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postheadericon Well, you have an aquarium and you purchased a couple of cichlids for your fish tank

Well, you have an aquarium and you purchased a couple of cichlids for your fish tank. Now, you are wondering what the next step is. If this is your first fish tank, you will need to learn how to care for the type of fish you have chosen as each type has different things they need. The things you need to watch include water temperature, location of aquarium, pH levels, type of filtration system, what type of lighting you need, and of course what type of food your fish will eat. Your cichlids are pretty easy to care for but you still have responsibilities if you want your fish to stay happy and healthy.

Water Temperature

The cichlid does wonderful when water temperatures are between 74 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit, but can tolerate temperatures as low as 68 degrees. Now, if you have babies known as fry you will need to keep the temperature at an 80 to 82 degree Fahrenheit range. The warmer temperature helps to raise the baby’s metabolism, which makes them eat more and grow faster. If you happen to have an aggressive cichlid on your hand, which is often the case, you can lower the water temperature and this will help with their aggressive nature but do not go below 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Location of Aquarium

Never place any aquarium with any kind of fish close to a window or sunny area or even beside a computer, refrigerator, or other appliance that generates heat. This will cause the water temperature to fluctuate. The same goes with placing the tank in a drafty area, which will have the same result.

pH Levels

As with all fish tanks, the pH levels in the water need to be checked and kept at an optimal level. For cichlids, the pH levels should stay between 6 and 8. When changing water or cleaning the tank, be sure that the aquarium water does not change levels quickly. It would be best to have clean water ready that is at the proper pH level before cleaning the tank.

Filtration System

The best filtration system will be one that was designed for the size of your aquarium. In most cases, the smaller aquariums are great for the cichlids and sponge filters are perfect. Of course, you will want to read all the direction and ensure you purchase the proper system.


The best lighting for an aquarium is fluorescent lighting as it creates an atmosphere more like the natural habitat of the cichlids, but use dim lights and never bright lights. Bright lights will agitate your fish.

Fish Food

Cichlids will eat any type of fish food without any problem. Just remember that you should only feed them what they can eat in about five to ten minutes and the rest of the food should be taken out of the tank.

postheadericon Who is living in your backyard

Who is living in your backyard? You might be surprised. Anyone who has ever hung a bird feeder from a tree branch has experienced the delight of watching our natural neighbors as they make their daily rounds. People who live in high-rise apartments and condos or in areas where a bird feeder is not possible have been missing this simple pleasure… until now.

A few years ago the introduction of inexpensive “web cams” made it possible for those of us with computers to capture video and share the results with others. More recently, miniature video cameras, some packed with features like color, infra-red night vision and audio, are so small that they can be placed inside a bird house. Imagine watching as the eggs hatch and the young chicks start peeping and demanding food. These cameras come equipped with 100 feet of cord that jacks right into your television. You can forget the binoculars.

Hospital patients, those living in nursing homes, even office workers can now experience the sense of freedom that comes from “being outside”, even when they are shut in.

But, if you think “nature cams” are only for bird watchers, think again. As evening approaches and the birds go to roost a new and more exotic group of neighbors moves in. My nature cam, the Gray Fox Cam is the Winner of an EarthCam’s TOP 10 CAMS Award. Go check it out. You will be amazed at what you might see. My nightly visitors include Gray Fox (we have 3 that visit regularly each night), raccoons, opossums, and the rare Ring-tailed cats. As I write this there are two beautiful bright yellow American Finches, a bright red male Cardinal, a Tufted Titmouse, and a couple of sparrows. During the summer months this same nature cam captures the antics of the hummingbirds and other daytime visitors.

As mankind encroaches upon the habitat of our natural neighbors, it becomes increasingly more important that we act as good neighbors ourselves by learning something about them. Watching them is a good place to start. I can assure you that they are watching us!


Nature cams are addictive. Once yours is up and running you will find yourself pausing frequently during your busy work day to glance at the screen. When you do, your heart rate will slow, your breathing will even out, and you will return to your task more relaxed. If you are currently addicted to adrenalin and high pressure situations, this feeling that “all is well with the world” may be uncomfortable at first, but who knows? You may just come to love it!

If you, like many others, decide to set up your own nature cam, please share it with the world. A lot of people who may not be fortunate enough to have a back yard like yours will thank you. On the other hand, if you do not have a place for a nature cam in your yard, feel free to use mine. That’s what it’s there for.

postheadericon It only makes sense that with all the information and other stuff available on the internet that you can now try dog training online

It only makes sense that with all the information and other stuff available on the internet that you can now try dog training online. While it may not be for everyone there is nothing wrong with checking out the hundreds of sites that offer different kinds of dog training advice. The nice thing about these sites is they cover a broad spectrum of training ideas for all different type of dog breeds. Instead of being locked into one type of training regimen you can choose something that fits you and the type of dog you have. Do take some of the sites with a grain of salt though. Some of them are more tongue in cheek, but that’s part of the fun. Training your dog should be an enjoyable experience. The point is to look through these sites and see what might work best for you. There is a good deal of free advice out there, but remember that free advice is not always the best advice. On the other side of the fence are web sites that offer paid services or training manuals. For the most part all of these are legitimate training methods and do what they say they do. But before you put down your hard earned money do some research into whatever program or downloadable e-book you are thinking of purchasing. There are people out there who are just trying to make a quick buck and offer very little to the online dog training world. Of course there are these types of people in all walks of life, not just the internet. Many online dog training sites offer videos and pictures which walk you through the steps needed to train your dog. This makes applying what you have read much easier to apply when you can actually see what the trainer is talking about. You can also find forums and interactive chat rooms on many of the same sites which allow you to talk to others who are using the program and ask and answer questions. One of the best features of an online dog training course is that you can go back over the material anytime you want because it is always instantly available on your computer. Many of these dog training websites also offer various dog training products that are used in some of their training techniques. If you desire to use them all you have to do is order whatever you need directly from them. Many people use the internet for all forms of things these days. If you own a dog and haven’t been able to get him to obedience training then online dog training may be the perfect way to spend some quality time with you dog and have some fun at the same time.

postheadericon More horses q&a please visit : petsask

More Horses Q&A Please visit : PetsAsk.com

Betadine and precipitation rot?
so my horse doesn’t have rain rot but i was newly wondering…wat if my horses did have rain rot i know ur supposed to verbs it with betadine…well first off HOW and moment how often…thanks :]

BHS Exam syllabus…?
Can anyone do me a huge favour? The computer I’m on (communal networked PC in my work’s accomodation) have a ban on all downloads, and I need to download the syllabus for BHS Stages 1, 2 and 3 so I can print them stale for a girl…

Bit and tooth problems?
My new 11 year old gelding accepts the bit fine, but once you seize it on him he immediately throws his head down as if he be choking on it. I know for a fact that it fits him because I’ve measured his mouth… The weird thing…

Bit comfort ?
My trakehner warmblood gelding is 9 years old. He hadn’t been ridden for about a year previously I bought him so he’s pretty green. I’ve had him a couple months and I still can’t even canter him without him throwing his head around and getting faster and…

Bit for a strong OTTB?
My uncle has a 7 year old Thoroughbred mare off the track for two years very soon. She’s very calm and you can do anything with her apart from for when you get her into a canter. She’s very strong and everyone has trouble pulling her up,…

Bit interview..?
I have a TB, he is currently ina loose ring snaffle, but he seems to run right through the bit, Can you give me suggestions on other bits to try?? Please don’t update me that I need to retrain him, because i’ve already tried, its definitely the…

Bit lend a hand ?
My trakehner warmblood gelding is 9 years old. He hadn’t been ridden for about a year back I bought him so he’s pretty green. I’ve had him a couple months and I still can’t even canter him without him throwing his head around and getting faster and…

Bit self pulled through a horses mouth?
I know this is really only an issue when starting a horse/pony but I was wanting to know could the bit be pulled through the horses mouth if you(obviously own a loose ring/eggbutt)but if you have a figure 8 or flash bridle?

Bit Shy 5 year feeble gelding ?
my 5 year old gelding sam has become very bit shyi tight REALY BIT SHY he will let u get up to him but when u try to get the bit surrounded by his mouth he throes his head as high in the upper air as he…

Biting horse? any suggestion?
today i got a 14.2 connemara, i had him within the stable and was petting himand just getting to know himwhen he tried to bite my armim worried roughly speaking this as iv never had a horse who bites before…what should i do?can i stop it

Bits sound out..?
why are there so many kinds of bits?

Blanket Measurements?
Ok , I’ve been reading and looking at all the blanket measuring systems,but cant amount our what it means! what do the mean when the say,”where on earth the neck meets the center of the chest”?i really don’t get it!my horse is a 14.2 Morgan mare,and she…

Blanketing question- temp or twist chill?
When deciding to blanket a horse for the night, should you go by the actual warmth or by the ‘feels like’ temperature? My horse is out to pasture and has be growing a winter coat, it just isn’t very thick. I am blanketing him single…

Blue chip dynamic opinion?
I have a 6 year old Oldenburg Warmblood. 17.2 hands, I compete elementry dressage, train at domestic with Damien Hallam medium level. I enjoy trained him and brought him on since he came over from Germany when he was 3.At the moment, he is doing very all…

Boarding a horse…What I involve for a year?
I’m doing this kind of board Boarders who request partial board have their horse housed in one of our two barns. Grain and Hay is supplied by the boarder.Stalls are maintain by the boarder. Paddock turn out, return and worming is provided…

Bog Spavin’s – Hints & Tips?
My horse has bog spavin’s and swollen hocks after work.Any body got any good tips on how to maintain/control them?MagnertherapySupplementsBootsetc etcWhat experience own you had with bog spavins? What did you find worked and did not work for you?

Bog Spavins???! Conffused???
Hi there,My pony was diagnosed with a bog Spavin June 1st 2008 and it is immediately November 5th… and he still isnt better… we are hesitating getting the vet out. We are also worried.ARe there any lasting affects on the horse due to bog spavins? Because ive…

Bored horse surrounded by stall?
I was just wondering if at hand is anything that might entertain my horse more in her stall. She goes within every night. She seems fine and not really bored, pretty much just other eating and resting but I’m not there all darkness so I’m just wondering…

Bored- let see how long we can hold on to this going?
Add a breed to the list. Here are the rules:As a group we have to name ALL of the ‘A’ breeds past we can move on. When you’re certain we’re done with one dispatch, we can move on. Go back and edit your answer to incorporate more…

Bouncing boobs contained by shows? Sorry for this?
Ok I know this might seeem little odd but do judges care whether girls boobs bonce? I mena do they take points off? Is it condisdered rude? I own only shown a little bit on my little horse and I di very economically but I am worried…

Bowel cancer surrounded by horses?
we have a 12 yr old gelding. when we rescued him he was exceptionally skinny,had diarrhea for months(about 5 months)severe watery diarrhea. the owner claimed it was due to bowel cancer and our unreadable nearly insensible gelding had his days numbered. we brought him home to spend…

Break myself or Professional?
gypsy vanner again lol.should i send him away 2 be professionaly done where he wont know anyone ect or…do it myself beside lotsa help frm my trainer where he knows and trusts me?opinion people!=)

Breast implant and riding?
I know this might be a strange question here, but I want to get a boob job. I be just thinking though… is it a risky thing to get whether you ride? My aunt had them and they burst out of no where. She didn’t fall or…

Breastplate or collar?
Which would be better for eventing? Why?

Breastplate versus Breast collar?
I’m getting into jumping my horse. What is the difference between a breastplate and a breast collar since both prevent the saddle from slipping?

Breeding a massive horse to a small pony?
I’m looking for the research that was conducted about breeding a Clyde to a miniature horse. I have tried for pretty awhile tonight and nothing comes up. It talked about the foal self equal to the mares size at birth not the Clyde. I’d like to…

Bridles and Fixing tack. . . ?
Okay, don’t mind me, I’m now in a doleful mood. . . I had an accident while cleaning my old bridle, for anyone who have been around horses and has their own stuff knows what it’s resembling to get slightly attached to things. . .well my bridle’s…

Bringing your horse on time off?
So I’m looking for a place where I can bring my two horses (maybe 3 if a friend comes) for a week or so in the spring/summer where on earth we can go for rides and get away for a while. I live contained by Maryland,…

postheadericon Lasik is the abbreviation for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis

LASIK is the abbreviation for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. It is a surgical procedure, which intends to lessen an individual’s dependency on contact lenses or glasses. It changes the appearance of the cornea through excimer laser.

Microkeratome, a knife, is used for cutting a corneal flap followed by leaving a hinge at the end of the flap. Next, surgeons fold back the flap to reveal the stroma, which is the cornea’s middle section. A portion of stroma undergoes vaporization through pulses coming from a computerized laser. Finally, surgeons replace the flap.

LASIK eye surgery, which is used for correcting refractive errors, reshapes the eye’s cornea for producing clear vision. The surgery may treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Since refractive errors obstruct the eye’s focusing ability, a patient who suffers from this condition experiences blurred vision. This surgery is indeed a best treatment option. Through this surgery, the cornea undergoes reshaping, which in turn enhances the focusing power of eyes and visual acuity.

The expense concerning LASIK eye surgery is often nerve-racking to those patients, who look forward to vision correction. Cost of the treatment varies depending upon the extent of refractive error along with the part of country, where patients undergo this surgery. There are a number of LASIK financing alternatives available.

Who is eligible for LASIK eye surgery?

A person looking forward to undergoing this type of surgery ought to fulfill certain requisites. The patient has to be of minimum 18 years, demonstrating no transformation in the refraction at least for one year and having realistic expectations about the outcome arising from this surgery. A patient who has experienced injury or infection in the eye needs to avoid this treatment. An ophthalmologist or eye surgeon determines whether or not the patient is eligible for the surgery. The surgeon examines the medical history and eyes of the patient carefully before landing on a decision.

Patients, who achieve a successful outcome from lasik eye surgery may get rid of contact lenses for good and enjoy clear vision. They may then play sports and engage in a variety of activities without the need for glasses and contacts.