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postheadericon Are you thinking of buying some dog food for your beloved puppy

Are you thinking of buying some dog food for your beloved puppy? Guess what, don’t rush. A lot of people commit the mistake of buying the wrong kind of dog food simply because they miss to do one important step: getting the puppy food ratings.

The good news is you do have a lot of sources, and today you will learn where to eventually find them:


There are millions of pieces of information found in the World Wide Web today. It will not be surprising if you find thousands of puppy food ratings there. Nevertheless, you also need to filter out the data you can gather. In case you don’t know, since the Internet is completely for free, it can easily get contaminated by wrong information created by marketers and sellers of dog food themselves.

When you’re searching for puppy food ratings here, consider the following tips:

Go to trusted websites. One good example is Amazon. It sells a variety of products, including dog food, but everyone is encouraged to post their respective reviews. Everyone is also entitled to refute a comment, especially if it seems to be too promotional in nature.

Don’t trust if it’s too good to be true. You know the irony. If it’s too good to be true, then most definitely it’s not. So far, there’s no “have it all” dog food out there. In fact, the best ones are those tailored to a specific niche. For example, you have breed-specific dog foods. Their nutrients may not be found in other products and vice versa, but it doesn’t mean they are anything less.

Simply put, if the ratings start to talk about how almost all types of dog breeds and even dog ages can make use of the product, then there’s a little lie out there. You have to stay away from it as soon as possible.

See if you can communicate with the reviewer. A smart consumer will normally have questions. Why would the reviewer give such kind of rating? Thus, it would be best if there’s a way for you to contact the reviewer, perhaps through e-mail or through a reply in his or her comment.


There are various magazines that cater to pets these days. If they are not solely dedicated to pets such as your pooches, they are related to homes, parenting, and other subjects where terms such as “dogs” will also crop up.

You can subscribe to these magazines and check out some of their features. It is usually their style to talk about a particular brand or product of dog food and rate it according to different factors.


Do you have friends who love dogs? You can ask for feedback from them. If you want a more dependable and professional opinion, you can interview your own veterinarian.

Make use of all these sources, and you will discover just how many good options you have out there. Then you can start streamlining your choices based on your preference and your puppies’ reaction to the dog food.

postheadericon Anyone who has owned a pet knows that buying pet supplies can become an extremely expensive endeavor

Anyone who has owned a pet knows that buying pet supplies can become an extremely expensive endeavor. Pet needs are almost always underestimated until you actually have the animal living in your home, and you quickly realize that the animal needs proper bedding, toys, a carrier, leash, outdoor containment, grooming tools, as well as medicine and food. Properly taking care of your pet shouldn’t have to cost a fortune.

The resources below will help you find pet supplies, medicine, and food that will cost far less than the retail prices you’ll find at any grocery or department store.

Coupons for Pet Supplies

One of the first places to look for significant savings on pet supplies is through using coupons. Coupons can provide some significant savings on supplies, sometimes up to or greater than 50%. Various outlets, such as PetSmart, even offer free shopping for orders over a certain size. This means that by simply doing your pet supply shopping online, you are saving a fortune.

One of the best coupon providers with the most coupons for pet supplies is Coupon Mountain, with coupons for pet supplies, pet medications, and online deals for most of the major pet supply retailers. A few examples of the deals to be found at Coupon Mountain

  • $5 to $20 off K9 Advantix at 1-800-PetMeds
  • Get $15 off orders of $75 or more at PetCo
  • 15% off orders over $40 at PETsMART
  • 10% off any order at DogToys.com
  • 15% off orders over $100 at PetCareRx
  • 15% off Lambert Kay Pet Care products

This is only a very small sample of the long list of coupons and deals provided at Coupon Mountain.

Direct Pet Superstore

Direct Pet Superstore is a large discount retailer of everything you could possibly need for your pet. This includes toys, treats, grooming supplies, flea & tick management, medicines, and even an entire section with additional coupons and promotions.

Direct Pet has an entire section dedicated to saving money on your pet’s prescriptions called “Pet RX”. You can find medicine from Pfizer, Virbac, Boehringer Ingelheim, and other pharmalogicals at impressively competitive prices.

Other ways to save at Direct Pet Superstore:

  • Sign up and you will be notified of exclusive specials on new products and sale prices for existing products.
  • A current promotion is a $100 shopping spree for five lucky winners.
  • Request a free catalog
  • Discounts on supplies and medicine throughout the website

My Pet Outlet

MyPetOutlet.com is a fantastic discount pet supply website with multiple deals going on every month. A few examples from the main page include Dr Noys Swizzle Teaser for 15% off, a Merrick Meaty Beef Dog Bone at 25% off, and Kitty Hoots “Zoom” Organic cat nip at 20% off.

Categories at MyPetOutlet.com include supplies fro dogs, cats, birds, fish, and even reptiles and small animals. There’s even a clearance section where you can find some rock bottom prices. This week MyPetOutlet.com is offering 15% off every order over 50, as well as a free toy and free shipping. With prices this low, it doesn’t make sense to walk into a retail pet store anymore – shopping online saves so much more.

Pet Portraits, Send 5% Savings to an Animal Rescue Foundation

One of the most unique things you can do to capture the character of your pet, and to show people how much love you have for your furry friend, is to have a pet portrait done by professional artist Nikky Hughes of Los Angeles. Nikky was classically trained at the Mission Renaissance art school, and she focuses on capturing not only the beauty, but the unique character of each animal. She will accept photos through the mail of pets, and then create stunning portraits from those pictures. Pet portraits are ideal because they can be done from a photo (as apposed to getting the pet to “pose” at a studio.)

The great thing about Nikky is that she’s a pet lover herself, and this is reflected in how she runs her business. She discounts every commissioned painting by 5%, and sends those savings as a donation to an animal rescue foundation. This shows how Nikky’s love for all animals is not only reflected in her heartfelt portraits, but also in how she runs her business.


Of course, another way to save a fortune off of pet supplies that you wouldn’t normally save if you simply visit a brick-and-mortar store, is to visit that store’s website. Petco also has a comprehensive online website where shoppers can shop virtually for all pet supplies. Petco provides internet only discounts to internet shoppers, such as free shopping, some of the lowest prices available anywhere for Frontline products, and each category (dogs, cats, fish, etc.) has a section devoted to sales, where you can find some impressive discounts off all kinds of pet products.

postheadericon So you ultimately went and acquired yourself a pet

So you ultimately went and acquired yourself a pet. One of the first things that you have got to do after getting a pet you’ll need to locate a veterinarian to use. Sometimes you can go to your local telephone book to get a vet. [**] if you have what folk would consider an exotic pet like a snake, parrot, or other animal that is not your normal pet then you’ll have a harder time finding a vet.

For your standard pets such as dogs and cats then you will want to consider some questions before going to a vet for the 1st time. You will obviously need to have some research questions that should be asked before deciding on the vet to use.

Veterinarian Minneapolis

the 1st question that I have for any new veterinarian that I might consider taking my animal to is how long they have been in practice. To my mind I really like a vet which has been in practice for some time because they have seen more issues and know how to deal with them in a more realistic approach. By that I mean some of the more moderen veterinarians will only have the book learning without all of the real life solutions that the older vets have found work better than the book response.
the following question that you are going to desire to ask is the way the appointments scheduled. As an example you will wish to know if you wake up one morning and your dog is vomiting will you be able to get him seen or do you have to attend a week before being able to be seen . I know our vet that I use is very flexible on his scheduling and is ready to fit you in the same day typically for a sick animal.

I’m of the opinion that the vet that I use will give you a voice mail number to call to get a hold of him and then he calls you back typically this is within several hours of calling. If you’re able to find a vet that does that then you might be ready to help save yourself some cash by asking him the question instead of having to go to an emergency animal surgery.
I know that he’s a great vet and should be able to help my animals in any illness that they encounter for some time to come.

postheadericon It was just in the newspaper – how the mailman delivered the post while the owners held back the big snarling dog; meanwhile the little dog dived between them, jumped up and drew blood from the postie’s leg

It was just in the newspaper – how the mailman delivered the post while the owners held back the big snarling dog; meanwhile the little dog dived between them, jumped up and drew blood from the postie’s leg!

Just one of the many reasons why realtors and prospective house buyers alike do not like to view an empty home with a dog in it! Of course he is friendly – and yet …..why take the chance?

Pointing out the problems of showing a home that also houses a pet can often make pet-owners defensive; it is often inconceivable to them that their little “Tootsie” would offend! Even the most friendly of pets can become troubled about strange people coming into their home.

One of the solutions often used is to shut them in the laundry room, which will then make most prospective buyers want to give your laundry room a miss. If they do brave it and open the door, the dog rushes out, maybe too over- friendly at the chance to finally interact with ‘friends’ and plants its paws prints all over their new cream pants.

What’s worse, the dog will not go back in the laundry room and the realtor can’t seem to leave the house without the dog coming too! This type of scenario is not in your favor, as it does rather distract the prospective buyer from remembering the unique points about your home – although they will remember the color of your dog!

It would help if the dog was in the garage or some place where a) there is alot of fresh air and b) where it is not necessary for the buyers to enter. The laundry room will certainly have a ‘doggie’ smell after your pet has roared around it all day, whereas the garage has fresh air coming in from all sides.

This brings us to the smell of the home, another touchy subject. Often non-pet owners will notice a smell in a house that seems associated with a pet. When the dog bounds up to confirm this suspicion, many possible buyers will start to wonder if they will be able to get rid of the smell once the dog has moved out.

Rather than putting your friends on the spot by asking them if your home has its own smell, play it safe and assume that it does. If you have a pet, wash all its blankets and keep them clean. Encourage your pet to sleep outside more often if possible. This clean routine will apply to other pets in the house: guinea pigs and hamsters can also leave an odor in the home, but this does usually go when the cage is removed.

The new type of air fresheners that plug in and keep the air sweet for 24/7 are very effective. However, if they do manage to disguise the smell of a dog, they will not be able to fool anyone who has a real allergy to your pet.

Some buyers have allergies and they do not care if they see an animal or not – they simply do not want to go into a house if an animal even lives there. This is especially true for people with a severe allergy to cats.

In these cases, you have to come clean and be up front with the realtor; even if you have removed all traces of cat. The troublesome allergens just float in the air and are completely undetected by most of the human race.

The prospective buyers will have to trust that if the listing realtor says no animals, he is speaking the truth – so ‘fess up and don’t put your realtor in the dog house.

postheadericon Pet owner julie stern fukuhara, of palo, alto, ca, said her dog turbo (a “puggle” who is a crossbreed between a pug and a beagle) began acting strangely one evening

Pet owner Julie Stern Fukuhara, of Palo, Alto, CA, said her dog Turbo (a “Puggle” who is a crossbreed between a Pug and a Beagle) began acting strangely one evening.

“He was walking a little wobbly,” she said of her floppy-eared-pooch.

Although she was initially worried about Turbo, Julie knew if she had to take him to the vet, she wouldn’t have to agonize over finances because she had pet insurance for Turbo through Pets Best Insurance.

When the dog’s condition worsened, Julie decided it was time to take him to the doctor.

“He was walking really gingerly and tenderly,” she said of her usually-energetic dog.

After leaving the pet hospital with a clean bill of health, both owner and veterinarian scratching their heads, Julie took her beloved Turbo home to rest.

“By the time we got home, he had completely lost the use of his legs . . . in the morning he couldn’t move at all, so the doctor told me to go to the surgery center.”

An MRI later revealed Turbo had ruptured a disk and that fluid had begun to collect around his spine. Doctors recommended the dog go into surgery immediately.

“I said ‘go ahead—do it,'” Stern Fukuhara said of the costly procedure.

Even when the pet hospital gave her a jaw-dropping estimate of the cost beforehand, she had no reservations when it came to saving the life of her dog.

“I remember . . . in the back of my mind I was really relieved I had the health insurance,” she said. “I submitted the claim and they sent me a check right away.”

Julie said she received a reimbursement check from Pets Best Insurance before her credit card statement (which she used to cover the expense) even arrived in her mailbox.

“This would have been a really bad time to deal with more expense,” Julie said. “If we didn’t have insurance I would be so upset. I feel so lucky that I made that decision when he was a puppy.”