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postheadericon As part of your regular pet health exam, today we focus on the muscles and bones that help your dog move

As part of your regular pet health exam, today we focus on the muscles and bones that help your dog move. Starting at the neck, run your hand along the spine to the base of the tail. Feel the muscles on both sides of the spine and notice if any feel unusually firm or knotted.

Dogs can get a variety of conditions that will lead to muscle spasms in their back muscles.

Massage any tight muscles and take note of the area. A common condition in active dogs is to develop fusing of the spine (spondylosis). This can lead to decreased mobility, pinched vertebrae and back pain. Your dog will benefit from regular massage of the lower lumbar spinal muscles. Place your hands on either side of the spine and use deep circular digital pressure with your thumbs. Work on the affected area once daily for 5 minutes.

Next, palpate the bones and muscles of the legs. Start on the legs at the toes. Apply moderate pressure to the joints and move each joint back and forth. On the front legs pay close attention to any discomfort in the elbow or shoulder; these are common areas of dog arthritis. In the rear limbs, pay close attention to the knee and the hips for these are commonly arthritic. Your dog will resist moving these joints and may even yelp if your dog has arthritis.

HERBAL. A variety of herbs are used at different times for dog arthritis. The ones I have seen to be most effective include: DEVIL’S CLAW, used in traditional African medicine and has scientific studies to back its effectiveness, give 100mg or 10 drops per 10 lbs of body weight.

ACUPRESSURE. GB 41, located on the bottom of the foot, in the depression of the two outside toes, and is especially good for arthritic pain in the hips.

METHYLSULFONYMETHANE. MSM is a supplement, found in some plants such as Horsetail. It works by reducing inflammation in the joints by acting as an antioxidant – this has been shown to work well in treating dog arthritis. The MSM dosage is 50mg per 10lbs of body weight daily.

IT’S IN THE CARTILAGE. GLUCOSAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE is the most important supplement to add to your dog’s diet. The dose is 1/4 of a 500mg tablet once daily per 10 lbs of body weight. It helps to rebuild the cartilage and delay further cartilage breakdown.

The treatments I’ve just covered may be all that you need for now, but if you would like additional dog arthritis remedies, get my book today – I offer 15 different alternatives to dog arthritis alone. And along with arthritis, I guarantee that you will use many of the (over) one thousand at-home remedies in my book.

I use them every day in practice. They work.

No side effects.

You should try it.

To your pet’s good health,

postheadericon People are not the only ones exposed to numerous health risks

People are not the only ones exposed to numerous health risks. Pets too are in danger of experiencing a variety of health problems. When pets are sick, they usually go through a lot of pain, leaving them stressed and even sleepless at night.  Resting is the most common way of recharging one’s self and doctors always advice patients to take a good rest.  The same advice is given by vets to pet owners. Studies also show that resting, specially sleeping brings a lot of relief and comfort for sick pets.

Since sleeping plays an important role in the pet’s fast recovery, owners must also give importance to their sleeping area.  The cold floor may not be suitable to their aching joints and may worsen their arthritis.  Giving them therapeutic pet beds can help them soothe their body ache as they lay on soft and comfortable mattresses.  There is a wide variety of dog beds and cat beds available today.  Pet supply manufacturers have developed temperature controlled beds that can either perform heating or cooling functions.  A correct body temperature is better for their health in cold or hot environments.  During the cold season, pets would surely love the warmth of heated dog beds and during the hot season, pets would enjoy the cooling effect of cooling dog beds.  Both these products have medicinal or therapeutic benefits to dogs of all ages.

Pets with joint ailments like old and arthritic dogs can take advantage of therapeutic or orthopaedic pet beds. These will save them from excessive moisture, heat, cold and pests. They provide comfort and support to the pressure points like the spine, hips, and shoulders.  Any pet will surely enjoy these cozy and soft foams that perfectly match their weight and shape.

postheadericon French bulldogs are usually described as ‘clowns in a philosopher’s cloak’ since their glum faces mask their very comical traits

French Bulldogs are usually described as ‘clowns in a philosopher’s cloak’ since their glum faces mask their very comical traits. The popularity of French Bulldog puppies lie in their reputation as companion pets. With their even temperament, easygoing and amiable nature, this breed makes for very pleasant companions for the elderly and children.

Affectionately referred to as Frenchies, this breed is small, muscular with a heavy bone structure and a heavy head. They possess a smooth coat and their small face is trademarked with ‘bat’ ears. French Bulldogs like being couch potatoes as much as they like chasing balls. Although active and alert, they are not good as security dogs. Here are some key facts related to these puppies.

French Bulldog Puppies: Key Considerations

Some major characteristics and concerns with French Bulldog puppies are:

Problems associated with a short face: This breed faces some health problems due to their short face. Hence, you must be sure to:

  • Keep this breed away from smoke, chemical cleaning products, allergenic pollen and freshly-cut grass to avoid respiratory problems.
  • Veterinarians must be very careful with their treatment. They must be administered only modern anesthetics and their heart and blood pressure must be checked often.
  • French Bulldogs must be housed in air-conditioned or cool environments. In hot and humid weathers, they become vulnerable to heatstroke as they cannot pant vigorously enough to keep themselves cool.
  • Dog collars must be avoided since it applies pressure on its windpipe and makes it difficult to breathe.
  • The folds of its skin must be washed after meals.

General health problems: Poor breeding practices can lead to health problems for French Bulldogs. There are probabilities of joint, heart and eye diseases and spinal cord disorders.

Obstinacy: French Bulldog puppies can be very stubborn and manipulative, especially when they are being trained or exercised. You have to show them consistently that you are the boss. Food is a good motivator to goad them to perform different tasks; however, if they are not exercised properly, they end up being fat and unhealthy.

postheadericon If you have a pet pooch, you’re probably already familiar with the benefits of dog ownership

If you have a pet pooch, you’re probably already familiar with the benefits of dog ownership. Owning a dog means that you get to form a loving relationship that will last for years to come. Dogs can enrich the lives of individuals and families alike, improving emotional and psychological health, as well as increasing overall happiness and satisfaction.

But did you know that pet ownership has been proven to have beneficial physical effects? One of the most appealing of these is that dogs can lead to lower blood pressure. Because the stress of a job can lead to high blood pressure, this effect can be a good way to reduce work-related stress. Many employers recognize this and are starting to allow their workers to bring their dogs to the office. Before you start, however, you should remember the following tips:

1. Your dog should be well-behaved and social. Bringing your dog to the office will only be successful if he gets along with people and other dogs. You’re still working, after all, so your pet can’t interfere with your business.

If your dog does start acting up, just take him for a walk. This will tire him out and calm him down. Try a long walk before work and a quick game of fetch at lunch. If you don’t have the time, hire someone who does. And remember: regular bathroom breaks are a must!

2. You need to bring the essentials. If you’re bringing your dog to the office, he’s going to need bowls for food and water, a few toys to keep him busy (avoid noisemakers), a blanket for napping, grooming tools, and a few treats. Don’t forget the gear to clean up accidents, just in case.

3. You need to set boundaries. Your dog needs to stay in your space. Some people are afraid of, allergic to, or dislike dogs, and especially in a business setting, you need to respect their rights. You could tie his leash to your desk, use a pet gate or kennel, or simply close your door.

Not everyone has the good fortune of being able to enjoy the workday in the company of their beloved pet, so if you’re one of the lucky ones, be thankful! You should also remember that your dog will need time to get used to the new situation. Allow for this so that you will both be able to enjoy your time together, and soon your dog will be loving the attention he gets from all his new friends at the office.

postheadericon You will find that dogs are very nice pets

You will find that dogs are very nice pets. Not only are they intelligent beings, but they also are very amazing and playful animals. As for your own well-being and health, you will notice that your dog will help you to become more active and exercise. You will be more inclined to go for a walk, and you’ll be able to keep your blood pressure down. Keep in mind that there are a lot of ways for you to bond with your dog, however, you will need to make sure that this is truly what you want and that you’ll be able to take care of this major responsibility.

Some of the things that you will want to consider is things like if adopting a dog is right for you. Can you give up some of your time to take care of the dog? Where will the dog go if you aren’t home? What can you offer to a dog? Can you make the commitment? The last thing that you will want to ask yourself is if you are physically able to take care of a dog. A lot of people will adopt because they are lonely. Dogs can be great companions, however, you have to be prepared to walk, feed, and love your dog. There is a great amount of time and attention that you have to give your dog in order for them to feel loved. You will want to make sure that you have thought about the dog’s mental and physical well-being.

Another thing that you will want to consider is if you have any pet allergies. If you are looking for a dog, then you should stay around some of your friends and family members who have dogs, so that you can see if you have allergies. Also, you have to think about things like your family. Perhaps, you should consider about family allergies too. You will need adopting a dog that not only agrees with the family, but also mostly works well with children. Also, consider the size of the dog and the size of your house or apartment. Make sure that your landlord allows you to have dogs. Keep in mind that there are some insurance policies that do not go with dogs.

When it comes to the kids, you have to think about the age of the child and also the child’s natural movements. You need to tell your children about how to deal with adopting a dog and how it is appropriate to act around the dog. Teasing a dog will only promote a bad situation. Also, you should never leave small children around with dogs. You will notice that dogs that they know attack children, mostly. It could be his or her own dog or the neighbor’s dog. It is very important that you promote a healthy bond between the children and the dog. http://swa-pets.com