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postheadericon Every year thousands of pets are poisoned at home

Every year thousands of pets are poisoned at home. You can make your house safer with just a few adjustments. Here are a few helpful hints.


Use screens and guard rails on all windows. Pets are tempted to jump out when they feel the fresh air


Pets that play around curtains and blinds with strings can get strangled. Cut off all strings and replace it with fabric.


Don’t smoke in the house. Birds can die from second hand smoke. Cats and dogs can get serious illnesses from the smoke.

Ceiling Fans

Don’t let your bird fly around when the fan is on.


Cats and dogs can burn their paws and even cause your house to go on fire


No tinsel on the Christmas tree. It can cause intestinal blockages if eaten. No strings of popcorn either. Any strings can cause choking.

Flowers and plants

Poinsettia leaves are highly toxic to pets. Also lilies, the Easter and tiger varieties. Eating even a small piece can cause your pet kidney damage. Also keep them away from ferns, mistletoe and holly. No plants with pets is an even better idea


Keep all breakable items away from pets. Any small broken piece can cause cuts to their paws or mouths


Keep all your medicines in a locked closet or drawer. Dogs can chew threw child safe bottles.


Keep the seat down. Any small kitten can drown in the toilet. Never let the dog drink the toilet water. If you tub is clogged, keep the door closed until all water is gone

Beauty appliances

Keep all hair dryers, curling irons and hot rollers away from pets until they are cool. A bird might think a curling iron is a perch


Cats sometimes go into engines to keep warm (also the wheel wells). The best thing is to check your car by banging on the hood before you start the engine. And keep your cats indoors

Cold weather

If you live in a cold climate you only safe de-icers. Dogs paws can be irritated by these chemicals. Always wash their paws with warm water when they come in


It has a sweet smell and taste to animals. So it should always to keep away from them. Even a small amount is lethal

Garden Tools

Keep all tools (rakes, hedge trimmers) locked up in a shed or garage.

Cleaning Products

Get child safety locks installed even if you don’t have small children. Your pet could get into the cabinet when you are not home and eat or inhale poisonous cleaners.

Garbage cans

Keep all cans closed with tight lids. Any re-cycling of metal (lids from cans) can cut pets or even stray animals mouths. Place all garbage in bags


Clean up all food leftovers after each meal immediately. Onions, chocolate, raisins, grapes are all toxic to pets. They can cause kidney damage if they survive.

postheadericon To begin the house training process with your pit bull puppy, you need to first determine a suitable place outside your house where he can relieve himself

To begin the house training process with your Pit Bull puppy, you need to first determine a suitable place outside your house where he can relieve himself. Once you have found that place, give your puppy a little tour around to let him get acquainted with the new area.

The next step is to restrict his/her freedom inside the house. Your Pit Bull puppy is less inclined to relieve himself near his sleeping quarters. By restricting him to certain areas in your house, he will be more likely to hold himself. However, do not make him wait too long. Even if your Pit Bull puppy is physically strong, he still has very weak control over his bladder and bowel movements. In fact, any dog is physically incapable of controlling their bladder until they are approximately 14 weeks of age.

If you do not find the time to take him outside often enough, and whenever he needs to go, then you leave him with no other choice but to relieve himself on your carpet. Once you notice that he needs to use the bathroom, then you need to take him outside immediately and stay with him until he has finished relieving himself. As soon as he is finished doing his deed, remember to reward him with praise and plenty of treats to let him know how pleased you are.

Do not expect more from your Pit Bull puppy than he is physically able to do. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that a puppy can hold his bowels for as many hours as his age in months. For example, a three-month old puppy can hold it in for about three hours.

There is however, a limit to this rule. It is sensible not to expect your twelve-month old puppy to hold his bladder or bowel movements for twelve hours. If he is forced to stay inside the house for longer than you can reasonably expect him to hold it in, you are causing an accident to happen. At the same time, you are teaching your puppy to go in the wrong place. Installing a doggy door is a very effective way to house train your Pit Bull puppy. Once he gets the idea and becomes familiar with where he needs to go, he will usually let himself out to do his deed while you are gone.

When he relieves himself inside the house, he labels that area as his bathroom and will likely to go there again. If your Pit Bull puppy does have an accident in your house, clean and deodorize the area thoroughly and then block his access to that area. If you catch him in the act, say “no” in a firm voice and rush him outside. Punishing him for relieving inside your house will not help him learn any faster and in fact can hinder progress.

postheadericon Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to keep your dog tied all the time when he’s outdoors

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to keep your dog tied all the time when he’s outdoors? Wouldn’t you just love it if you could rely on your dog to stay within the boundaries of your property, and not go chasing after, other dogs, cats, cyclists, pedestrians or even cars?  Wouldn’t it be such a load off your mind if you could let your dog roam free in your front yard without having to worry about him using your neighbor’s yard as a toilet or even destroying your neighbors prized flowers?  The electronic dog fence is just the high tech device that can make those once impossible concepts a reality.   

Unlike a physical fence which is often unsightly and expensive to set up, an electronic fence can be made virtually invisible.  Your dog can be kept within the boundaries of your property without a chain or a physical barrier to hold him back; what’s more, you can even use an electronic fence to mark off areas in your own home that you don’t want your dog to go near, like maybe your wife’s prized flower beds.  The system works by delivering a mild, non-harmful electric shock to a dog whenever a dog gets too near a place where he shouldn’t be.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Wiring your home – The closest thing this system has to a physical fence is a series of thin antenna wires, the wires can be buried or concealed around the perimeter of your property, and in any other place that you would like to be off limits to your dog.  The wires are small, unobtrusive and can be buried, or installed virtually anywhere with simple fittings you can find at hardware stores.
  2. The collar- The second hardware component is the electronic collar, you fasten it around the dog’s neck like a regular collar.  The collar detects the antenna wires, and if a dog gets too close to an area were an antenna has been installed, first he will hear a high frequency beeping noise warning him that he is too close to an area that is off limits to him.  If the dog continues to approach the area, the collar will deliver a mild, non-harmful electric shock.
  3. Training your dog- The system is extremely useful, particularly for training your dog.  Dogs have the capacity to learn from experience and can pick up rules provided they are laid down consistently enough.  That being said, it is important that you never change the location of the wires you lay out, this will confuse a dog an cause anxiety or depression.  After just a few unpleasant but non-harmful shocks, your dog will get the hang of the system, and the audible warning will save him from more shocks.    

You can actually help the system along with the use of flags, the flags should be uniform and should be placed at the eye level of the dog.  After a while the flags can be done away with.  There are those that have an objection to the use of electric shocks, but the alternative is to keep your dog caged or tied for long periods of time.  Ultimately, it could be argued that an occasional electric shock is far more humane than long hours of confinement.  If you believe that, then the electronic dog fence could be just what you are looking for.

postheadericon Canister filters are renowned to be the most efficient fish tank filters around today

Canister filters are renowned to be the most efficient fish tank filters around today.  It is true that they will cost a lot initially but if you can afford to install one, they will save you a whole lot in terms of time spent maintaining them and of course money.  But for people who have already installed a canister filter in their aquarium, what now comes to mind is whether they should then install two filters and what are the benefits of this extra filtration to the aquatic life?

Actually, this is a matter of preference that most fish breeders cannot agree on whether it is a good idea or not to have two canister filters in one tank.  That question has been argued about since canister filters were invented.

Rather than taking a side, I will instead talk about what happens when you have two canister filters in one aquarium and it will be up to you to decide which you choose.

The Benefits Of Having Two Canister Filters.

The obvious reason for most supporters of two filters is backup.  That is to say that you will have a spare filter running in case one of them needs repair, thus ensuring that the water in your fish tank remains filtered.  This reason becomes even more critical for those who live a distance from the nearest aquarium store and cannot get hold of spare parts fast enough.

Another reason is the size of the fish tank itself.  People who like more than one filter say that if the aquarium is too big, one filter will not be enough to cleanse the entire tank as there will be blind spots where the water will not be drawn  into the filter.  Having two canister filters with their inlet positioned at opposite ends of the tank will ensure that there are no blind spots.

What’s The Downside Of Using Two Canister Filters

The main issue about having multiple canister filters is water movement.  The movement of water in the aquarium affects the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.  The faster the rate at which water moves, the faster the exchange will be thus reducing the amount of CO2 in the tank.  But isn’t less CO2 better?  Well, not if you also have aquatic plant life.  Plants take in CO2 and expell O2.  By doing so, plants actually help maintain a healthy balance of CO2/O2 levels in the water.  Having insufficent carbon dioxide levels will stunt the plants growth and cause them to lose their lustre.

Also, excessive filtering will not only filter out the waste materials but also the nutrients that plants are very dependant on.  it is actually true that in a tank with plants, it is the plants that provide a netter and more efficient biological filtration than the beneficial bacteria.

And lastly, and this is especially important for fish that naturally come from a slow moving environment, too much water movements will actually be bad for the health of your fish.  Too much movement places unnecessary stress on them as well as actually stunt their ability to breed.  So these are the pros and cons of having more than one canister filter in a single aquarium.

If you do plan to install an additional filter, just remember to reduce their suction rates to counter balance the disadvantages.

postheadericon Strained canis familiaris wall :

Strained Canis familiaris Wall :

If you are dealing corrupting an infrared exciting Canis familiaris Fence to keep your Canis familiaris from straying, then you won’t be undone. This is because there are now a numeral of Alternatives Forthcoming when it comes to these obscure fences. Finding one that sees your preferences will just be a gentle wind.

While there are expensive inconspicuous galvanizing fences, there are others that can be bought at lower prices. No matter what the cost is, they can still set up an infrared boundary line around your yard or garden, so that your dog won’t be effective to go far beyond your prefaces. They would also be quite good to keep your treasured garden or landscape unhurt from any domestic dog diggings.

The “Ping-String” strained domestic dog Debate

There are a number of hidden itchy domestic dog Palisade types Available now in the market and one of these is the “ping-string” dog Argue. This aroused domestic dog Surround does not only keep your domestic dog from going across the boundary line, it should also be efficient to keep other animals from coming in. This means that you can keep your garden or landscaped lawn intact from the possible shenanigans of other animate beings from the neighbourhood.

The “ping-string” elating domestic dog Fence comes in a kit that is Disposable at limited prices. They are also easy to install, thus giving you no hassle at all when you want to set up an invisible barrier for your home. Most “ping-string” itchy Canis familiaris fences can cover an area from 10 to 25 acres.

The Radio aroused Canis familiaris Argue

The radio exciting domestic dog Fence In is known to be the one of the most standard types of hidden electrical fences Usable. This is the kind of exciting domestic dog Contend that you need if your main purpose for having an concealed Fence In is only keeping your domestic dog inside your assumptions. As such, this Contend works alongside with the radio collar or what is also known as the receiver, which your domestic dog should wear. If your Canis familiaris will try to go beyond the borders that have been set up to make up your concealed Fencing, a warning tone will be heard and a remedial static will be felt by your dog from his collar. This will prompt your Canis familiaris to stay within your yard.

Now, it is really up to you do decide on which type strained dog Fence In you wish to put up in your yard. You just have to know though that both of them are quite effective when it comes to achieving your aim in getting an concealed Argue in the first place. If all you want to do is to keep your Canis familiaris from straying, then you should get the radio strained dog Fencing. However, if you also want to keep other creatures from getting into your own yard or garden, then you should go for the “ping-string” exciting domestic dog Fence. Either way, you will surely get a great value for your money when it comes to getting the inconspicuous Contend that provides the results that you want.

So if you want to buy an strained Canis familiaris Fencing now, visit Pet Depot Online. You be effective to find the hidden Debate that you are searching for here, at a price that you can yield.