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postheadericon In the united states, half the number of households owns either a cat or a dog as pets

In the United States, half the number of households owns either a cat or a dog as pets. However, it is just a little unfortunate that many people are allergic to cats, which discourages them from owning one, despite their fondness for these loving domestic animals. In fact, there are about 10 million Americans who have shown allergic tendencies to cats.

To help manage cat allergies, let us focus on the specific forms of cat allergies. The first one would be dander, which is dust coming from the cat’s body. Dander is a term used to refer to old skin that is shed off from the cat’s body in the forms of minute flakes.

Aside from causing skin irritation, dander also penetrates the immune system, which consequently causes allergic reactions. Once it enters the immune system, it becomes a problem, and although it is not a disease-producing element, it can certainly cause problems with people prone to allergies.

Cats spread allergens in many ways- blood, saliva, and urine. Even after the cat has left the area, his excretions can still bring about problems. You will find these things all around the house as the cat’s daily routine such as licking, scratching, and rubbing, makes it possible to do so.

Allergic Reactions to Cats

Commonly, if a person is allergic to cats, it is shown by the following signs and symptoms:

  • Sneezing
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Itching
  • Watery eyes
  • Difficulty in breathing

Other times, although rarely, fever and chills are experienced, and this is when you need to get medical help right away because this could be a sign of an underlying condition.

Take note however that people may show varying signs and symptoms of cat allergies, and not all the symptoms above could be present.


The most common treatment of cat allergies is decongestants and antihistamines. When do you take these? You take decongestants if you are coughing or have stuffy nose. You take antihistamines if you have asthma attacks, and breathing becomes difficult.

Additionally, there is also an option to get allergy shots but this will depend on your doctor’s decision so you may want to consult with him about it. Not only do these cat allergy shots treat the problem, they also help prevent its occurrence.

It is best to get hold of your doctor if you think you are suffering from cat allergies. This qualified medical practitioner should be able to advise you on the necessary steps you need to take, and this may include taking of medication or allergy shots. Your doctor may also advise you to get rid of your cat, if he deems it is best for you to do so.

Cats are wonderful creatures- warm and loving. Kids and adults alike love cats. However, there may come a point when we have to give them away, especially if they are already causing problems to our body, and to our health. This can be a difficult thing to do if you have grown so attached to your pet, but if it is the only recommended way to stop cat allergies then you should learn to let go.

postheadericon Tired of dog barking

Tired of dog barking? Wondering how to stop my dog from barking at people? Firstly, you need to understand that every time a dog is barking or growling he is probably barking at people out of fear.

A barking dog is not essentially a bad thing. Most people prefer dogs over other animals as pets because they do bark. A barking dog can scare off a potential burglar or alert you of a stranger on your property. However, there are other times when you wish your dog would stop barking. If you have visitors and your dog will not stop barking at them, your guests may be scared, uncomfortable and perhaps, annoyed. Fortunately, you can teach your dog to stop improper barking.

An important aspect of training a dog to stop barking is not to yell or shout at him when he barks. This kind of behavior from your will increase his barking habits.

Mentioned below are a few tips for you to learn how to stop my dog from barking at people -:

1 – Understand the fact that your dog bog is probably barking at people out of fear. Take your dog out for a walk at least once a day. First keep him at a safe distance from other people and everyday walk him a bit closer to people.

2 – Train your dog to bark when you command. Well this might sound counterintuitive, to you; it will actually help you train him to stop on command as well.

3 – Train your dog to obey your commands. Once he begins to bark at other people, tell him to lie down and stay. Since you demonstrated him that you are in total control of the situation, he is less likely to feel intimidated by people around your home and thus stop barking.

As you can see here learning how to stop my dog from barking at people can be a pretty daunting task. When trying to stop dog barking, a good dog training course can be very useful. You will want to look for the one that includes a free consultation with an experienced dog trainer.

postheadericon Whether your dog is a few years old or a little puppy, there will be a time when you may have to go away from the town and you may need a substitute to look after your adorable pet

Whether your dog is a few years old or a little puppy, there will be a time when you may have to go away from the town and you may need a substitute to look after your adorable pet. Unfortunately, you cannot accompany your pet everywhere therefore, it leaves you the only option to find a quality professional pet sitter who can take care of your pet while the time you are away from town. Where can you find a pet sitter? What types of pet sitter services are available? If all these questions bother you then reading the following information would be quite helpful for your requirements:

Where do I find a pet sitter?

There are so many ways to find a quality pet sitter for your dog. You can consult your veterinarian for some recommendations. You can also consult groomer and breeder for a help. These people usually have networks and chances are that they usually know people who do pet sitting as professionals or do it as a hobby out of love for pets. Often times they know of a reliable pet sitter in your area or they can point you in the direction of pet sitter services . Check out with friends and family to get some useful information and recommendation if they can refer you to a pet sitter. Isn’t it a great way to reach to an expert to find a pet sitter? You may consider visiting a nearby local pet store or a chain pet store to get some help.

postheadericon Your cat are already spent so much time for their grooming, but it will be more rewarding if you will help them do the grooming to make them look even better

Your cat are already spent so much time for their grooming, but it will be more rewarding if you will help them do the grooming to make them look even better. Through good grooming you are giving your cat the chance to reduce shedding, increased opportunity for bonding, and as the owner, you can easily detect any physical problems like fleas, ticks, or tumors. However, what are needed for your cat’s grooming?

Moistened wipes are an important thing that your cat grooming kit must have. This will not only keep your cat clean between baths, but also, it is perfect for cleaning and wiping off mud on your cat paws on a rainy day.

A perfect brush is also another important thing you must have for your cat’s grooming. A good brush will keep your cat’s fur from matting and it will reduce excess shedding as well. Just like the human hair, your cat’s coat will be shinier with frequent brushing.

Using a glooming glove is also recommended when you give your cat a good and relaxing massage or when you are in the mood of removing your cat’s loose hair. Using a glove will protect you and your cat from possible harm.

An eye and ear wash is also another important thing your cat grooming kit must contain. For your cat’s eye and ear care, you can consult your vet for the best eye and ear wash for your pet cat.

A nail cutter or nail trimmer is great to your cat’s claws even and healthy at all times. Nail trimming is a very important part of your cat’s grooming.

If the nail cutter or trimmer is important, then you must also keep a styptic powder on hand at all time. This powder will serve as a first-aid product that will immediately stops bleeding when trimming your cat’s nail.

A shampoo and conditioner is important to keep your cat’s fur shiny. Choose the right shampoo that suits best for your pet’s coat. Choosing a shampoo and conditioner in one is a great choice. Also, keep in mind to choose a shampoo that does not sting to your cat’s sensitive eyes.

Make sure that you also have an odor remover for your litter box.

Having a cat treat in your grooming kit is a great idea to keep your cat’s teeth healthy, as it removes plaque and prevents odor.

Keep your cat free from intestinal tract by preventing them from digesting their hair by having a hairball remedy in your kit.

Owners must also consider buying a cat shampoo that are in powder or foam form. These type of shampoos does not need water to apply, which is best if your cat hates to be bathe.

A skunk odor remover is also great to be handy, for this will works best if your cat will be sprayed, because it removes the smell in an instant.

Mentioned above are a few of the important things a cat owner must have in their grooming kit to keep their cat good looking at all times.

postheadericon If you will be raising any pet, say for instance a cockatiel, the pet’s health is a very important consideration since it largely affects the creature’s well-being

If you will be raising any pet, say for instance a cockatiel, the pet’s health is a very important consideration since it largely affects the creature’s well-being. This makes cockatiel health a big thought for cockatiel owners. The characteristics of a cockatiel indicate how it can be handled and cared for. Well, if you plan to raise one, it is essential to care for them extensively to make them communally and physically dynamic as well as for these pets to live longer.

To maintain good cockatiel health, the key is to provide them with the required essentials to achieve optimum health like a proper diet, a good sleep, and owners who are always aware of their wellness. It is also essential that they should follow a normal daylight schedule so make sure that your pet sleeps in a clean place, away from any interruption. This is because sleep greatly affects their health, and sleep particularly defines significantly their state of well being. As to their diet, supplements can be added to their food even if you ask an expert and or an avian vet. Proper cockatiel health food includes edible weeds, veggies, pellets, fruits, flowers, and even nutritious human foods. On the other hand, do not offer them specific foods like chocolate, garlic, onions, avocado, caffeine, lactose and alcohol-based beverages. Lactose-containing foods are risky to cockatiels.

Do you know that cockatiels can hide their illness? They can do this to appear string against possible predators. To prevent that, be very conscious of cockatiel health for you to determine if they are healthy or if they require medication and more attention. To keep them in good physical shape, observe their activities and their usual behavior.

Should you observe something wring or weird in their behavior or movement, instantly consult an avian veterinarian in order to seek assistance and avert further complication. Cockatiel owners must know that cockatiel health could readily deteriorate, thus it has to be considered right away. Their illness can indicate diverse signs or symptoms. Be watchful of any physical abnormality, sleeping pattern, feather appearance, growth, breathing or their droppings. Changes in their daily activities as well as interactions with humans and other birds should be watched out for. Because coming in contact with a sick or contaminated one will affect their health. Further indications of a poor cockatiel health can include bleeding, existence of bodily discharge, swelling of any part of their body, loss of appetite or vomiting.