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postheadericon We all want what is best for our best friend (our dogs) so we continue to try and find healthier ways to feed them

We all want what is best for our best friend (our dogs) so we continue to try and find healthier ways to feed them. If you are still drifting around different pet store or supermarket just to get the healthiest dog food, you’ll only be in dilemma since pet food market is larger and more sundry than ever before. Read on and learn which of those options will be best for your dog.

Is there any safe mode of choosing the healthiest dog food at any rate? Of course there is… Home made dog food is in no way equal to those expensive commercial foods. By preparing your dog a home made dog food, you’ll provide him a complete nutrition he needs at a very small cost.

Not only that, the food you’ll be serving to your pet will always be fresh and rich with all necessary nutrients in important quantities.

Learning some quick meals from a good recipe will prevent you poisoning your dog, in this way, you have the ability to take care of your pet’s health. For an instance, if your dog is not in good shape, you can lessen one or more ingredients, such as reducing the quantity of lactose in the diet to care for the symptoms.

Fair enough, preparing dog food is so simple, but before anything else, you should know what foods do dogs love to have.

Most dogs love to have non vegetarian diet, which is raw and fresh. While other likes to have big pieces of raw meaty bones and other dogs don’t. Therefore, have an extensive knowledge before you feed your dog.

Aside from animal meats such as rabbit, pork, lamb, or salmon, dogs also love to have plant food. These include vegetables and fruits, egg, flax seed meal and yogurt.

As you all know, raw and fresh foods are rich sources of vitamins and minerals. This will help to strengthen the immune system of the body that makes it highly resistant to diseases.

Some of the dog breeds don’t eat what they are being fed and become too much excited. In such cases, it is suggested to make a trial and error method rather prepare the food which your dog loves to have.

You don’t have to get saddened so easily and rely on those junk commercial foods. Though they are also prepared with the same material as those of foods you use in preparing food at home. But how can you be sure that all of your purchased dog foods are good to your dog’s health? You really never know…

To sum it all, home made dog food is the healthiest dog food that you could give your pet for a healthy and balance diet. You’ll never know which of those tons of commercial dog food have the right ingredients that could offer good nutrition and not wasted materials.

If you really want to meet all the nutritional requirements of your pet, prepare him a home made dog food that he’ll surely enjoy. Based on the above mention, you’ll understand the health benefits of giving your dog healthiest dog food. Thus, it is recommended to serve your dog a nutritious meal at home in a carefully washed bowl for a happy meal.

This home made dog food could be your safe mode of serving food rich in nutrients to your dog and builds good bonding relationship which relieves your training process.

postheadericon An easy method to clean your dog’s teeth – ( here is a step-by-step, super easy plan – only $7 ) cleaning dogs teeth – is it very hard, and why is is important

An Easy Method To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth – ( Here is a step-by-step, super easy plan – only $7 )

Cleaning dogs teeth – is it very hard, and why is is important? I’ll answer those questions in this article. First, let’s examine why it is so important to be regularly cleaning your dogs teeth. Did you know that dental problems, including halitosis (bad breath) are the number one disease condition in dogs? Did you also know that it is sadly the most under-treated problem in dogs today?

The sad fact it, most dog owners simply don’t’ want to keep their dog’s teeth clean. They think it is going to be too much trouble, and it would be a big hassle. Well, I don’t think that is thinking like a responsible dog owner. You need regular dental care, why shouldn’t your dog? In fact, dogs need it more! Plaque builds up on a dog’s teeth within only 72 hours of ingesting food. So to be effective, you have to brush at least that often.

The other reason why cleaning dogs teeth is so important: long-term health and longevity. As I stated before, this is the number one health condition – and it can be very detrimental or even fatal to your dog. As plaque forms in your dog’s mouth, it turns to tartar – stubborn deposits of bacteria and residue. You can see it clearly on the incisor teeth of most older dogs. Drooling, gingivitis, halitosis and infection set in. Also, the bacteria begin to attack the gum and bone tissue that holds the teeth in place, and once this periodontal disease becomes prevalent, your dog’s teeth begin to loosen and fall out.

Your dog will live longer, be happier and more pleasant to be around if you simply make the commitment to clean the dogs teeth regularly. It’s not really that hard, if you take the right approach. The cleaning cost at a vet under anesthetic can be hundreds of dollars – doesn’t it make sense to invest in a little preventative care? I promise your dog will love to have his teeth brushed after you have introduced him to it properly.

Here is how to do it – (Click here for a easy to follow plan – only $7 )

You will need a step-by-step plan to introduce the dog to the process over time. Cleaning dogs teeth is not hard or expensive – you need dog-specific toothpaste (don’t use human toothpaste- it’s dangerous to your dog!) and a soft-bristle toothbrush. There are long-handled dog brushes, but a soft regular brush will do as well.

Take a slow, steady approach and introduce the dog to the process over several weeks. If you have a puppy, it’s a no-brainer; puppies will love it. Be careful though, puppy teeth are temporary – your aim is to just get him used to the process of cleaning the young dogs teeth. If your dog is an adult, it is going to take a bit of time, but soon your dog will begin to look forward to the brushing sessions.

Cleaning dogs teeth is easy – once you and your dog get the hang of it. And it is so important for the long-term health of your dog. Be a responsible pet owner and take care of your dog’s dental health, starting today.

postheadericon A lot of people who have dogs, suffer dogs’ behavior problems

A lot of people who have dogs, suffer dogs’ behavior problems. Some people hire super trainers with hope that afterwards they will see a great change in their beloved pet. Very often after good spent money and lost time dog is not really further. The point is that 99% of trainers’ methods are ineffective. Besides, your dear dog’s nervous system gets damaged. There are enough opportunities nowadays to find a common language with your dog and to start understanding each other.

The main key to solve by yourself the problem with your pet is to let him understanding Your language. Because dogs speak DOG’s language. They are born like that. You have to teach them Yours language. The method SitStayFetch , which is one of the most popular nowadays, gives best results in this direction. It takes time, it needs a great patience, but it solves your problem.
Remember, the real obedience of your dog is in each day exercises.

You take a high responsibility when you take a decision to have a dog and it is logical that each dog needs a good training.

A lot of people start complain that their dog jumps on everyone, shows the aggression towards other dogs, doesn’t walk calm on the street, it is impossible to take him anywhere, he barks at home no end and a lot of other things. Do you ever asked yourself why it is like that, and what YOU did wrong? Because it is exactly your mistake. You didn’t find a common language.

When you know the reason, why your dog behaves like this and that, you will find the best key to your friend. Always try to understand the reason, what stands really behind disobedience of your dog. It is very important.

I know a couple, which has an old cat, but they decided to have also a dog. And, of course, some problems appeared very quick. They tried SitStayFetch program, and their pets now are able to eat calm together, and they are best friends. I talk once again about this course, because it really provides great results.

I have a dog, who was scared of his own shadow, and it was quite difficult to go for a walk with him. He had a very unexpected behavior. Besides, he is so big (his father is an English dog), that each time he pulled the lead I was close to fall down. I took me certain time to train him by SitStayFetch methods, and he improved much in his behavior (he is 10 years old) and improves each day, because we keep on going each day. It is very visible that he likes it by himself. A LOT OF headaches are gone.

A lot of people don’t believe that it is possible to teach something an old dog. They think that if you didn’t train him from puppy’s age, the chance is gone and it is too difficult now. And I must tell you. that it is not true. You can teach and train your dog at any age. I checked it on my own experience. Your friend will be only thankful. You will start feeling that you get a real soul mate, because you speak the same language.

It is possible to teach your dog at any age to stop barking, to stop pulling on the lead, to stop jumping up and a lot of other things.

If you are looking for that, have a look here:


I wish you to improve your relationship with your dog.

postheadericon Using reward-based training, the whole family can be involved as the methods are fun and easy

Using reward-based training, the whole family can be involved as the methods are fun and easy. Follow these simple principles of reward-based training. These are the golden rules for teaching your dog.

Start now The best age to start training is now. However young your puppy is, however old your dog is, it is never too early or too late.

Learn from your dog Training should be a two-way communication. You must be willing to learn from your dog. The more you learn about him, the easier training will become.

Have short sessions Do not expect your dog to concentrate for long. Like us, the more difficult something is, the shorter the time he can concentrate. At first, aim for sessions of between half a minute and two minutes. As you and your dog begin to understand each other better, the time can be extended so long as you are both enjoying it. Lots of short sessions throughout each day will help your dog learn much more quickly than one long session where you both become tired, confused and bored.

Have fun Dogs are like us in that they learn best when something is enjoyable. Make sessions fun and rewarding, and you and your dog will want to learn together. If you start, then realise that you or your dog is simply not in ‘the mood’, expect less and end the session early.

A stressed dog will not learn If your dog is feeling anxious, he will not be able to learn. especially if you are expecting too much of him. If he is in an environment that worries him, such as close to a bouncy dog, heavy traffic or too many people, he may find it difficult to cope with.

Begin and end on a good note As your training sessions become a little longer, always start with something familiar to your dog, to help him settle. Similarly, do something easy or enjoyable before finishing a session.

All the family should be involved In the days of old, only one person was advised to train a dog to avoid confusion. However, we need a pet dog to respond to all members of the family. Therefore, everyone should be involved to whatever extent is appropriate, under close supervision when necessary. If someone in the family is not involved with training the dog, do not be surprised if the dog does not respond to them.

Be consistent Dogs cannot learn what we want if we do not teach them. If we vary the words we use, and different people have different expectations, our dog will simply become confused and disinclined to play this training game with us. He will begin to make his own decisions or try to guess what we want. We owe it to him to make it as easy as possible for him to understand.

Teach – do not expect him to know Dogs do not understand English, therefore they cannot know what we mean unless we have taught them. If you feel that you have taught something and your dog is still not responding as he should, instead of blaming him for being naughty, ask yourself how you can teach him more effectively He obviously has not learned what you wanted, so start again to help him.

postheadericon How to stop dogs from barking

How to stop dogs from barking?

Dog barking is quite normal behaviour, because it’s the only way that a dog can communicate. But sometimes that barking can become quite annoying and can cause some trouble between your neighbours, or anyone in your neighbourhood, and even your local authorities.

And this can become quite a problem. Sometimes your neighbours just won’t understand, especially when the barking is happening in the middle of the night when everyone is trying to sleep. Or maybe your dog is barking when you’re away.

It’s normal to dogs to bark from time to time. It’s exactly the same as when children laugh, and make noise when they play. But your dog has a barking problem if it’s happening for long periods of time. It’s a sign that you should do something right now to solve your dogs barking problem.

First thing you need to do is determined what’s actually making the dog bark? And how long is the dog barking for? Before you do anything, you may have to turn yourself into a detective. Gather as much information as you can, especially if the barking is happening mostly when you’re not at home.

Ask some friends to walk past your house and listen for a while to see if your dog barks. Maybe you can set up a video camera out your window into the backyard, or wherever your dog is, to see if you can catch the dog in the act. You might be surprised what you find.

The dog may be barking because it’s lonely or bored, the dog may be barking because of isolation. Maybe it’s barking for attention. Or maybe it’s barking out of sheer frustration.

So, That brings up the question… how to stop dogs from barking?

Well, If you have a dog is full of energy, particularly a breed that was bred for sports or for herding is properly barking because it’s bored. These types of dogs need a fair bit of attention and room to move. Try some toys in the backyard for the dog to play with maybe that will entertain the dog so that it doesn’t get bored.

Make sure you walk you dog every day. It’s excellent for its physical and mental well-being, a healthy dog is a happy dog.

Keep your dog inside when you are unable to supervise. Maybe something is catching his eye.

Make sure you play with your dog lots, make sure that there’s time with you on a daily basis, playing, exercise, throwing the ball and generally having fun. This way, the dog won’t act up trying to get your attention.

Summary on how to stop dogs from barking – Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and attention when your there, and when you not there make sure that there is plenty of toys, or you can keep your dog inside when you’re away.