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postheadericon Animals attract people by their strange, amazing, funny, sad, and interesting facts

Animals attract people by their strange, amazing, funny, sad, and interesting facts. The world of animals tends to magnetize a lot of interest, no matter what age you are. A strange fact about animal is that: animals see details that people do not see. Animals are totally detail-oriented creatures. This has to be noted as the most important thing to know about the way animals recognize the world.

Even the myths and mysteries of odd and small creatures make them captivating. This makes the learner to explore the recent findings, common misconceptions and amazing adoptions about them. Many living things are found in the world.Vertebrates (with a backbone) and invertebrates (without a backbone) are the two main classification of the animal kingdom. In the total species of the animal kingdom only 800,000 species are known to the world. When it comes to the animal kingdom people usually think about cat, dog, tiger, and etc. jellyfish or an earthworm are not considered as an animal. But they also belong to the kingdom of animals. The science of classifying organisms according to their characteristic is called taxonomy.

In order to easily study about the living things in the world they are classified according to its: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species.An animal is named by its genus name followed by its species name. Hence man is called Homo sapiens, meaning wise man.

Until today all the animals in the world are classified in to five kingdoms. Animalia made up of animals; Plantae made up of plants; Protista made up of protests (single celled organisms invisible to human eyes); Fungi made up of mushrooms, mold, yeast, lichen etc; and Monera made up of bacteria.
Phylum is the next classification and each kingdom has several phyla. In phylum animals are divided from the smaller ones to more familiar groups. Animals with back bone (fish, birds, mammals, reptiles) belong to the chordata phylum. Arthropoda (spiders and insects), Mollusca (snails and squid), Annelids (segmented worms) and Echinodermata (star fish and sea urchins) are some of the best known phyla.

The category that makes up the phylum is the class. Class breaks animals into more familiar groups. For example phylum chordata is divided into Aves, Reptiles, Amphibian, Mammalian and many more.

The next category in the animal kingdom is the order. One or more orders make up a single class. Rodentia, Primates, Chiroptera, Insectivora, Carnivora, Perissodactyla, Artidactyla, and Proboscidea are the orders of the mammalian class.

Following the order comes the Families the next category. Canidae, Felidae, Ursidae, Hyaenidae, Mustelidae and many more form the families for the carnivore order.

Genus is the next category. The felidae family can be broken down into acinonyx, panthera, neofelis and felis.
The last category is the species. The panthera can be broken into panthera leo (lion) and panthera tigris (tiger)

Animals ranging from few cell organisms to animals that weigh many tons are extinct in this world. Approximately 9 to 10 million species of animals live all over the world. This is only a rough estimation; the exact number is not known. Researches and invention in and around the forest areas and seas add a new species to the animal kingdom.

By far the insects are the most found species in the animal kingdom. They have mollusks and nematodes as their groups. They live along with us even in the winter months. Among all known animals in the world 85% belong to this class and are the largest animal phylum in the world.  

The most interesting animal in the world are the arthropods. Any animal that have more than four legs or jointed legs are arthropods. They can fly, creep and even crawl. From ants to bumble bees and crabs to crayfish and spiders to centipedes all belong to this category.

Two life animals are called amphibians. They are capable of living in land as well as in water. With gills and tails amphibians begin their life in water. Later they produce lungs and legs for their life on land. Amphibians are capable of maintaining the same temperature on land and in water. Hence they are the cold blooded animals. Research continues on the relationships of the major animal groups.

postheadericon Potty training for puppies a new puppy has arrived home, lovely, furry and tiny

Potty Training For Puppies

A new puppy has arrived home, lovely, furry and tiny. He is so much fun with his never ending supply of energy and enthusiasm. Your new dog is almost perfect, except for the puddles he leaves on the floor.

Potty training is one of the most important things that you will need to do with your new puppy.

First, you must realize that your new puppy has a very small bladder, and is unable to hold it for very long.

To successfully house train your puppy, you will need a good deal of patience for a few weeks at least..House training your puppy requires consistence, patience, and a lot of dedication.

Try to start potty training as early as you can.Remember though, that the younger the dog is, the smaller his bladder will be so there shouldn’t be much time between bathroom breaks.

Always praise and reward your puppy when he does something right, do not choose the opposite route and punish him when he does wrong. Dogs learn much better from praise, than punishment. They are not humans and do not have the same thought processes that we do. Sometimes, you just have to think for them.Just like any other type of training, potty training will require some specific steps for your dog to know what is expected from him.

First, observe your puppy’s regular routine and note that he will probably need to go out right after eating, and at certain times of the day. Watch carefully so that you can catch what he does right before he goes. If he starts sniffing in a specific area, circling, or squatting, it is time to take action.

When you are pretty sure that you have identified his routine, all dogs will develop this prior to relieving themselves, you can then use a specific term or word, that stops him and then you take him outside. He will quickly associate that term or word with his need to go to the toilet.
Put him down and wait for him to go. When he does, be ready with a treat and lots of praise.

It is not wise to punish a puppy for soiling in the house, this is quite cruel and not necessary, after all he is only doing what is natural to him and knows no different. It is your responsibility to teach him what he needs to know.Try to catch him before he goes and if he does go in the wrong place, simply clean it up and wait for the next time. Potty training for Puppies doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require consistency.

Get more facts about potty training for puppies today.

postheadericon Chewing is normal for all puppies

Chewing is normal for all puppies. It is their hereditary way of communicating within the litter. You should have some chew toys for the puppy to use in order to replace undesirable chewing tendencies. If your Dalmatian puppy goes for the TV knobs, give him a 1/4in diameter composite chewing log.

All Dalmatians are incredibly efficient at destroying chew toys. The only one that is apparently indestructible is the beehive-shaped rubber toy, which lasts for years around both pups and adults, and they enjoy chewing them. An inexpensive thing that puppies will play with for days before they start to wear it out is a plastic pop bottle. If you keep the cap on, the container is too large to get a good grip on and the puppies will use it as a giant hockey puck whenever they see it.

Another caution with regard to chewing has to do with house, yard, and garden plants. Identify the vegetation you have and call your vet, a plant expert, or maybe even do your own research and find out whether your plants are toxic to dogs. They will chew on rocks, too, especially ones about as big as your thumb that are fun to toss around in their mouths. If you catch them doing this, take the rock from them and get rid of it, telling them “No!” Some Dalmatians will get carried away with sloshing them around in their mouths and before they know it, they swallow them.

There are also foods that are toxic to dogs. Teaching a Dalmatian what is and is not permissible to chew is generally a process that lasts the lifetime of the dog. They are constantly discovering new things to chew. As a final note on chewing, though it is cute to have the puppy untie your shoelaces or clamp surprisingly sharp puppy teeth on your fingers, it is not cute for a sixty-pound adult to do the same things.

If you want a well-behaved adult Dalmatian, do not allow your puppy to continue his “chewing communication” with you. When he comes up and puts his mouth on anything that you would not allow an adult to bite or chew, catch him in the act of starting to bite the object and snap him on the end of the nose with your index finger, and tell him clearly out yelling “No!”

This kind of correction will startle the puppy more than anything else, and you will find that he will direct his attention somewhere else almost immediately. Be generous with your praise
when he changes his focus of activity. If you are consistent with this form of correction at an early age, you will wind up with a very well-mannered Dalmatian.

postheadericon Thinking about getting a new puppy or dog

Thinking about getting a new puppy or dog? If you are, then you might want to consider signing up for dog obedience classes, especially if you are a first-time dog owner at that. It’s fun to have a dog or puppy around, but that is if the one you got has good manners. Because if not, you might regret getting one in the first place.

So, when you bring home your new pet, make sure that you put enrolling in dog obedience classes on top of your priority to-do list. However, since there are lots of dog obedience schools offering this kind of classes, you must be keen in choosing the one that meets your requirements. So, when signing up for dog obedience classes, here are some things to remember.

First, look into the reputation of the dog obedience school offering dog training classes. Of course, the more popular the school is, the more reliable it could be. Try to ask from your neighbors for suggestions. Also, you can talk to friends, colleagues, and relatives who have already tried dog obedience classes for their pets. But the most reliable recommendation that you can get is from your local veterinarian. He/she knows where dogs can be trained well in your area, so check out the name he/she recommends.

Now, if you don’t anyone who can recommend you a reputable dog school, you can always rely on the Internet for information. Some dog obedience schools have already conquered the web to reach more potential clients. So, start doing your research online and check on the school’s feedbacks to know whether their services are good or not.

Next, see whether the trainers comprising the school have sincere love and attachment to dogs. This is a little difficult to determine because anybody can claim that he loves dogs and enjoys training them. So, how to know this? Try to observe the classes first. For example, if you have a friend who has a dog enrolled in one, you can always join them during sessions and note your observations. If the qualities of the trainer meet your requirements, then consider that school on top of your list.

And lastly, of course, you have to consider the cost of signing up in a dog obedience class. If your dog is a high-breed, the cost of getting one may already be high enough, much more if you start buying dog foods and bringing it to a veterinarian for some check-ups. So, ask yourself, can you still afford the cost that goes with training your dog or puppy? Before signing up, make sure that you inquire about this first because you might end up quitting the course just because you run out of budget.

So there you go. Now that you know all these, you’re off to getting the right dog obedience classes for you and your pet. Take note that a dog obedience class can very much help you teach your new dog some basic commands like sit, stay, come, and down. Once your pet learns all these, you will have more control over it during social events.

So, never underestimate the significance of these classes for you and your dog.

postheadericon Of all of the products that you can purchase for your dog, a good brush is probably one of the most important

Of all of the products that you can purchase for your dog, a good brush is probably one of the most important. Not only do you want a brush that will get the job done, but you also want a brush that will feel good to your dog and ensure that they will enjoy the process each time you groom them. Here are some tips to find that perfect dog brush:

• Invest in quality: Remember that if you purchase a cheaply made product, then that is the kind of quality you can expect from the brush itself. While you do not need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on a dog brush, you should take the time to invest in a product that is well made and gets the job done when it comes to grooming your dog.

• Try it out on yourself first: When you are looking at different types of dog brushes, take the time to run each one along your arm and note how it feels. Chances are, if it is too rough for you, it is too rough for your dog. You want something that will remove excess hair without a lot of pulling or sharpness in the bristles.

• Stick with one product: The way to do this is to find an all-in-one type of brush, such as The Brush Buddy. The Brush Buddy is a dog brush that can massage, clean and dry your pooch all in one product. It can also remove excess pet hair from furniture, making it the perfect dog grooming product for you and your fido. It features rubber bristles that get the job done without pulling on your dog’s hair and creates a nice massaging sensation for your dog while you brush them. The towel portion of the product is made of 100% terry cloth, which makes the drying process more comfortable as well. It is an ultimate dog towel as it does everything it promises and more!

• Pay attention to Fido’s behavior: If your dog seems to be in pain while you are in the process of grooming them, then you are not using a product that is gentle enough. This is probably also true if your dog cannot completely relax as you brush away excess hair. Take steps to ensure that the product you use should be gentle for your dog, promoting a sense of contentment and relaxation. After all, you want the grooming process to become a time for you and your dog to enjoy one another’s company and bond. It will be much more difficult if your dog develops an aversion to being groomed and heads the other way every time they see a dog brush in your hand.

These tips will help you to choose a dog brush that serves your dog’s grooming needs and makes them feel content at the same time