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postheadericon Are you thinking of buying some dog food for your beloved puppy

Are you thinking of buying some dog food for your beloved puppy? Guess what, don’t rush. A lot of people commit the mistake of buying the wrong kind of dog food simply because they miss to do one important step: getting the puppy food ratings.

The good news is you do have a lot of sources, and today you will learn where to eventually find them:


There are millions of pieces of information found in the World Wide Web today. It will not be surprising if you find thousands of puppy food ratings there. Nevertheless, you also need to filter out the data you can gather. In case you don’t know, since the Internet is completely for free, it can easily get contaminated by wrong information created by marketers and sellers of dog food themselves.

When you’re searching for puppy food ratings here, consider the following tips:

Go to trusted websites. One good example is Amazon. It sells a variety of products, including dog food, but everyone is encouraged to post their respective reviews. Everyone is also entitled to refute a comment, especially if it seems to be too promotional in nature.

Don’t trust if it’s too good to be true. You know the irony. If it’s too good to be true, then most definitely it’s not. So far, there’s no “have it all” dog food out there. In fact, the best ones are those tailored to a specific niche. For example, you have breed-specific dog foods. Their nutrients may not be found in other products and vice versa, but it doesn’t mean they are anything less.

Simply put, if the ratings start to talk about how almost all types of dog breeds and even dog ages can make use of the product, then there’s a little lie out there. You have to stay away from it as soon as possible.

See if you can communicate with the reviewer. A smart consumer will normally have questions. Why would the reviewer give such kind of rating? Thus, it would be best if there’s a way for you to contact the reviewer, perhaps through e-mail or through a reply in his or her comment.


There are various magazines that cater to pets these days. If they are not solely dedicated to pets such as your pooches, they are related to homes, parenting, and other subjects where terms such as “dogs” will also crop up.

You can subscribe to these magazines and check out some of their features. It is usually their style to talk about a particular brand or product of dog food and rate it according to different factors.


Do you have friends who love dogs? You can ask for feedback from them. If you want a more dependable and professional opinion, you can interview your own veterinarian.

Make use of all these sources, and you will discover just how many good options you have out there. Then you can start streamlining your choices based on your preference and your puppies’ reaction to the dog food.

postheadericon Over recent years, we’ve been learning more and more about the benefits of treating human aliments with natural remedies

Over recent years, we’ve been learning more and more about the benefits of treating human aliments with natural remedies. The same holds true for our companion pets as well. Older dogs and cats suffer from painful arthritis as their joints begin to deteriorate over time. Instead of turning directly to prescription drugs which can be costly and come with nasty side effects, many people are looking for alternative options for arthritis pain relief for canine dogs.

In the past aspirin for dogs with arthritis painhas been a popular treatment. But this type of treatment is quickly losing popularity because dogs are particularly sensitive to the effects that Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) like aspirin, can have on their gastrointestinal system. Side effects of NSAID’s include pain, bleeding and ulceration.

So health conscious pet owners are in search of safer alternatives. One natural component is quickly gaining popularity, specifically because of the clinical studies that have proven its effectiveness.  Cetyl myristoleate is a natural component that has been clinically proven for arthritis natural pain relief and thousands of people and pets dealing with the disease are finding great success with CM8. Cetyl myristoleate is the cetyl ester of myristoleic acid. It has multiple biological properties. It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and a pain reliever, as well as being an immune system modulator. It is a naturally derived, highly purified, and refined waxy ester prepared to be taken by mouth. Because it is an ester form, highly resistant to oxidation, it has a relatively long life in the body. No harmful short or long term effects have ever been observed in humans or in laboratory animals, even in extremely high doses.

The only natural arthritis pain relief product that uses CM8 is FlexPet. The vitamin supplement for dogs and cats has been proven to correct the problems and eliminate pet joint pain by reducing the inflammation while lubricating the effected joints. This is mainly because of the main ingredient, cetyl myristoleate. In addition to it being an immune system modulator, CM8 delivers special nutrients and herbs to the joints, bones, and surrounding tissue. It alleviates pain, boosts immunity, strengthens the skeletal system, removes harmful toxins and promotes general health and well being.

postheadericon Of all of the products that you can purchase for your dog, a good brush is probably one of the most important

Of all of the products that you can purchase for your dog, a good brush is probably one of the most important. Not only do you want a brush that will get the job done, but you also want a brush that will feel good to your dog and ensure that they will enjoy the process each time you groom them. Here are some tips to find that perfect dog brush:

• Invest in quality: Remember that if you purchase a cheaply made product, then that is the kind of quality you can expect from the brush itself. While you do not need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on a dog brush, you should take the time to invest in a product that is well made and gets the job done when it comes to grooming your dog.

• Try it out on yourself first: When you are looking at different types of dog brushes, take the time to run each one along your arm and note how it feels. Chances are, if it is too rough for you, it is too rough for your dog. You want something that will remove excess hair without a lot of pulling or sharpness in the bristles.

• Stick with one product: The way to do this is to find an all-in-one type of brush, such as The Brush Buddy. The Brush Buddy is a dog brush that can massage, clean and dry your pooch all in one product. It can also remove excess pet hair from furniture, making it the perfect dog grooming product for you and your fido. It features rubber bristles that get the job done without pulling on your dog’s hair and creates a nice massaging sensation for your dog while you brush them. The towel portion of the product is made of 100% terry cloth, which makes the drying process more comfortable as well. It is an ultimate dog towel as it does everything it promises and more!

• Pay attention to Fido’s behavior: If your dog seems to be in pain while you are in the process of grooming them, then you are not using a product that is gentle enough. This is probably also true if your dog cannot completely relax as you brush away excess hair. Take steps to ensure that the product you use should be gentle for your dog, promoting a sense of contentment and relaxation. After all, you want the grooming process to become a time for you and your dog to enjoy one another’s company and bond. It will be much more difficult if your dog develops an aversion to being groomed and heads the other way every time they see a dog brush in your hand.

These tips will help you to choose a dog brush that serves your dog’s grooming needs and makes them feel content at the same time

postheadericon You will find that dogs are very nice pets

You will find that dogs are very nice pets. Not only are they intelligent beings, but they also are very amazing and playful animals. As for your own well-being and health, you will notice that your dog will help you to become more active and exercise. You will be more inclined to go for a walk, and you’ll be able to keep your blood pressure down. Keep in mind that there are a lot of ways for you to bond with your dog, however, you will need to make sure that this is truly what you want and that you’ll be able to take care of this major responsibility.

Some of the things that you will want to consider is things like if adopting a dog is right for you. Can you give up some of your time to take care of the dog? Where will the dog go if you aren’t home? What can you offer to a dog? Can you make the commitment? The last thing that you will want to ask yourself is if you are physically able to take care of a dog. A lot of people will adopt because they are lonely. Dogs can be great companions, however, you have to be prepared to walk, feed, and love your dog. There is a great amount of time and attention that you have to give your dog in order for them to feel loved. You will want to make sure that you have thought about the dog’s mental and physical well-being.

Another thing that you will want to consider is if you have any pet allergies. If you are looking for a dog, then you should stay around some of your friends and family members who have dogs, so that you can see if you have allergies. Also, you have to think about things like your family. Perhaps, you should consider about family allergies too. You will need adopting a dog that not only agrees with the family, but also mostly works well with children. Also, consider the size of the dog and the size of your house or apartment. Make sure that your landlord allows you to have dogs. Keep in mind that there are some insurance policies that do not go with dogs.

When it comes to the kids, you have to think about the age of the child and also the child’s natural movements. You need to tell your children about how to deal with adopting a dog and how it is appropriate to act around the dog. Teasing a dog will only promote a bad situation. Also, you should never leave small children around with dogs. You will notice that dogs that they know attack children, mostly. It could be his or her own dog or the neighbor’s dog. It is very important that you promote a healthy bond between the children and the dog. http://swa-pets.com

postheadericon Choosing between cat breeds can be like trying to decide which snowflake is prettier

Choosing between cat breeds can be like trying to decide which snowflake is prettier. Each new kitten is cuter than the next. There are so many varieties to choose from, each with its own distinct look and personality. Do you want a cat breed that is sleek, like an Abyssinian or Siamese?

Alternatively, do you want a cat such as a Persian that gives an air of sophistication? Maybe you want something that resembles a cat’s wild cousins? Bengal cats have beautiful spotted coats reminiscent of leopards and ocelots, and the Pixie Bob looks like the bobcats of North America.

Pixie Bobs may have a wild look to them, but you couldn’t ask for a more charming, loving companion. This breed has a reputation for being the Golden Retrievers of the cat world. These cats, first bred in the Pacific Northwestern United States, were thought to be the product of a Bobcat and a feral cat.

DNA results have yet to prove any bloodline relation, though. The only “fierceness” this cat has is in its loyalty to its owner and family. Breeders have found that after a Pixie Bob reaches the age of one or two, they don’t adapt well to new owners.

The Pixie Bob is a medium to large cat that some have described as “big boned”. They have spotted markings and black tufts on their ears. Their tails are either short or full length. If you’re planning on showing your Pixie Bob, make sure that the breeder hasn’t had the tail docked (cut).

A docked tail is not acceptable in the show ring. Pixie Bobs also have huge paws that are “straight toed” or “poly toed”. A Pixie Bob with straight toes has paws with the usual number of toes on it (five in the front and four in the back).

A poly-toed Pixie Bob will have more than the usual number of toes, maybe six on the front paws instead of five. Unlike most cats, Pixie Bobs take three years to reach maturity as opposed to the usual one year. The males can reach 22 pounds and the females top out at 16 pounds.

If you are looking for a Pixie Bob, you can expect to sign a contract for the protection of the cattery, the kitten, and you. A contract outlines what the cattery will be responsible for (such as a 72-hour guarantee on the health of the kitten and what records the cattery’s veterinarian will provide), refunds, replacements, and expenses.

The contract will also inform you of the buyer’s responsibilities once the kitten leaves the possession of the cattery. Some other things you can expect to find on the contract are holding fees (if you request that a specific kitten be held for you), a promise from you to give the kitten a good home and reasonable care, and advertising rights (the cattery might want to use photos of your kitten for future promotions).

Now that you have decided that you would like to have a Pixie Bob of your own, where can you find one? It’s highly unlikely that you will be able to find one in a cat shelter, although there are Pixie Bob rescues out there.

While most of the Pixie Bob catteries are located in Washington State in the United States, you can find them all over the US and in the UK as well. The International Cat Association has listings for Pixie Bob catteries and practically every other breed of cat out there.