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postheadericon Dogs are the preferred pet of many families because they are smart, lovable, and loyal, which makes them a joy for both children and adults

Dogs are the preferred pet of many families because they are smart, lovable, and loyal, which makes them a joy for both children and adults. While owning a dog is great fun and always enjoyable, with it comes many responsibilities. Dogs have the same similar needs and health problems of humans. This requires the owner to watch their pet’s diet and ensure that the dog gets plenty of exercise.

The Symptoms Of Dog Constipation

Even though dogs are very expressive, it is hard to tell when they are ailing because they can’t directly tell us how they are feeling. So we need to pay close attention to them and look for the signs that they show you. In the case of dog constipation, an observant pet owner should know that there’s a problem if the dog hasn’t passed a stool in over two days. A dog’s digestive system is a lot more active than that of a human’s, so the pet will have bowel movements at least once a day in a soft form. If the pet does not pass a stool for two days or the stool is difficult to pass because it is hard, your loving pet may be suffering from constipation.

If you believe your dog may be constipated, then you’ll want to watch for the other common symptoms of dog constipation. These include loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting as well as lethargy and/or disinterest in his or her favorite activities.

Common Dog Constipation Treatment And Prevention

If your pet suffers from constipation, you need to take a closer look at the dog’s diet to ensure that it contains enough fiber and increase the fiber level if it does not. Most of the dog food sold on the market contains an adequate amount of fiber. Some popular brands are Dog Chow, Pedigree, and Alpo to name a few. Dehydration may be another possible cause of your dog’s constipation and therefore you should ensure that the animal drinks plenty of water by placing a bowl of fresh water by the food dish and make sure to fill it as soon as it is empty.

Other Measures For Dog Constipation

If the situation doesn’t improve wihin the first week, take your dog to the vet’s office as soon as possible. Your dog may be in pain, and the only person to offer the correct treatment is the veterinarian. The vet may prescribe some dog laxatives to help your best friend, but he may also need to conduct a few tests to ensure that there are no existing medical conditions that may be at the root of your dog’s constipation.

Regular check ups, balanced diet, adequate water and exercise will help keep your dog in good health and free of constipation. You and your pet will enjoy a lot of happy times together if you learn to listen and watch for the early warning signs of health problems.

postheadericon Goat farming is increasingly becoming popular these days

Goat farming is increasingly becoming popular these days. Apparently, more and more people are discovering that there is good profit to be had in raising these animals either as consumable products (fiber, meat and milk,) or as pets. However, that does not mean that the best way to learn how to start a goat farm is by immediately setting up a pen, buying the hoofed creatures and hoping for the best.

Here are a 2 critical things you would need to successfully establish a working farm.

1. Research everything there is about how to start a goat farm. Nothing would defeat your purpose of getting your business running faster than you — quite literally, not knowing anything about the goats you want to take care of. Some breed of goats can be raised for their meat. Others provide rich sources of milk which can be turned into goat cheese and other milk-based products. And then there are other breeds that can be raised as lovable pets. Buying several breed of goats with the intention that the animals can provide you meat and milk, while others can be tamed as well-mannered pets is not the best way to start your farming pursuits. Needless to say, if you want to raise a specific breed of goat, then you really have to provide very specific nutrition and care also.

So the first and most important step to take is to learn all about the breed of goat you want to raise. Subscribing to online courses and reading books would be great; but apprenticing yourself in a working goat farm might be the best course of action to take. This will give you a hands-on experience on how to start a goat farm. Additionally, this might also provide you a better insight as to what kind of goats you want to raise.

2. Before checking out the catalogues for the goats you want to raise, make sure that you have ample space for the animals to live in. Just like livestock, these hoofed creatures would need shelter, and more importantly: grazing areas where they can both eat and exercise at the same time. Keeping goats in very restrictive pens would only lead to a lot of trouble down the line. Make sure that the space you have is just enough for the number of goats you want to farm. One of the most basic things to remember on how to start a goat farm is this: having too many animals on a small patch of land can make the goats both destructive and unproductive.

postheadericon There is nothing that will bring you more joy then a well trained dog

There is nothing that will bring you more joy then a well trained dog… it is certainly a lot more fun for you to have an obedient and trained dog. Not only that, but trained dogs, are happier dogs.

Happier, more secure dogs are less likely to get into fights with other dogs and will tend to socialize better with dogs that they meet in public. A happy dog will bring joy to your entire family for years to come.

If you have young children then it is very important to have a well trained dog. When your children are well behaved it makes the entire household run smoother and everyone is happier… especially Mom! The same holds true with your dog. A misbehaving dog can bring down the entire family. It is important to spend the time early on with your puppy when he is little to train him correctly. This will bring you many years of pleasure later.

Taking the time to train your dog will strengthen the bond you have together and this will ensure a long and happy friendship where both you and your dog benefit. Considering the amount of time that you will be with your dog the time involved in training is minimal and well worthwhile.

There are a few basic commands that need to be mastered and they are all relatively simple.

These commands are…

Down: this is where you teach your dog to lay down on command, and is one of the main aspects of any successful training program.

Heel: this is where you teach your dog walk beside you at the same pace without pulling on the lead.

Learning the ‘No’ word: this is a particularly important word for your dog to know and can save you a lot of trouble. In fact it is probably one of the most important aspects of training, if you can get your dog to understand and respond to the word no. It can certainly save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Sit: sit is one of the most basic of all dog training commands and is one that you’ll want to teach from the outset to maintain control of your dog’s behavior.

Stay: and finally ‘stay’ – this is important to ensure that no matter where you are, you’ll know that your dog will stay precisely where you want it.

If there is nothing else that you train your dog to do beyond these basic commands, then just these basics will certainly improve the relationship you have with your dog and the enjoyment and happiness that you and your dog will have together.

It is well worth the time while still a puppy, as it will improve the quality of life for many years to come.

Training will also let your dog know that you’re the boss and in doing so eliminate many behavior problems. Dogs that are untrained can often get depressed, despondent, and unhappy and display symptoms of anxiety and confusion.

You are actually giving your dog a purpose in life, where they will get pleasure out of the fact that they are pleasing you… which is their main objective in life!

postheadericon Do you know that pet sitters offer an option that often works out as the best solution for rover’s care while you are away from home

Do you know that Pet sitters offer an option that often works out as the best solution for Rover’s care while you are away from home?

The simple truth is your dog does not like to be left alone anymore than you like leaving him! Be it a day, a week or "heavens" even longer. What will make his life a lot less stressful on these occasions, and give you peace of mind, is the presence of a pet sitter who can play with him, walk him, feed him and generally make him happy.

And who doesn’t want to come home to a happy dog snoring peacefully because his needs have been met. Not to mention, a house that isn’t torn up because Rover got bored and lonely.

On another note, not all dogs enjoy going on trips. Oh, I know they may appear enthusiastic and eager at the outset, but this behavior can turn into restless anxiety as a car ride becomes a journey into unfamiliar territory. And Rover may wish you’d left him at home where he feels safe.

While it’s nice if you have a friend or neighbor who will pop in on your dog while you are away, if there is any kind of emergency, you’ll pat yourself on the back for having hired a qualified pet sitter to take charge.

Another comforting part about hiring pet sitters is that you won’t have to break the mold and confuse your dog’s day-to-day routine. Things will stay pretty much the same, including his food and the time of day he is used to eating. You know, the important stuff!

A dog sitter visits on a regular schedule to feed and walk your dog. Or, if you wish, can actually stay in your home to make it look occupied when you are gone for extended periods. Some caretakers also offer pricing options that include taking care of a few chores as well. It’s your choice.

So what are the top reasons, dog owners consider pet sitters?

One of the most obvious reasons, is that you like to take road trips and Rover has a problem with motion sickness. He also finds boarding facilities stressful places to hang out while you are gone.

But let’s suppose…

  • You have a busy job with irregular hours
  • You don’t like to leave your dog alone even for short periods because he is old, or not in the best of health
  • Your dog is a homebody
  • Your health is frail and you need a regular dog walker
  • You like the idea of combining pet sitting with house sitting, which some services offer

Do any of those circumstances resonate with you?

Where to Find Pet Sitters, House Sitters, Dog Walkers & More: Many "independent" pet sitters can be found through your vet’s referral. As part of your review process, you’ll definitely want to check their references and also find out if they have taken the extra step of acquiring a professional certification.

Another route is through agencies where sitters have registered and listed their qualifications, availability, location, experience, references, and pricing. This can all be done in a very confidential manner.

Some agencies also offer a complete range of complimentary services including nannies, elder care, house sitters and dog walkers. This might be attractive to you if you have an elderly relative living with you who also needs some help while you’re gone.

So, next time your dog needs a caretaker for whatever reason, don’t overlook the convenient option of pet sitters. Once you have a few pre-screened individuals, you could try one of them out for just a short term hire to see how your dog enjoys the experience.

postheadericon How to stop dogs from barking

How to stop dogs from barking?

Dog barking is quite normal behaviour, because it’s the only way that a dog can communicate. But sometimes that barking can become quite annoying and can cause some trouble between your neighbours, or anyone in your neighbourhood, and even your local authorities.

And this can become quite a problem. Sometimes your neighbours just won’t understand, especially when the barking is happening in the middle of the night when everyone is trying to sleep. Or maybe your dog is barking when you’re away.

It’s normal to dogs to bark from time to time. It’s exactly the same as when children laugh, and make noise when they play. But your dog has a barking problem if it’s happening for long periods of time. It’s a sign that you should do something right now to solve your dogs barking problem.

First thing you need to do is determined what’s actually making the dog bark? And how long is the dog barking for? Before you do anything, you may have to turn yourself into a detective. Gather as much information as you can, especially if the barking is happening mostly when you’re not at home.

Ask some friends to walk past your house and listen for a while to see if your dog barks. Maybe you can set up a video camera out your window into the backyard, or wherever your dog is, to see if you can catch the dog in the act. You might be surprised what you find.

The dog may be barking because it’s lonely or bored, the dog may be barking because of isolation. Maybe it’s barking for attention. Or maybe it’s barking out of sheer frustration.

So, That brings up the question… how to stop dogs from barking?

Well, If you have a dog is full of energy, particularly a breed that was bred for sports or for herding is properly barking because it’s bored. These types of dogs need a fair bit of attention and room to move. Try some toys in the backyard for the dog to play with maybe that will entertain the dog so that it doesn’t get bored.

Make sure you walk you dog every day. It’s excellent for its physical and mental well-being, a healthy dog is a happy dog.

Keep your dog inside when you are unable to supervise. Maybe something is catching his eye.

Make sure you play with your dog lots, make sure that there’s time with you on a daily basis, playing, exercise, throwing the ball and generally having fun. This way, the dog won’t act up trying to get your attention.

Summary on how to stop dogs from barking – Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and attention when your there, and when you not there make sure that there is plenty of toys, or you can keep your dog inside when you’re away.