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postheadericon Has this ever happened to you

Has this ever happened to you?  You find your cat in his litter box, straining to urinate, crying out in pain.  He can’t seem to pass any urine.  You take him to the vet, who tells you that your cat’s urinary problem is due to cat bladder stones.

Bladder Stones In Cats

A bladder stone, or urolith, is made up from minerals present in your cat’s urine.  These minerals sometimes form crystals that stick together to form a stone in your cat’s bladder.  These stones can be as small as grains of sand, or they can grow to the size of a piece of pea gravel. 

Your feline friend may have only one stone, or he could have several dozen. 

Why do the minerals form crystals?  There are several theories.  Your cat’s urine may be high in minerals due to his diet, or it may be because he has an infection in his bladder.

Bladder stones usually take several months to form, but they can grow in just a couple of weeks.

Symptoms Of Cat Urinary Problems

If your cat suddenly starts urinating in places other than his litter box, this can indicate that he’s having a urinary problem.  You may notice him licking his bottom more than usual, too. 

Blood in the urine is another symptom to watch for.  It can sometimes be hard to see this in cats as they usually go in the litter box.  But if he’s urinating outside his box, you may see it.

If your cat is straining to urinate, or can’t pass any urine, this indicates a blockage.  A urinary blockage is a veterinary emergency, and you need to get your cat to the vet as soon as possible.

Treatment For Cat Bladder Stones

Your vet will probably take some x-rays or do an ultrasound to verify the presence of bladder stones.  Once they are diagnosed, you vet will probably outline two treatment options.

The first is surgery to remove the stones.  This is the fastest solution to the problem. 

The second is to try to dissolve the stones with a special diet.  This is a good option for many cats.  However, it may not work well for all felines.  The major reason is that it’s a slower treatment.  It can take several weeks or months for the stones to dissolve.  During this time your cat will still be passing bloody urine, and may still be straining to urinate.

Diet therapy doesn’t work with all stones.  It’s helpful if the cat passes a stone so that you vet can analyze it to see what it’s made of.  Some types of stones can’t be dissolved.

Some cats won’t eat the special diet food.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work unless it’s the only thing your cat is eating.

Are Herbal Pet Remedies The Answer To Cat Bladder Stones?

Many cat owners are turning to herbal pet remedies to help solve cat urinary problems.  These herbal and homeopathic remedies have been used by people across the world for centuries.  These remedies work to solve the underlying problem, instead of just treating the symptoms. 

It’s very important to buy these herbal pet remedies only from reputable companies that specialize in producing them.  Do your homework and be sure that the company stands behind its products.  You want to be sure that you find remedies especially formulated for pets.

These natural remedies are inexpensive and readily available.  They have stood the test of time, and there are no side effects to worry about. 

Now that you have this information, you can take action to prevent cat urinary problems.

postheadericon If you love your dog and want to give your dog something special, then buy your dog a purpose made dog cage from doggie solutions

If you love your dog and want to give your dog something special, then buy your dog a purpose made dog cage from Doggie Solutions.

Dog cages are very important for dog for many reasons, not just because they ensure a fixed place for your dog but because of variety of other reasons some of the reasons that people are opting for dog cages as follows:-

1.      Offers comfort and safety: The dog cage ensures safety and comfort for the dog, especially when they are just puppies; this is the time that a dog cage is a good option to protect them from getting hurt.

2.      Offers training: If the dog is kept in the dog cage from the beginning, then it will make the dog aware that your beds are not the place to play or sleep. So, if you want to help your dog learn where the best place to sleep in, then the best option is to offer a good dog cage.

3.      Offers better recovery during sickness: The dog cage is very useful at the time when your dog is recovering from any sort of operation as it is probably necessary to restrict the movement of your dog which you can do very easily by keeping it in his cage. This in turn will help your dog heal and recover much quicker.

The importance of dog cages is paramount, and the place that you can buy the best dog cages from is the online store Doggie Solutions, Doggie Solutions is one of the best and well know online stores that not only sells dog equipment but also sells lots of cat products too.

If you want to know more about Doggie Solutions and why it is considered as an inevitable option for both dogs as well as cats products, then it is advisable to have a quick look on some of its most important features. Some of the most important features of Doggie Solutions are as follows:-

1.      Ensures quality products: The first and the most important feature of Doggie Solutions is that it is one such store that believes in offering trusted quality products only. Unlike other stores where the quality is compromised to earn good amount of profit, Doggie Solutions offers quality first.

2.      Fair prices: The second most important feature of Doggie Solutions is that it offers fair prices on all the products it offers. So if you require best quality products for your cats and dogs that too with best prices, then there in no better option than Doggie Solutions.

3.      Wide selection: The third most important feature of Doggie Solutions is that it ensures wide selection of useful products for dogs as well as cats.etc.

 So your search for all important things for your cats and dogs ends at Doggie Solutions.

postheadericon Automatic litter boxes are a wonderful convenience for cat owners with busy schedules

Automatic litter boxes are a wonderful convenience for cat owners with busy schedules. They don’t require daily scooping or a lot of general maintenance which allows us to enjoy more free time with our pets. Many brands, like Littermaid only require that you empty the bottom receptacle a couple times a week, while others like the Cat Genie only need you to keep an eye out for clogs and replace the sani-solution every once in awhile. Of course you would need to do both more frequently in multiple cat households.

My favorite thing about robotic litter boxes is that they allow you to mark cleaning the litter box off of your daily chore list. You also don’t have to worry about buying special cat box liners. And best of all there is no more need to scoop the poop because automatic litter boxes mechanically clean up the waste each time your cat uses the bathroom.

This type of litter box has been around for awhile so you have many models to choose from. Some even come with a cover which provides a more pleasing appearance while allowing your cat to have maximum privacy. But most important, a cover will keep litter particles from being scattered about when your pet jumps in and out of the litter box. Its also important to note that most brands require the use of a premium scoop-able cat litter. Premium litters often have better absorbency for trapping urine which will keep the automatic litter box from jamming. Generally a better quality litter will control odor more effectively than any of the cheaper brands you might find.

Prices for these type of litter boxes can range anywhere from one hundred to three hundred dollars. But if you are tired of raking, scooping and bagging cat litter, investing in an automatic litter box can be worth every penny. They are convenient, clean and most of the popular brands on the market today will adequately sense movement to rake away your cat’s waste in a matter of minutes.

Overall, an automatic litter box is a great investment for the dedicated cat owner. They reduce the amount of litter used on a day to day basis and at most you will only need to keep an eye on when its time to empty the receptacle bin. They keep the house consistently odor free and allow us to enjoy our cats without the constant stress litter box cleaning. Chances are you will feel that it was worth the investment and your cat will thank you.

Want to learn more about automatic litter boxes? Visit http://www.healthycatcare.com/index.php/automatic-litter-boxes for more tips and info!

postheadericon Do you really need a pet insurance

Do you really need a pet insurance? The answer is very simple: it’s a big NO. No, no, no, you don’t need a pet insurance but your pet does. Seriously speaking, when you talk about pet insurance, other people would usually raise one eyebrow. Others may even raise both arms to protest, figuratively. One big question mark can be seen sitting comfortably on their head: Is pet insurance really worth it? Why not find it out right now?

Pets are living longer and it’s because of the love and care you’re giving to them. You sometimes pay more for their treatment when they get sick or injured or there are some other things that might happen to them. And when you’re standing on the edge of a cliff, you might get to wonder: “Wow, I just realize that I’m spending more for my pet than I have presumed. Why, I even spend more for my little tabby than for my own and my family.”

Yes, that’s right. One of these days, you’re going to be thinking that way and you could decide that you need to cut down some expenses for your pet.

That’s okay and that’s perfectly alright but don’t you know you can cut down on expenses for their treatments without ever depriving them of the love and care and treatment that you’ve been giving to your pet which he is now accustomed to? The answer is pet insurance. If your pet is affected with diseases and needs veterinary treatment, the cost can be expensive and this is the result of a surge in pet insurance and depending on situations, a pet insurance can be expensive or not, an overkill or not.

So, does your pet need pet insurance? As what have said, it depends. If you have a small pet, a bird or a smaller dog or cat that isn’t that hyperactive, they may be less likely prone to accidents and therefore less likely to require expensive emergency attention.

If you’re willing to shoulder all the expenses for paying treatment for your pet, insurance is deemed unnecessary. But sometimes, a chronic illness or a serious accident could make you end up shelling out hundreds of dollars and in this case, insurance is well worth considering especially if your dog behaves like a horse. So it depends upon the situation. If you have a Border Collie which is considered very hyperactive, pet insurance. But if you have a two-toed sloth, no more pet insurance, get the point? Always depends on the situation.

You may also opt for a self-insurance. You set aside a sum of money each month and build up that some in case of situations or emergencies uncalled for. But the problem to his solution is what if your pet has caught a severe illness in the first few months of your self-insurance? Now, that’s where the headaches lie and self-insurance doesn’t cover you for liability. What if your dog bites someone? That someone might bite back at you.

All in all, after weighing the odds, if you’re very concerned with your pet’s welfare and yours, sometimes a pet insurance is your best choice. With insurance, it covers the illness & injuries of your pet. You get instant coverage the next day as long as the insurance takes effect and it protects you from other people when they get bitten by your dog or something like that. But the last question is, where can you find a nice, affordable and reliable pet insurance? Could there be something worthy to choose over the Internet? So, how about it? Pet insurance, anyone?

postheadericon Relief from heat does not come easily specially for our furry friend

Relief from heat does not come easily specially for our furry friend. They do not have sweat glands so they cannot sweat to cool off. Most dogs will just simply give up the comfort of their bed and stretch out in the bare floor to cool off. Panting also help to cool them off but this is not sufficient. Dogs with thick, double-coats are more susceptible to heat stroke. Dogs can experience some serious discomfort during summer and hot months. A cooling pet bed is the ideal solution to this. Canine cooler bed can provide an ongoing therapy for your furry friend. It can be very helpful and bring much relief, especially if your dog suffers from bad joints, hips or one of many skin conditions affecting pets from all walks of life. A cooling pet bed doesn’t have to be expensive either, and can be used all year around, especially in those hot summer months.

Some dog have thicker fur than others, which makes it hard to keep cool. Unfortunately this can be the cause of your pet’s lack of energy, skin irritations, breathing difficulties and a variety of other concerns. Although they can lie down on the bare floor to cool off, this can bring other medical problems to them such as arthritis especially for aging dogs. Sleeping on the cold hard floor can cause chronic pain and additional discomfort.

There are two common types of dog beds, the cooling water bed and the cooling pads. Cooling water beds are filled with water provide a great relief during summer. Cooling pads are more like a thick mat that a fluffy mattress type of bed. The cooling pads are designed in such a way that they do not absorb heat thereby making the bed hot, but repel the heat so that your pet can always stay cool. Some of these pads are also the thermo-regulating kind, which means that they can be used as cooling dog beds in the summer, as well as heated dog beds come winter time. Make sure that the bed you get for your dog is made of high-quality and non-toxic materials.