There it was called Khadzonzo by native tribesmen, the word meaning ‘tree bark like in appearance’ in local language. Despite its independent existence in nature for many years, there is not much evidence of wild cat genetics in this beautiful cat and it is believed by many to be a feral domestic cat. The modern history of Sokoke was initiated when in early nineteen eighties they were brought from Africa to Denmark, Europe, owing to their striking appeal and fear of extinction in shrinking natural habitat. Though the shorthair cats had some trouble early on, adjusting to the cold climate of Denmark, they survived and gained recognition in coming years. Today breeding populations occur all across Europe and North America, even as Sokokes are still relatively rare as purebreds.

Sokoke has a sleek athletic body that is chiseled like that of the Cheetah. Its slender, hard muscled trunk, long legs and short head give it the appearance of a skilled predator. Coat is single layered and dense. It has a blotched tabby pattern with ticked hair and occurs in shades of brown. Head is flat at the top with alert, rounded ears and almond shaped slightly slanted green eyes.

A relatively recent development in Sokoke lines is the ‘Snow Sokoke’. This cat has a basic color in the range of cream to gray with similar marbled tabby markings on body. Legs and tail are striped and eyes are of a blue color. Snow Sokokes are very pretty. However, they are not widely accepted in breed standards at the moment.

Sokokes are very intelligent cats that are sensitive and react well to alternating moods and behavior patterns of humans. They are social and accept other pets easily into the household. Active and vocal animals, these cats readily communicate with their humans.

postheadericon Strained canis familiaris wall :

Strained Canis familiaris Wall :

If you are dealing corrupting an infrared exciting Canis familiaris Fence to keep your Canis familiaris from straying, then you won’t be undone. This is because there are now a numeral of Alternatives Forthcoming when it comes to these obscure fences. Finding one that sees your preferences will just be a gentle wind.

While there are expensive inconspicuous galvanizing fences, there are others that can be bought at lower prices. No matter what the cost is, they can still set up an infrared boundary line around your yard or garden, so that your dog won’t be effective to go far beyond your prefaces. They would also be quite good to keep your treasured garden or landscape unhurt from any domestic dog diggings.

The “Ping-String” strained domestic dog Debate

There are a number of hidden itchy domestic dog Palisade types Available now in the market and one of these is the “ping-string” dog Argue. This aroused domestic dog Surround does not only keep your domestic dog from going across the boundary line, it should also be efficient to keep other animals from coming in. This means that you can keep your garden or landscaped lawn intact from the possible shenanigans of other animate beings from the neighbourhood.

The “ping-string” elating domestic dog Fence comes in a kit that is Disposable at limited prices. They are also easy to install, thus giving you no hassle at all when you want to set up an invisible barrier for your home. Most “ping-string” itchy Canis familiaris fences can cover an area from 10 to 25 acres.

The Radio aroused Canis familiaris Argue

The radio exciting domestic dog Fence In is known to be the one of the most standard types of hidden electrical fences Usable. This is the kind of exciting domestic dog Contend that you need if your main purpose for having an concealed Fence In is only keeping your domestic dog inside your assumptions. As such, this Contend works alongside with the radio collar or what is also known as the receiver, which your domestic dog should wear. If your Canis familiaris will try to go beyond the borders that have been set up to make up your concealed Fencing, a warning tone will be heard and a remedial static will be felt by your dog from his collar. This will prompt your Canis familiaris to stay within your yard.

Now, it is really up to you do decide on which type strained dog Fence In you wish to put up in your yard. You just have to know though that both of them are quite effective when it comes to achieving your aim in getting an concealed Argue in the first place. If all you want to do is to keep your Canis familiaris from straying, then you should get the radio strained dog Fencing. However, if you also want to keep other creatures from getting into your own yard or garden, then you should go for the “ping-string” exciting domestic dog Fence. Either way, you will surely get a great value for your money when it comes to getting the inconspicuous Contend that provides the results that you want.

So if you want to buy an strained Canis familiaris Fencing now, visit Pet Depot Online. You be effective to find the hidden Debate that you are searching for here, at a price that you can yield.

postheadericon Flint river ranch is a pet food manufacturing company, which produces dog and cat food that contains natural and standard ingredients

Flint River ranch is a pet food manufacturing company, which produces dog and cat food that contains natural and standard ingredients. The Flint River ranch pet food is completely oven baked which enables the food to be easily digested and also contains high quantities of important vitamins and minerals like the vitamin C, B, B-12 and zinc. This ensures balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates for your beloved pets.

The Flint River ranch pet food products are also manufactured using high quality poultry, fish, lamb and grains. The food products are naturally preserved with vitamin E and C. Some of the newer products of the Flint River ranch products consist of glucosamine that are useful for the pets with joint or arthritis problem. Flint River ranch has also launched products known as the fish and chips, for the dogs who suffer from food allergies.

The Flint River ranch dog food contains starches, which are digestible, food containing chicken, rice and lamb formula are carefully oven baked under controlled conditions. This makes the dog food very palatable and high in nutrition. This also enables the dog to easily digest the dextrin found in food, which gets absorbed in the dogs system, providing it with required nutrients.

The Flint River ranch pet food for the dog features different products like dog biscuits and the dog biscuit wafers, jubilee wafers with glucosamine chondroitin. The lamb/ millet/ rice formula is suitable for all the dogs those are very sensitive to chicken or wheat. Fish and chips formula is a new product with delectable new trout and potato formula. The Puppy and adult kibbles is suitable for all the dogs, while the nuggets are especially made for the larger dogs. The senior kibble is best for the older, overweight and inactive dogs. Senior plus contains ingredients to inhibit the cartilage degeneration useful for the older dogs.

The Flint River ranch cat food promotes low Urinary pH and also helps prevent the F.U.S.  The cat food contains human grade fat sources and amino acids, which are supplied by the chicken and the lamb that are very useful in building blocks of muscles in your cat. This enables in the growth of proper fur coat, bone and blood in the cay. The Flint River ranch pet food for cats also boosts their immune system. The cat food is 20%low on fat, which is helpful in maintaining the weight of the cats and keeping them active, avoiding increase in the fat levels. The cat food contains less than 4.5% of ash and 0.08% of magnesium, which is benefits the cat’s health.

The Flint River ranch pet food for the cats features different products like the cat and kitten food that is suitable for all cats of all ages, adult cat lite for the older or the less active cats, hairball management-which is specially formulated for the cats and all the kitten with sensitive stomach. Last but not the least the Bonita flakes cat treats that contains irresistible fish slakes. 

Generally, chemical preservatives lead to dental diseases, poor health, lack of energy, degenerative organ dysfunction, licking and chewing at the base of the tail and feet. The Flinch River ranch pet food is very safe for the cats and dogs and as it does not contain wheat gluten, meat or grain by products, color addictives or the harmful chemical preservatives like the ethoxyquim, BHA and BHT that results in dry skin of your pet.