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postheadericon It is always difficult to deal with the loss of a pet, but it can be even more devastating to a child

It is always difficult to deal with the loss of a pet, but it can be even more devastating to a child. Children often find it hard to understand what happened to their pet, and older children who do understand are often distraught. When you have to help your child deal with this loss, it can be a bit more difficult for you. Not only do you need to help your child with this loss, but you also have to cope with it yourself. It is natural for your child to grieve. To help you give your child the help that they need, here are some ideas that you can use to help your child get through this time of grief.

Encourage Discussion About the Pet

The first thing you can do to help your child get through the grieving process for your pet is to encourage discussion about the pet. Allow them to talk about their pet. You should be open about your pet as well. Encourage them to talk to others about their pet too. Discussing the pet can make them feel closer to their pet, even though the pet is gone. Grieving is all about openness and talking about the pet can be very helpful to children who are grieving.

Share Your Own Feelings

Another important thing you can do to help your child deal with pet loss is to share your own feelings. You need to let your child know that you are upset as well and that you feel the pain of loss and sadness. Sometimes the best thing you can do to help your child is to shed some tears together. They will feel like you are there with them, feeling the same pain, which will help them get through this.

Try to Answer Questions Honestly

You also need to try to answer questions honestly with your children if they ask you about the loss of a pet. Sometimes for smaller children, this can be a bit more difficult. Consider the age of your children and do your best to give honest answers that are age appropriate. It may not be easy, but honesty can help them get through this time, even though it is difficult.

Take Time for a Memorial to Your Pet

Taking time out to have a memorial to your pet is a wonderful idea if you have kids that are grieving over the loss of their pet. Whether you simply have a time of silence in the back yard, you bury your pet, or have them put in a pet urn, a special memorial can help your child have a sense of closure. When you formally grieve the pet, it can help your child get through this process, feeling that they have taken the time out to grieve their pet.

These are just a few ideas that you can use to help your child as they go through pet loss with you. Use these tips to help them deal with the loss and make sure that you take time to grieve your pet as well.

postheadericon My cat panting issues really worried me to an extreme level

My cat panting issues really worried me to an extreme level. Some say I worry too much about my cats, but I am always looking into their safety and health. I could not live with myself if one of my cats got sick and passed away under my watch. I believe we all have a certain level of demands put on us as pet owners.

It all started the day I just got back from my four day vacation. I was away and out of the house for four days straight, so my cat was left alone. I hate leaving my cat alone, but I understand cats are descent with being left alone. I got home and started to relax and start to watch the television.

I looked down at my cat and noticed that she was sniffing the floor in sort of a funny matter. She would smell the carpet and when she looked back up, her mouth was hanging open. When her mouth was hanging open it seemed as if the cat was unable to close the mouth on her own. This was not only happening once, but around every ten minutes. She would hold her mouth open and pant in such a weird manner.

I wondered to myself what the heck to do. I searched online and of course there was no information. I kept searching for information and was unable to find anything. My husband talked me into just forgetting about it because she was eating and drinking just fine. To this exact day, she still does this and we still wonder what the answer is for this situation she enacts.

postheadericon Let’s face it, dogs and cats are so cute and adoring

Let’s face it, dogs and cats are so cute and adoring! It is just so difficult to not want to cuddle them. Funny how all of this changes when you get that first smell of urine, coming form somewhere, in your house, on your carpet…bang! All those cuddly feelings you had for your pet disintegrate the moment you realize you need to purchase a new rug.

Ok, so that feeling lasts for about a minute or two, and then, once you get that “what’s up with you” look from you dog, with those cute, innocent eyes, you can’t help melting into that “I just want to cuddle you” feeling all over again. Talk about pet charm!

Either way, the reality is what it is. Pets mess, and you have to make sure that you are able to take care of that mess in time. If not, you are in for a very expensive surprise.

In order to prevent the urine from your cat or dog costing you more than you bargained for, it is best to try to catch the stain as early as possible.

One way to do this is by constantly keeping and eye on your furry loved one. Would this be effective? Yes. Do I consider it practical? I think not.

Ok, so we need a more practical way that can both work out well for you and your pet. After all, you don’t want your pet to start feeling it has big brother keeping an eye on it all the time right?

Prevention is far better than the cure

We are not talking about diseases here. However, the principles work the same in this situation. Preventing your pet from urinating on your carpet is the best viable option.

A great approach to this method is by house training or potty training your little fluffy buddies. The most effective time to use this approach is when your pet is still young. This does not mean that it is too late to house train your older pets. They might just take a little longer.

Ok, so you have never trained a pet before. That is by no means a problem. You can find many books on this subject just by doing a search on your favorite search engine. The trick is to make sure that you are taking the advice from a well respected author on the subject. A good way to do this is my asking around in the many pet dedicated forums where you are sure to find sincere, independent reviews.

What ever the end result is, whether it is expensive or just plain annoying, your little furry loved ones don’t know better. Accept them for who they are. After all, they are part of the family.

postheadericon Most people already have a dollar amount in mind when they begin their hunt for chicken coop plans and are shocked at how much pre-built coops cost

Most people already have a dollar amount in mind when they begin their hunt for chicken coop plans and are shocked at how much pre-built coops cost!  Most of the pre-made chicken coops also require assembly, so if you factor in the time you will spend along with the exorbitant costs (they range from $500 to over $1000), you will be saving huge amounts of money by choosing to build one yourself

There are many good chicken coop plans out there, so take the time to find the plan that gives you everything you want and has options for making changes as well.  It is also good to have additional information supplied like suggestions on cheaper materials, what breeds are best in what climates and how to adequately protect your flock.

Good chicken coop plans have made the instructions simple and have been designed with the average homeowner in mind instead of the handyman. <p>

The required tools are ones that most people already have in their homes and a good number of the chicken coop plans usually take from one to three days to put together, depending on the size and any modifications you’ve chosen to add.

When you add up the total cost of organic chicken meat and organic eggs, you soon realize that the few dollars you spend to build from your own chicken coop plans will be well worth it.  <p>

It really will enhance your entire experience with chickens if you start by choosing the best chicken coop plans for you and your particular situation

postheadericon With over 43 percent of the population owning at least one domestic animal, the uk pet industry is thriving

With over 43 percent of the population owning at least one domestic animal, the UK pet industry is thriving. Indeed, from grooming parlours and gourmet feed to accessories and state-of the-art toys, it’s possible to pamper your pet beyond belief.

But, with the country firmly in the grips of a recession, it’s time to start thinking smartly when it comes to what you spend on your beloved furry friends. And, with a bit of thought, it’s easy to reduce your pet expenditure without compromising on care.

The first issue to consider when looking at ways to save money is to identify and prioritise your pet’s needs. For instance, food is obviously of utmost importance, but does Fluffy really need to eat gourmet, hand-prepared meals every day? By switching to cheaper brands – many have been found to be just as good as their expensive counterparts – you could bank hundreds of pounds each year. Bulk buying is also a great way to cut down on costs.

It may be nice to buy your pets toys, but in reality they can be expensive and unnecessary. In fact, it’s far better to interact with your pet personally and a stick for your dog, for example, is just as good as pricey plastic replica. Equally, buying clothing for your pet might seem like a good idea, but when you’re watching the pennies, it is definitely an expense you can do without.

Grooming parlous are again a nice luxury to indulge in. However they can be very costly. Therefore, invest in a good brush and some appropriate cleaning products and do it at home. That way your pet will still stay shiny and clean and you won’t be out of pocket.

Your pet’s health is undeniably important. In this respect, it doesn’t pay to skimp here. In fact, most vets will tell you that it’s vital to take your pet for regular checkups and to ensure they have all the relevant vaccinations. It may seem expensive in the short term, but taking preventative health measures now will help to avoid bigger, and much costlier, problems arising in the future.

In this respect, pet insurance is also crucial. You may think that insurance is one item you can cut out, but the experts argue it is more important to have coverage in times of recession than at any other time. However, without the right research, you could end up paying more than you need to.

Therefore, when choosing your pet insurance, make sure it is the right one for your circumstances. There are thousands of insurance deals available: a quick internet search will help you to find the most appropriate ones. And remember, it’s better to pay out a few pounds a month on an insurance policy, than it is to have to spend thousands for an operation or surgical procedure.