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postheadericon As part of your regular pet health exam, today we focus on the muscles and bones that help your dog move

As part of your regular pet health exam, today we focus on the muscles and bones that help your dog move. Starting at the neck, run your hand along the spine to the base of the tail. Feel the muscles on both sides of the spine and notice if any feel unusually firm or knotted.

Dogs can get a variety of conditions that will lead to muscle spasms in their back muscles.

Massage any tight muscles and take note of the area. A common condition in active dogs is to develop fusing of the spine (spondylosis). This can lead to decreased mobility, pinched vertebrae and back pain. Your dog will benefit from regular massage of the lower lumbar spinal muscles. Place your hands on either side of the spine and use deep circular digital pressure with your thumbs. Work on the affected area once daily for 5 minutes.

Next, palpate the bones and muscles of the legs. Start on the legs at the toes. Apply moderate pressure to the joints and move each joint back and forth. On the front legs pay close attention to any discomfort in the elbow or shoulder; these are common areas of dog arthritis. In the rear limbs, pay close attention to the knee and the hips for these are commonly arthritic. Your dog will resist moving these joints and may even yelp if your dog has arthritis.

HERBAL. A variety of herbs are used at different times for dog arthritis. The ones I have seen to be most effective include: DEVIL’S CLAW, used in traditional African medicine and has scientific studies to back its effectiveness, give 100mg or 10 drops per 10 lbs of body weight.

ACUPRESSURE. GB 41, located on the bottom of the foot, in the depression of the two outside toes, and is especially good for arthritic pain in the hips.

METHYLSULFONYMETHANE. MSM is a supplement, found in some plants such as Horsetail. It works by reducing inflammation in the joints by acting as an antioxidant – this has been shown to work well in treating dog arthritis. The MSM dosage is 50mg per 10lbs of body weight daily.

IT’S IN THE CARTILAGE. GLUCOSAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE is the most important supplement to add to your dog’s diet. The dose is 1/4 of a 500mg tablet once daily per 10 lbs of body weight. It helps to rebuild the cartilage and delay further cartilage breakdown.

The treatments I’ve just covered may be all that you need for now, but if you would like additional dog arthritis remedies, get my book today – I offer 15 different alternatives to dog arthritis alone. And along with arthritis, I guarantee that you will use many of the (over) one thousand at-home remedies in my book.

I use them every day in practice. They work.

No side effects.

You should try it.

To your pet’s good health,

postheadericon So you ultimately went and acquired yourself a pet

So you ultimately went and acquired yourself a pet. One of the first things that you have got to do after getting a pet you’ll need to locate a veterinarian to use. Sometimes you can go to your local telephone book to get a vet. [**] if you have what folk would consider an exotic pet like a snake, parrot, or other animal that is not your normal pet then you’ll have a harder time finding a vet.

For your standard pets such as dogs and cats then you will want to consider some questions before going to a vet for the 1st time. You will obviously need to have some research questions that should be asked before deciding on the vet to use.

Veterinarian Minneapolis

the 1st question that I have for any new veterinarian that I might consider taking my animal to is how long they have been in practice. To my mind I really like a vet which has been in practice for some time because they have seen more issues and know how to deal with them in a more realistic approach. By that I mean some of the more moderen veterinarians will only have the book learning without all of the real life solutions that the older vets have found work better than the book response.
the following question that you are going to desire to ask is the way the appointments scheduled. As an example you will wish to know if you wake up one morning and your dog is vomiting will you be able to get him seen or do you have to attend a week before being able to be seen . I know our vet that I use is very flexible on his scheduling and is ready to fit you in the same day typically for a sick animal.

I’m of the opinion that the vet that I use will give you a voice mail number to call to get a hold of him and then he calls you back typically this is within several hours of calling. If you’re able to find a vet that does that then you might be ready to help save yourself some cash by asking him the question instead of having to go to an emergency animal surgery.
I know that he’s a great vet and should be able to help my animals in any illness that they encounter for some time to come.

postheadericon There are at least 20 symptoms and signs that you should be aware of that your goldendoodle needs to see a vet if you are a new dog owner

There are at least 20 symptoms and signs that you should be aware of that your Goldendoodle needs to see a vet if you are a new dog owner.  Unfortunately too many people wait until it is too late to get their pet to the vet,  then wonder why it passed away.  While it is a decision delimma for many,  it is very important that you take your Goldendoodle to the vet if the follow occurs:

1. Decreased appetite 

2. Lethargy  (especially in a young puppy or senior dog)

3. Vomiting

4. Diarrhea

5. Straining to potty….either thru urine or the other

6. Not gaining any weight or fails to grow

7. Appearing too thin

8. Constant scratching or chewing on the feet or tail

9. Shaking its head and scratching at the ears

10.  Loss of hair (more than normal)

11. Coughing

12. Sneezing

13. Limping  (for unexplained reasons)

14. Not able to housebreak  (could be urinary tract infection)

15. Excessive drinking  (should check for diabetes….especially if your pet is over weight.)

16. Can’t tolerate exercising

17. Has collapsed

18. Excessive urination

19. Urinates or loses bowls suddenly and without warning

20. Has blood in the stool

Healthy living  with your Goldendoodle starts with maintaining a healthy diet and keeping up with appropriate vaccinations.  Many pet owners fail to keep their puppy’s vaccinations current and this causes the puppy to be at risk for catching parvo, distemper or other deadly canine diseases.  Your Goldendoodle puppy’s first visit is usually called a “wellness check up”.  During this type of check up,  your veterinarian will look at your doodle’s eyes, ears, teeth  and listen to his or her heart.  They will look for puppy cataracts and possible heart murmurs.  They will look at your doodle’s coat and weigh him or her.  Some vets will let you walk in while others require a scheduled appointment.

Viral infections with puppies can occur suddenly and without warning.  Early recognition can help your puppy survive if he or she has become ill.  Puppies can become dehydrated quickly which is why it is very important to not wait if you suspect there is something wrong.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Keep your doodle’s vet records up to date.  It is important for your vet to know what you are feeding your doodle, how much and when.  Your vet may recommend changes if your doodle is gaining weight too rapidly or not enough weight at appropriate stages…especially in the first year.   Know your doodle’s birthdate.  Depending upon where your Goldendoodle resides,  it is important to pay attention to fleas and ticks.  Goldendoodles should NOT be on any type of topical flea preventatives.  These type of treatments can cause early organ failure and sudden seizures.  “Comfortis” is recommended for Goldendoodles which is a once a month flea preventative.    When your Goldendoodle turns 2 years of age,  you may want to have your veterinarian x-ray the hips so that they can be evaluated.  Just because your doodle’s parents had an OFA rating of good, fair or excellent does not mean that your doodle is free and clear of possible hip problems.   Testing is only valid for the dog that is evaluated,  not for offspring.

?It is understandable that many Goldendoodle owners are stressed when taking their new puppy in to see their vet.  Your doodle can only communicate through his or her body lanquage.  Unfortunately,  they can’t tell us where they hurt or how they feel.  Owners who are stressed out can transfer their anxiety to their doodle.  If you are tense, worried, scared, upset or feeling anxious,  you will transfer those feelings to your Goldendoodle.  They are very sensitive dogs.   They will then associate those feelings each and every time he or she goes to the vet.  Try not to be anxious when its time to take your Goldendoodle to the vet.

 The foundation of a healthy Goldendoodle is very important.  A healthy Goldendoodle is central to his or her well being.   Try to make an effort at being calm, relaxed and positive when it is time to take your doodle to the vet.   If you are purchasing a young puppy,  make sure to “puppy proof” your home.  Children always have small toys that can easily fit inside of your doodle’s mouth.  Small toys can be swallowed which can cause choking and possible death.  A good rule of thumb is that if an object is small enough to fit into your doodle’s mouth,  he or she can swallow it.

We like to think that our dogs have common sense.  They don’t.  If you can’t supervise your doodle,  make sure that he or she is either crated or somewhere that is enclosed to help keep your doodle from getting hurt.  Goldendoodles are very intelligent dogs.  They can easily escape from your yard or slip out of their collar or leash.  Don’t let your doodle run loose as they will then be at risk for being hit by a vehicle.   Don’t leave pills lying around.  I, myself, am a diabetic who takes glipizide.  This lowers blood sugar.  This medication can be deadly to any pet who eats it.   I have to always be careful to NOT drop a pill and if I do drop a pill,  I have to immediately find it and pick it up.  Never leave medications on a counter or table where a puppy or adult dog can easily get to it.

Lastly,  there are tons of great books and videos on the market to help you learn how to be a good mommy or daddy to your Goldendoodle.  Being prepared is the best took for surviving an emergency. 

*About the author:  Dee Gerrish has been writing about the Goldendoodle dog since 1999.  More about Goldendoodles can be found on her website at http://www.goldendoodleworld.com

postheadericon Let’s face it, dogs and cats are so cute and adoring

Let’s face it, dogs and cats are so cute and adoring! It is just so difficult to not want to cuddle them. Funny how all of this changes when you get that first smell of urine, coming form somewhere, in your house, on your carpet…bang! All those cuddly feelings you had for your pet disintegrate the moment you realize you need to purchase a new rug.

Ok, so that feeling lasts for about a minute or two, and then, once you get that “what’s up with you” look from you dog, with those cute, innocent eyes, you can’t help melting into that “I just want to cuddle you” feeling all over again. Talk about pet charm!

Either way, the reality is what it is. Pets mess, and you have to make sure that you are able to take care of that mess in time. If not, you are in for a very expensive surprise.

In order to prevent the urine from your cat or dog costing you more than you bargained for, it is best to try to catch the stain as early as possible.

One way to do this is by constantly keeping and eye on your furry loved one. Would this be effective? Yes. Do I consider it practical? I think not.

Ok, so we need a more practical way that can both work out well for you and your pet. After all, you don’t want your pet to start feeling it has big brother keeping an eye on it all the time right?

Prevention is far better than the cure

We are not talking about diseases here. However, the principles work the same in this situation. Preventing your pet from urinating on your carpet is the best viable option.

A great approach to this method is by house training or potty training your little fluffy buddies. The most effective time to use this approach is when your pet is still young. This does not mean that it is too late to house train your older pets. They might just take a little longer.

Ok, so you have never trained a pet before. That is by no means a problem. You can find many books on this subject just by doing a search on your favorite search engine. The trick is to make sure that you are taking the advice from a well respected author on the subject. A good way to do this is my asking around in the many pet dedicated forums where you are sure to find sincere, independent reviews.

What ever the end result is, whether it is expensive or just plain annoying, your little furry loved ones don’t know better. Accept them for who they are. After all, they are part of the family.

postheadericon When you have a pet spider, you have to give it a name, unless you just want to call it spider or spidy all the time

When you have a pet spider, you have to give it a name, unless you just want to call it Spider or Spidy all the time.  You may be a fan of Spiderman and name your pet after a character in the movie or the comic book series. Parker, for example, sounds like a nice strong name for a spider. If you wish, you can use the name of one of the villains, but then people may think you have a bad spider. You can also choose a name based on the spider appearance or its scientific classification. How about Rachy, based on the word Arachnid for the class of spiders? There are many choices in spider names you just have to use your imagination.

There are male and female spiders, as you know, so when you do bring home your pet you can choose a name appropriate to the gender. Charlotte is a very popular name for a girl spider based on the spider in the story Web? Spin could be a name for any gender because that is what spiders do spin webs. Webmaker, Webspinner, or even Web are suitable names, but they are not very imaginative and when someone hears the name it won’t raise any eyebrows or invoke any questions about your choice of name.

By looking at the meaning of the name, you can find many different and unusual names that will suit this type of pet. How about one of these names for a male spider?

– Malcolm – Servant of St. Columba

– Seanloach – Old hero

– Tag – Handsome

– Kaelen – Mighty Warrior

– Victor – Winner

– Rodd – from the name Roderick

-Hania – Spirit Warrior

Female names for spiders can include

– Shiny

– Erna

– Nicole

– Chloe

– Grace

– Molly

In fact any male or female name would be suitable for a spider.

Find the common name for the spider and let that be your guide in choosing a name. If you have a female Black Widow spider, you could name it killer because of the belief that the females eat the males after mating. Blacky is also a popular name, but there are also Brown Widow Spiders, so if this is the pet spider you have you can name it Brownie.  You might also want to choose a color completely different from the color of your pet.

You may be one of the spider owners who has a Carolina Wolf Spider. This opens the doors to many names because you can even use names of dogs for your pet. These spiders have a dark stripe on the abdomen, so this may give you ideas for names according to the color of the stripe. This is also one of the largest wolf spider in North America so any names that denote a large size would be very apt choices.  Since the fangs of this spider are quite large, you could even call it Fang. Then when someone asks you about your choice of name, you can tell them all about this species of spiders.