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postheadericon Well, you have an aquarium and you purchased a couple of cichlids for your fish tank

Well, you have an aquarium and you purchased a couple of cichlids for your fish tank. Now, you are wondering what the next step is. If this is your first fish tank, you will need to learn how to care for the type of fish you have chosen as each type has different things they need. The things you need to watch include water temperature, location of aquarium, pH levels, type of filtration system, what type of lighting you need, and of course what type of food your fish will eat. Your cichlids are pretty easy to care for but you still have responsibilities if you want your fish to stay happy and healthy.

Water Temperature

The cichlid does wonderful when water temperatures are between 74 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit, but can tolerate temperatures as low as 68 degrees. Now, if you have babies known as fry you will need to keep the temperature at an 80 to 82 degree Fahrenheit range. The warmer temperature helps to raise the baby’s metabolism, which makes them eat more and grow faster. If you happen to have an aggressive cichlid on your hand, which is often the case, you can lower the water temperature and this will help with their aggressive nature but do not go below 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Location of Aquarium

Never place any aquarium with any kind of fish close to a window or sunny area or even beside a computer, refrigerator, or other appliance that generates heat. This will cause the water temperature to fluctuate. The same goes with placing the tank in a drafty area, which will have the same result.

pH Levels

As with all fish tanks, the pH levels in the water need to be checked and kept at an optimal level. For cichlids, the pH levels should stay between 6 and 8. When changing water or cleaning the tank, be sure that the aquarium water does not change levels quickly. It would be best to have clean water ready that is at the proper pH level before cleaning the tank.

Filtration System

The best filtration system will be one that was designed for the size of your aquarium. In most cases, the smaller aquariums are great for the cichlids and sponge filters are perfect. Of course, you will want to read all the direction and ensure you purchase the proper system.


The best lighting for an aquarium is fluorescent lighting as it creates an atmosphere more like the natural habitat of the cichlids, but use dim lights and never bright lights. Bright lights will agitate your fish.

Fish Food

Cichlids will eat any type of fish food without any problem. Just remember that you should only feed them what they can eat in about five to ten minutes and the rest of the food should be taken out of the tank.

postheadericon Saltwater aquariums are a source of pleasure in many homes, and young and old people alike love to watch them

Saltwater aquariums are a source of pleasure in many homes, and young and old people alike love to watch them. These tanks show us a wonderful glimpse of what life is like under the surface of the ocean. There is quite a variety of life that can survive in an aquarium. Plants and fishes are not the only life forms that live in the sea, so why restrict your aquarium by using these two categories alone, to beautify it?

Artificial oysters are common as a release for air bubbles in many aquariums – the oyster opens to let the bubbles out. But with more and more people trying to recreate the ocean floor with their saltwater aquariums, Pearl producing oysters are a special treat for those with home saltwater aquariums. However it is their lesser cousins you will normally find in home aquariums, and understandably so. Did you know that if you place an oyster or a scallop in your tank, they will require more care than any other life form in the aquarium? It is vital that you realize that before you get one for the tank. It is such a let down to see people spend good money on oysters, and later realizing they have bit off more than they can chew on.

Oysters demand a very special water condition. They are not for those of us who are a bit lazy when it comes to maintaining a clean aquarium. Keep in mind, they will not live very long if your tank gets dirt in it often – oysters need cleanliness and care. Nature has a nice way of dealing with this issue – oysters do clean out the water so they can balance the effect, but they can do it only up to a point and no more before it takes its toll on them. Did you know you will have to take special care of their diet as well? Don’t say we didn’t warn you! You need to feed every oyster separately through their pipette upstream. Here it is vital to note – keep the number of oysters in your aquarium minimum, unless you want to spend your entire day feeding them! You will need to give them nutrition supplements as well as a microscopic amount of plankton to keep them healthy.

Some varieties of oyster can survive more often in artificial environments than others. So if you are new at this, go for one of these. You could go for the more delicate ones once you are sure of your self. You will often see varieties like the spiny and the thorny in aquariums. These are such accurate names for these beautiful creations of nature. I bet this article has got you interested in getting an oyster into your saltwater aquarium. Why not visit your local store to see what they have available?

postheadericon Germans have a centuries old tradition of breeding dogs

Germans have a centuries old tradition of breeding dogs. In fact one of the most well-known German dog breeds there are is the German shepherd,otherwise known as Alsatian, and it is famed and loved around the globe.

However, it is not the only German breed there is, it is just the most famous one. In fact, German dog breeds cover a great assortment of dogs.

For example some German dog breeds make very good protector dogs, Doberman is an example. Very loyal, defensive and protective of their owners, these dogs have very strong territorial instincts. Named after Louis Dobermann, who created the breed out of other purebreeds and some mutts these strong and powerful dogs have an imposing figure with swarthy colors, short and elegant coats. They are extremely intelligent and protective, which is why they need a lot of socialization in their early years in order to get them used to humans.

Other German dog breeds are better for sheep-dogs. The most well-known one being the German Shepherd, otherwise known as Alsatian. These breeds were made fairly lately, in 1900 by Max von Stephanitz. This breed was designed for working and herding sheep, but because of its high intelligence, loyalty, and obedience, it has become very useable in other tasks. it is one of the most used breeds in police and military forces because it can recognize and follow commands better than other large breeds.

Some German dog breeds were even developed for pulling sleds. The best example of this breed is the Eurasier. Of course, today, it is not used to pull sleights anymore, but rather as a companionship pet. Because of its disposition, it doesn’t make a good working pet. It makes an excellent family dog because of its loyalty. It also has the advantage of barking very little, which is good if you don’t want to bother your neighbors. They are also very quiet and calm indoors, but active when outdoors.

Another famous breed is the Great Dane, which despite its name is not from Danish origin, but rather it forms part of the German dog breeds. it’s one of the tallest and biggest dog breeds there are. Despite its size, it is an agile dog that can run very fast and needs daily exercise. It also has a very kind and gentle nature. Nevertheless, dog owners might be advised against this breed if they have small children, as the Great Dane has a weight and strength that might be too much for them. It is also not a good choice for people that don’t have much space or aren’t ready for such a big dog.

Other German dog breeds are there as well, however these are the most representative. In general, German dog breeds are highly intelligent, obedient, protective and loyal. On the other hand, German dog breeds require a lot of space, training and socializing in order to avoid aggressive demeanour.

postheadericon If you are a nature lover but yet find yourself living in a small space, you may think that you have to settle for the sounds of the birds and the wind that gently seep through your open window

If you are a nature lover but yet find yourself living in a small space, you may think that you have to settle for the sounds of the birds and the wind that gently seep through your open window. However if you like you can add other elements to your life that will let you feel closer to nature. Now you can do this by adding a bird bath to your garden. Since a bird bath is something that offers soothing effects when one sits near it watching all of the birds enjoy a soak in the sun, you will want to ensure the bird bath you select matches the d

postheadericon Guinea pigs are one of the most popular household pets, next to dogs and cats

Guinea pigs are one of the most popular household pets, next to dogs and cats.  These fluffy little creatures require very little care and take up hardly any space.  Given proper care and nutrition, they can live for many years and we can form quite an attachment to them.  A proper diet that mimics as closely as possible is the best way to insure that your pet guinea pig lives out all his years in good health.

Guinea pigs have diets in nature that are extremely high in fiber.  This fiber is essential to the proper workings of a guinea pig’s intestines and digestive system.  They require both fiber that is indigestible, that helps move the digestive process along as well as digestible fiber for nutrition.  The proportions should be near equal in ratio, so it’s important to feed the guinea pig the right mix of the two foods in order to avoid problems.

The best and easiest way to ensure that your pet is getting the proper nutrition is to feed them a high quality pellet specifically designed for guinea pigs.  These animals cannot produce their own vitamin C and therefore they require supplements.  Specifically designed guinea pig food allows for this through supplementation.  These pellets are a mix of a wide variety of plants, seeds and vegetables.

The pellets alone provide satisfactory nutrition, but you are free to spice up the diet with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables..  Carrots, lettuce and broccoli are good choices and help provide additional nutrition as well as variety.  Guinea pigs can eat almost any vegetable so don’t be afraid to experiment with different things.  Fruits are also a welcome treat for guinea pigs.  Strawberries, melon and apples are some of their favorites.    Some form of hard to chew food should be given since the pigs need to grind down their constantly growing teeth. A fresh supply of hay will help with this, round out the diet and keep the animal healthy.  Uneaten food should be removed from the cage before it begins to decompose and become a health risk.

Processed human foods should be avoided.  Even cereals that are mostly grain contain fillers and sugar which will not be good for the animal.  Just like humans, guinea pigs will quickly develop an affinity for these types of junk foods and will forego eating the healthy food they are given.

Last of all, fresh drinking water should always be on hand.  A high fiber diet requires a lot of water to digest.  Follow these healthy diet tips and enjoy your guinea pig’s company for many years.