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postheadericon Christmas is a special time of the year

Christmas is a special time of the year. Get Fido into the spirit with his very own Christmas ornaments and a stocking to hang on the mantle. Don’t forget your canine friends when shopping for Christmas, as there is a wide array of holiday gifts available for all of your four legged friends.

There a unique selection of Christmas ornaments for nearly every breed of dog available, so we can decorate our trees and homes with beautiful ornaments displaying our favorite breed. Some ornaments show the breeds of dogs on both sides so that as they are hung on the tree, the picture can be seen from any angle. You can find gold or brass ornaments etched with the dog breed of your choice, even tiny velvet stockings holding glass figurines of your dog would be adorable on your tree. You can personalize round ball ornaments with your dog’s name, or ornaments that look like little bones. There are even hand-beaded ornaments or glass domed ornaments displaying your breed of dog. Many different kinds and shapes of ornaments are available to show your love for your dog, it will be difficult to choose and you will want to get more than one.

Now Fido and Fifi were all snug in their beds, while visions of chew toys danced in their heads. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care… That’s right, there are stockings for your dogs, too!

A fun way to give your dogs their raw hide treats and chew toys is in their very own stocking. Stockings can come in a variety of materials and styles that can again be personalized with both your pet’s name and a picture of his breed.

If you have more than one dog, why not personalize a stocking for all of them? Fill their stockings with a variety of dog toys and treats. Put a new dog bed with a squeaky toy in it under the tree, and with the stockings and Christmas ornaments, it will be a day they will dream about for many nights to come!

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postheadericon While chicken coops might not be on everybody’s weekly shopping list, they are needed by thousands of people around the world as well as farmers and industries

While chicken coops might not be on everybody’s weekly shopping list, they are needed by thousands of people around the world as well as farmers and industries. If you’re interested in owning some chickens for pets, egg laying or meat then you’d probably like to know where you can buy chicken coops from.

There are different styles of coops and they’re made of various materials. There are open-air styles of coops as well as the closed-house style. Most of the fresh air types are made of wood and chicken wire and newer models are now being constructed from plastic. Both styles need to be well ventilated for the safety of the animals.

However, before you buy chicken coops or even chickens for that matter, make sure you check out the local bylaws where you live. Various parts of the world have different rules concerning the owning of chickens and coops. Make sure they’re legal in your area.

There are several types of retailers that specialize in cages for animals and these usually sell chicken coops as well. They may already have a stock of cages and coops that are already built and they may also be able to custom design and build one for your specific needs. The cost will generally depend on the materials used as well as the size of the object.

Many of these outlets will also sell the building plans to coops as well as kits. This means you can purchase them as well as some materials and accessories and then build it yourself. They are designed to hold a specific number of chickens, so make sure you have the plans for a coop that is big enough. It’s important that you buy the right size and have the space in your yard.If you buy a brand new coop, make sure you get some type of warranty or guarantee with it. This is important as it has to be strong enough to make sure the chickens don’t escape from it.

While it may be hard finding a store to buy chicken coops from in your area, you should have better luck by searching for sellers on the internet. There are several sites online that are dedicated to chickens and their homes. You should be able to order kits and plans from them and have them shipped to you if the outlets aren’t local.

You may also be interested in buying a used coop. Many farmers and chicken owners will sell theirs when they need new ones. You may want to check the classified ads in local newspapers and farming magazines to see if there are any on sale. If you buy chicken coops that are used, make sure you inspect them first to make sure they’re sturdy and in good condition.

If you’ve never owned chickens before, it’s recommended that you do some research on the animals and their habits before buying a coop. It’s important that you understand the needs of the chickens and that the coop is suitable for them.

postheadericon When potential aquarists start looking into the possibility of starting their own salt water aquarium there is one thing which is often quite daunting – equipment

When potential aquarists start looking into the possibility of starting their own salt water aquarium there is one thing which is often quite daunting – equipment.

There is a lot more equipment which is required in a salt water aquarium, especially a salt water reef aquarium.

Equipment requirements can be but not limited to :

* Heaters
* Water movement devices
* Lighting
* Protein skimmers
* Calcium reactors
* Filtration devices
* Auto top up devices
* Auto feeders
* Nitrate reducers
* Phosphate reducers
* Stirrers
* Reverse osmosis units
* Computer controllers
* And more…….

With all the information you need to know to start a successful salt water aquarium then only thing you realistically need to know about equipment is what they are for, what is a definitive requirement and what is not.

Of course all equipment is made by various manufacturers and this post cannot go into the detail as to which is the better manufacturer to use and why.

For the potential salt water aquarist who is not really that interested in technology and let’s face it not everyone is (except me!) and just wants a salt water aquarium in their home there is another way.

There are salt water aquarium packages which you can purchase. These salt water aquarium packages come in various shapes and sizes and combine everything you need in one handy take home package. The only thing which you will need with one of these packages is the water, salt, filtration and livestock itself. There are some salt water aquarium packages which even come with a reverse osmosis unit, some salt and man made filtration or natural filtration.

With these salt water aquarium packages you really do have everything you need. You simply purchase one, take it home (or have it delivered) set it up, add the salt water, go through the nitrogen cycle and then slowly stock it – easy eh!

The majority of these salt water aquarium packages keep the majority of the equipment either underneath the aquarium in the sump or in a specially designed rear panel which hides all the required equipment from view. The only trouble with the latter is that they do tend to remove a bit of the width of the tank – normally 3-4 inches. Personally if I was going to purchase a package like this I would opt for the sump one, but it really is up to personal choice.

Of course you do not need to go for a predetermined package deal you can approach your local fish shop and ask them to design you a salt water aquarium package. You will be surprised how many shops will accommodate this.

In closing if you are not interested in technology and purely want a salt water aquarium to look after and enjoy but do not want the hassle of purchasing all the required equipment separately then these salt water aquarium packages are certainly worth further investigation.

postheadericon The pug is a stocky but short dog with the males measuring 12 to 15 inches in height and weighing between 14 and 20 pounds, and the female bitch measuring 8 to 12 inches in height with a weight of 13 to 18 pounds

The Pug is a stocky but short dog with the males measuring 12 to 15 inches in height and weighing between 14 and 20 pounds, and the female bitch measuring 8 to 12 inches in height with a weight of 13 to 18 pounds. They have a round head which is disproportionately large for their body size with a square shaped muzzle that is blunt and quite short. Their ears can be either button shaped or rose shaped, and are small and thin. The tail curls over their back and is most commonly a double curl, with a short coat that is fine and soft. There can be a variety of colours such as silver black fawn and apricot. Whilst these dogs are small they are surprisingly muscular and strong.

History. The Pug is a very old breed of dog and thought to have originated prior to 400BC. Although there are great discussions, concerning the exact origins it is generally agreed upon, that they originated in Asia. The dogs used to often be kept in monasteries, and have been the favourites of various Royalty. Pugs were first introduced to Europe in the late 18th century by the merchants and crews of the Dutch East India trading company. In the 19th century, they arrived in the United States and were recognized as a breed there in 1885.

Temperament. The Pugs are not yappy dogs but they do make excellent watchdogs, drawing their owners’ attention to anything they detect that is unusual. They are strong of will, but generally amiable and it is rare for them to be aggressive. They are well suited as a family pet and get on well with children; they are also strong enough and sturdy enough to tolerate play with smaller children, which because of their size is not a problem as they are not big enough to knock small children over normally. They are not normally particularly excitable dogs, yet they are rarely boring. They also integrate well with other pets in the household. Because they are muscular and active they tend to like more exercise than other dogs of similar size. It is very important to assert yourself as the master of your pet, otherwise the dog may feel that they are in control, which can cause them to be destructive, a dog that feels they are in control of a household is rarely as happy as the dog who realises their correct place in the hierarchy.

Health issues. Pugs can catch a cold quite easily and do not tolerate particularly hot or cold weather. Due to their short muzzle, they have a greater tendency towards breathing problems. It is also prone to ailments of the skin and, a condition known as pug dog encephalitis, which is a brain based infection. It is common for the females when giving birth to require a Caesarean section, due in no small part to the size of baby’s head. They can also suffer some eye conditions, and it is important not to over feed a pug as they will eat more than they require which will lead to obesity.

Grooming. Because of their predisposition to skin problems it is advisable to only brush them when necessary; this is of course also true for bathing. After a Bath, you have to dry the dog as thoroughly as possible. The exception to this rule are the creases around the dogs face, these must be cleaned regularly and quite frequently. As a breed they shed quite heavily but this is only seasonal, and more grooming may be required at that time.

Living conditions. The Pug is well suited to living in an apartment but does require a reasonable amount of exercise. When out walking you need the dog to walk beside or behind you as they tend to see the person leading as the person in command. These are a determined breed, and you need to assert yourself as their master.

postheadericon If you have been thinking about starting poultry of your own but don’t know how to begin, then this article is written for you

If you have been thinking about starting poultry of your own but don’t know how to begin, then this article is written for you. You must have gone through several books and websites that will provide you detailed information regarding the same. If you read below, you will have a complete idea of breeding chickens in simple easy-to-follow steps. Here are the steps that will guide you on the entire process:

1) Firstly, get a rooster for your farm. Try and get a rooster that is of the same breed like your hens else, your chicks will be different from your expectations. You must look out for a gentle rooster, one that is not too aggressive.

2) Allow the rooster to be with the hens for some days. Just let it mingle with the hens.

3) Keep your hens well fed and do not collect all the eggs being laid. Let the hens hatch their eggs naturally. When the hen puffs her feathers and does not leave her nest, it is a sign that she is ready to sit on the eggs. Ensure that your nests are at a low level else the chicks might fall off.

4) You must maintain a warm and constant temperature in your hen shed for breeding chickens. This will make it conducive for the entire egg laying process. Ensure there is food and water for the birds at all times.

5) At times some hens just neglect some of their eggs. You must incubate the eggs that are left out by the hens using an incubator. It is simple to use an incubator; you only need to follow the required steps. There is a possibility that hens might eat their own chicks. Not a very common phenomenon but some hens do. So, you must keep an eye on the chicks after the hatching. You could even try giving the neglected eggs to other hens for hatching. However, you need to be careful in doing so.

6) You must wait for about 21 days for breeding. It is better if you maintain a chart that will help you in keeping a count of the days.

If you follow the above tips for breeding chickens it will really help you in having a good quality poultry farm. Just make sure that you supervise the hatching period properly. You must see to it that there is plenty of water and food for the hens to eat. You must never neglect your birds, watch over them at all times. Keep aside a brooder ready for in case the chicks need to be taken from the hen you must have a standby. Take extra care to save the chicks from hens and other predators.

It is a very lucrative business to run a poultry farm due to the ever-rising demands of chickens and eggs. The poultry owner draws immense satisfaction in breeding chickens as it is a different experience to see how the chicks are born, eggs are hatched and the entire mating process. He or she should constantly strive to improve his stock by taking proper steps.