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postheadericon There are various diseases that can affect your betta

There are various diseases that can affect your betta.  Most betta fish diseases are caused by poor water quality, so you can prevent many by keeping the water clean.  Some of the most common illnesses include fin rot, velvet, and popeye.  This article will discuss some of these illnesses.

Fin Rot

Fin rot is one of the most common diseases.  If you keep a betta long enough, you will probably have to deal with it at least once.  This condition is characterized by the tail or fins rotting away.  It can quickly become a problem if you allow the water to stay unclean too long.  Although the tail or fins will grow back once treatment begins, it will take some time. 


Popeye is also one of the most common betta fish diseases.  Like fin rot, it’s caused by unclean water which leads to a bacterial infection.  This condition is quite easy to spot as your fish’s eyes will literally bulge out of his head.  It can be disgusting the first time you see it.  Popeye needs to be treated with antibiotics and frequent water changes.


Unlike the two aforementioned diseases, velvet is caused by a parasite.  It is highly contagious and can quickly spread to other fish in the tank.  Affected fish will attempt to get rid of the parasite by rubbing themselves against hard objects.  Other signs of velvet include rapid gill movement, weight loss, loss of appetite, and lethargy.

This illness presents a problem because it’s usually diagnosed in an advanced stage.  Therefore, you would need to start treatment as quickly as possible.  TO treat this condition, you will need to dim the lights, add copper sulphate to the water, and raise the temperature to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Your fish may also have a hard time breathing.  Aquarium salt will help remedy this.


Dropsy is one of the most serious betta fish diseases.  It is usually fatal.  This illness results from kidney failure which causes fluid to build-up inside your fish.  You can easily spot his swollen belly.  If he also has raised scales, it’s a pretty safe bet that he has dropsy.  Unfortunately, there is no cure and most bettas die within a couple of weeks.

postheadericon The mouth of an adult cat comprises of 15 teeth

The mouth of an adult cat comprises of 15 teeth. Majority of them are tiny. Compared to the other teeth, the canines are the biggest in terms of size, edge and length. Cats catch and grasp their food with these fangs. They use canines to shred their prey into pieces.

Cats possess extremely specialized teeth used for shredding of meat. The first premolar and molar comprise the carnassials pair, present on both the sides of the cat’s mouth. This pair functions effectively to tear meat and thus acts as scissor. Canids also possess them, but they are highly evolved in felines. In addition, papillae or razor sharp spines are present on its tongue. These spines are beneficial for retaining and tearing the flesh of a prey. The tiny keratin having backward facing hooks also help in the grooming of a cat.

A cat uses different types of phonations for communication, because of its oral mouth structure.


A cat can direct its hearing since it possesses single muscles in both the ears. The movements of both the ears are independent of each other. Most cats possess straight ears directed upwards. Some cats also have folded ears called Scottish Folds. Other cats have curled ears that resemble the Highlanders. Such ears are due to genetic mutation.

Cats use ears as a source of expression when they are scared or angry. They lay their ears back accompanied by hissing or growling voices. This is regarded as a caution from the cat. At times, when cats are playing, they turn their ears back to hear something behind them. One can effectively interpret a cat’s mood by observing its ears.


Cats walk on their toes directly and hence are digitigrades. Each hind paw of a cat is placed almost accurately in the mark of the comparable forepaw, thus reducing sound and visible tracks. This method of walking is termed as register. Cats are less likely to lose their feet even on bumpy terrain.

Many animals move their legs alternately while walking. Cats on the other hand move both their legs in one direction and vice versa while walking. This manner of walking is similar to camels, giraffes, pacer horses and so on. There are not many reasons available to explain this.

All members belonging to the cat family possess retractable claws. In relaxed state, the retractable claws are covered with skin and fur. In a wild cat, this keeps its claws razor sharp despite continual contact with ground. Sheathing of the claws also enables a cat to follow its prey. The forefoot claws are considerably sharper than the hind feet claws. Cats draw out their claws in self-defense, to eat something, and so on. Sometimes, a cat will willingly extend its claw for nail clipping, thus co-operating with a human.

Many felines possess five claws and five or four claws on their front and rear paw respectively. At times, there is a protrusion called a sixth finger. This is called the carpal pad. It functions as an anti-skidding feature.

postheadericon It’s rude, it’s crude and it is just wrong on so many levels

It’s rude, it’s crude and it is just wrong on SO MANY levels.

Maybe your dog humps guests that visit your home. Perhaps he’s humping random passerbys on the street. It’s possible the victims are as innocent as couch pillows, doggy toys or your favorite chair.

Whatever sets off this habit…

Your dog is humping everything and everyone in sight. Finally, enough is enough! This embarrassing problem has grown out of control and it’s time you put it to rest.

This article will show you how with some great tips to get started. So, without further ado…

Let’s discuss how to stop dog humping permanently.

Why Your Dog is Humping

Believe it or not, 90% of the time dog humping has nothing to do with sex.

I remember the first time my dog was humped by another male dog. I was in my apartment’s elevator at the time with a friendly neighbor who had a cute little Maltese. The dog I was training at the time was a small Yorkie.

As soon as the elevator doors closed, the Maltese mounted my yorkie and started humping like the energizer bunny.

He just kept going and going…

My neighbor’s face was priceless. He turned to me and said “I’m so sorry, I had no idea my dog was gay.”

He was actually serious and I had to hold back my laughter at his uninformed remark.

It wasn’t his fault. Really, most people don’t know any better. But the fact is, dog humping, whether it be on a leg, another dog or a piece of furniture, is rarely sexual in nature.

In reality, when your dog humps or mounts, it is establishing its dominance over another.

Dog humping is the result of your dog trying to size up its opponent and apply itself as higher up on the ladder of the pack.

If the humpee surrenders to your dogs humping by laying down or doing nothing, then in your dog’s eyes, it has established leadership in the order of the pack.

It’s just basic instinct so don’t feel like this is something you’ve done wrong in your dog upbringing. I promise you’re still a good, loving dog parent.

The trick to resolving this is knowing the exact training techiques to stop dog humping without making your dog confused or anxious.

3 Ways to Stop Dog Humping Behavior

Below are 3 ways to stop dog humping. You do NOT want to apply all 3 methods at the same time. Try each one separately for 2 weeks at a time. If a strategy appears to be working, don’t try another tactic. Continue with the one that is working.

However, you should try a strategy for AT LEAST 2 weeks before moving onto another one.

Strategy #1

The first way is the most obvious. Say “No” with a stern voice. Drive home the point that this is bad by using a loud and disapproving tone.

Try using a spray bottle. Yes, you’ll need to carry a spray bottle with you for a bit until your dog is trained out of the habit. However, using a spray bottle is a gentle way to give your dog the message fast.

When your dog initiates the humping, spray him in the face with cold water from the spray bottle while simultaneously yelling no. Forcefully pull him off the object or uhh…person.

As you know, positive reinforcement is the best kind of training, however, this is one of the few exceptions when scolding your dog during the act of the negative behavior may be required.

Strategy #2

Distraction can work as well. Many dog owners find that dog humping is a temporary habit. Try distracting your dog with a toy, a walk, exercise or a training session.

Dog humping is an instinctual response. Change your dog’s focus and he’ll stop the behavior.

Strategy #3

Ignoring your dog is another alternative. Don’t underestimate the simplicity of this solution. Your dog is well aware of your presence.

If you’ve been following the guidelines in this site, by now your dog looks at you as the Alpha Dog of the house.

He’s performing these mounting and humping displays to either show you his dominance or exercise his prowess for your admiration.

Walk out of the room when you see him humping. Your dog will stop humping and follow you to obtain your attention in some other way. Ignoring your dog’s performance will let him know that his humping is not gaining your approval.

The FASTEST Solution …

Sure, the strategies above may help stop your dog humping behavior problem. But, if you want to end the problem in a matter of a few days instead of a few weeks, you NEED to see the solution on the next page.

The action plan at http://www.Dog-Training-Works.com will show you EXACTLY how to stop your dog from humping in a step-by-step format that’s guaranteed to work.

Check it out here ——-> http://www.Dog-Training-Works.com

postheadericon What do you say about having an pig as you pet from today

What do you say about having an Pig as you pet from today? Don’t be surprised by this idea!! Having a pig or pot bellied pig is a one of the most preferred animal to be bred as pets. These pigs are very adorable, cute looking and very decent in behavior. Not to be forgotten the pigs are readily available as trained pets too. Before we buy any pet it is important to understand the behavioral and physiological details of the pigs.

These animals generally live up to an age of 10 to 15 years. They weight ranges from 25 kg to 130 kg. They are found to live a healthy life and under clean and hygienic conditions. They are found to be well behaved and also adapt to human family life very easily. The pot belly pigs are extremely found of food and hence frequent feeding of food is expected.
A few quick tips for taking are of the pigs are noted below:

* The pigs must be well fed. They are omnivorous in nature i.e. they eat fruits, grains leaves and meat.
* They need to be given a good amount of exercises else they can easily gain weight. A simple walking around would make a pretty good exercise for them.
* They are known to go well with other pets well. Care has to be taken when left with dogs as the later can prey on the pigs.
* The pigs are known to take dominance over those whom they feel are weaker compared to them. Hence while leaving kids with the pigs they must be monitored well

postheadericon Dogs are considered as man’s best friend and but i object to that because i considered momo my lovable chihuahua as my very best friend

Dogs are considered as man’s best friend and but I object to that because I considered momo my lovable chihuahua as my very best friend. Now tell me who says that dogs are for man’s comfort only?

Chihuahuas are adorable, tiny dogs that make great companions and considered as the oldest dog breed in North America. But because of their size, their tiny immune system is also prone to minor viruses and infections but I make sure that they are bundle with pet wormers during these stage. It’s a good thing that one of my veterinarian friend suggested these pet wormers for my chihuahuas because it helps a lot to increase there resistance to infection and given that my lovable Chihuahuas are pregnant. I’m confident enough that the unborn pups will not be infected by whilst for they are still in their mothers’ womb, or immediately after their birth via the colostrum, it is most important to start worming the pups from about 2 weeks of there age.

Worms are found everywhere. And since my chihuahuas like to dig up soil, there are always a big chance that they will be infected and plus the fact that I’m living in a tropical country, the chances are double because tropical countries are breeding grounds of worms. Lately I’ve noticed that my chihuahuas appear weak, it may have parasitic worms that suck blood from the lining of the gut. Pet wormers are the obvious cure. Pet wormers will make your dog live longer and yes parasitic worms, in some cases, could actually kill your beloved pet. So better spend that few measly bucks on a pet wormer . Don’t hesitate to spend money for your lovable pets if you really value there health like me. Worm infections are definitely inevitable but it could be avoided by having a good hygiene and clean environment at home. Make sure that you give your pets regular worming schedule and use of the right pet wormer to fight the infection. Pet Wormers are not only for the sake of the animal but the entire family as well since the mentioned parasites can be transmissible to humans too.

The problems that I’ve seen from the very start of the infection with my chihuahuas are fleas ‘bite’ in my pets skin coat. I can tell that dirt is usually the tell-tail sign of the presence of fleas, small black flecks deep in the animal’s coat. My pets are very irritated and allergic even to an occasional bite, while others may show little obvious signs in quite heavy infestation it leads to spread of tapeworm infestation and other serious infections if left untreated. I recommend the following worming products that the pet wormers offer. They are used alternatively to minimize the risk of worm damage and the development of resistant worm populations. My pets are fragile, but are easy to groom and now

I’m gonna make sure that they will be given a regular bath. Stinky pets are very lovable to parasitic worms but now that I’ve known pet wormers My mind is at ease that my pets are in good hands.

Pet wormers will make your dog live longer and yes parasitic worms, in some cases, could actually kill your beloved pet. So better spend that few measly bucks on a pet wormer . Don’t hesitate to spend money for your lovable pets if you really value there health like me.