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postheadericon Solve the bark problem

Solve the Bark Problem!

Don’t let excessive or chronic barking disturb the peace in your home. There are many ways to help control undesirable or excessive barking.

Dogs bark for many reasons. It is a natural behavior and primary method of communication. They bark to warn others or defend a territory, to seek attention or play, to identify themselves to another dog, or as a response to boredom, excitement, being startled, loneliness, anxiety, or teasing. Four proven methods to help you stop unwanted barking behaviors include:

1.     First, avoid the temptation to reinforce your dog’s bark. Do not give verbal reassurance, a treat, or physical attention to a barking dog.

2.     Minimize your dog’s barking with proper and consistent training. In addition, try using a calming pheromone spray in your pet’s environment.

3.     Train your pet to respond to a one-word command, such as “Enough.” During training, divert his attention from the barking and sternly say “Enough.” If he stops barking, reward him with a great treat. Only give the treat if your dog stops barking.

4.     Along with these other behavior modification techniques, you may try a bark collar, a training tool designed specifically to address habitual chronic barking. It gives your pet a warning tingle or mild static correction when he barks, which quickly trains your pet to avoid the behavior that initiates the correction.

Bark control is important in developing a dog that is obedient and able to relax. Your success in this area will create a more harmonious home. Solve your bark problem!

postheadericon If you have a pet pooch, you’re probably already familiar with the benefits of dog ownership

If you have a pet pooch, you’re probably already familiar with the benefits of dog ownership. Owning a dog means that you get to form a loving relationship that will last for years to come. Dogs can enrich the lives of individuals and families alike, improving emotional and psychological health, as well as increasing overall happiness and satisfaction.

But did you know that pet ownership has been proven to have beneficial physical effects? One of the most appealing of these is that dogs can lead to lower blood pressure. Because the stress of a job can lead to high blood pressure, this effect can be a good way to reduce work-related stress. Many employers recognize this and are starting to allow their workers to bring their dogs to the office. Before you start, however, you should remember the following tips:

1. Your dog should be well-behaved and social. Bringing your dog to the office will only be successful if he gets along with people and other dogs. You’re still working, after all, so your pet can’t interfere with your business.

If your dog does start acting up, just take him for a walk. This will tire him out and calm him down. Try a long walk before work and a quick game of fetch at lunch. If you don’t have the time, hire someone who does. And remember: regular bathroom breaks are a must!

2. You need to bring the essentials. If you’re bringing your dog to the office, he’s going to need bowls for food and water, a few toys to keep him busy (avoid noisemakers), a blanket for napping, grooming tools, and a few treats. Don’t forget the gear to clean up accidents, just in case.

3. You need to set boundaries. Your dog needs to stay in your space. Some people are afraid of, allergic to, or dislike dogs, and especially in a business setting, you need to respect their rights. You could tie his leash to your desk, use a pet gate or kennel, or simply close your door.

Not everyone has the good fortune of being able to enjoy the workday in the company of their beloved pet, so if you’re one of the lucky ones, be thankful! You should also remember that your dog will need time to get used to the new situation. Allow for this so that you will both be able to enjoy your time together, and soon your dog will be loving the attention he gets from all his new friends at the office.

postheadericon The dog is one of the most beloved house pets around the world and have been bringing joy and laughter to families for years and years

The dog is one of the most beloved house pets around the world and have been bringing joy and laughter to families for years and years.  They have also brought a little known issue called shedding into the lives of many families around the world.  This is not something that anyone is fond of and often can be a nuisance.  If you want a simple solution to your dog’s shedding problem, then the FURminator might just be the answer you’re looking for.

The problem stems from the dog’s undercoat, which is where you are most likely to find loose dead hair that is trapped underneath your dogs upper coat.  This hair slowly comes free and falls to the ground, which is where the shedding issue comes from.  The result is usually balls of hair in the corners of your home, or underneath your table, and in little hard to reach places.

The FURminator is designed to get under the top layer of fur to pull out the dead undercoat fur instead of letting it fall onto the floor, or your sofa, or under your table.  This great product is quite inexpensive, and can be found in many different retail stores, both offline and online.

The other great thing about the FURminator is that there is nothing about it that would hurt your pet, so you can be sure that your dog will come out with a healthier looking coat, and no scars to show for it!  The FURminator is the ultimate tool for removing your dog’s loose dead undercoat.

The FURminator is available in three convenient sizes, small, medium, and large, which typically are made for different size dogs.  Small being the most appropriate for small dogs, and so on.  If you would like to save yourself the trouble of having to constantly pick up after your shedding dog, then you may want to consider purchasing the FURminator to help eliminate the problem.

postheadericon The normal gestation period of a siamese cat is about sixty-five days, although this may vary a day or two either side

The normal gestation period of a Siamese Cat is about sixty-five days, although this may vary a day or two either side. I like to use day two of the honeymoon as my conception date though with experience of my own girls I may modify this to suit the girl or line in question. I have a useful tool on my website which I call my Feline Gestation Calculator, this may be of use when calculating when your girl is due to have her kittens.

It can be a very exciting and very worrying time when awaiting newborn kittens and I hope some of the worry is taken out of the experience with the aid of this free online tool for working out when the kittens are due to be born. Unfortunately I find that my cats tend not to use a computer when deciding when their kittens are due but prefer to suit themselves. Hopefully though my article and online gestation calculator should help narrow the time to within a couple of days when working out time off from work.

It is not unusual for a maiden queen to go as much as 67 days. If your cat has not given birth by day 72 I would recommend veterinary advice.

Once your Siamese Queen has given birth to her Kittens it may be useful to compare their development with some of the kittens at Burnthwaites Siamese by looking at the online kitten diaries that are constantly updated on the website. I find this a useful point of reference when watching a kittens development.

postheadericon Most people already have a dollar amount in mind when they begin their hunt for chicken coop plans and are shocked at how much pre-built coops cost

Most people already have a dollar amount in mind when they begin their hunt for chicken coop plans and are shocked at how much pre-built coops cost!  Most of the pre-made chicken coops also require assembly, so if you factor in the time you will spend along with the exorbitant costs (they range from $500 to over $1000), you will be saving huge amounts of money by choosing to build one yourself

There are many good chicken coop plans out there, so take the time to find the plan that gives you everything you want and has options for making changes as well.  It is also good to have additional information supplied like suggestions on cheaper materials, what breeds are best in what climates and how to adequately protect your flock.

Good chicken coop plans have made the instructions simple and have been designed with the average homeowner in mind instead of the handyman. <p>

The required tools are ones that most people already have in their homes and a good number of the chicken coop plans usually take from one to three days to put together, depending on the size and any modifications you’ve chosen to add.

When you add up the total cost of organic chicken meat and organic eggs, you soon realize that the few dollars you spend to build from your own chicken coop plans will be well worth it.  <p>

It really will enhance your entire experience with chickens if you start by choosing the best chicken coop plans for you and your particular situation