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postheadericon Hip dysplasia in dogs is a very common disease, especially in young dogs, and happens as a result to an abnormal development of the hip joints

Hip dysplasia in dogs is a very common disease, especially in young dogs, and happens as a result to an abnormal development of the hip joints. The most affected breeds are the large and the medium ones, but it can also affect the small breeds. The most cases of hip dysplasia can be found in breeds like German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Rottweilers, Great Danes, Golden Retrievers, and Saint Bernards. Hip dysplasia is usually caused by your dog genetic heritage. Studies have shown that if your dog has hip dysplasia then your future puppies may be developing hip dysplasia. If you want to buy a puppy you have to select the one whose parents and grandparents haven’t been treated for hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia can also be found on humans, cats.


Finding out that the dog you love so much suffers from hip dysplasia has the potential of confusing or upsetting you. If you know at least a few things about this disease that affects dogs, you can give your dog a much better care. The first thing you should know is that hip dysplasia is a type of joint disease that is degenerative and affects the hip joints of the dog. The purpose of the hip joint is to connect the body of the dog with the hind leg, with the help of the socket and ball joint. The head part of the femur bone is the one that forms the ball part. The connective tissue and the ligaments are those that keep the bones together, with a cartilage that is tough but smooth acting as a cushion. If your dog is healthy, the pelvic and femur bones will fit together perfectly, which means that the joint will work as it should.

But, if the dog suffers from hip dysplasia, the joints from the hip will not fit, since they don’t develop normally. Dysplasia actually means that the growth process is abnormal or impaired. In some cases, the hip dysplasia will cause the joint’s ball not to fit the socket of the pelvic bone as it should. In most cases, this happens when the pelvic bone is shallow. In such a case, the femur will sometimes slip out of the socket, since the joint is loose, which cases the hip to dislocate. In other situations, the connective tissue and the ligaments are to blame for the abnormal development. In this case, the joint may become instable, because the support is insufficient. When this happens, the pelvic bones and the femur can become separated. Hip dysplasia is caused in most cases by one of these problems. The end result is that the hips of the dogs become deteriorated, weak and arthritic.

Hip dysplasia doesn’t always appear in both hips. Sometimes only one hip will be affected. The effects will vary from the most severe to the mildly crippling. In most cases, hip dysplasia will start to influence dogs at a younger age, but its effects might not show up until later in the dog’s life. Doctors can’t identify the age even at puppies that are four months old, but the symptoms might only show up when he becomes an adult.

postheadericon Grizzly bear description the grizzly bear seems to be among the most common that people recognize by its appearance

Grizzly Bear Description

The Grizzly Bear seems to be among the most common that people recognize by its appearance. They are very large bears and they often have a coat that is chocolate brown in color. Some of them have a white tip to them though as they get older. They range in size from 5 to 8 feet tall with the males being larger than the females. They can weigh up to 800 pounds.

Grizzly Bear Distribution

Grizzly Bears are found in North America and they are often confused with Brown Bears that are also around that same area. They will be found around the rivers of Alaska when it is time for the salmon to run upstream for spawning during the summer months. They have a grand area that they move around in looking for food, with the radius of the male being much lager than for the females. You will also find them in areas of Canada.

These bears can cover many miles every single day. They can also run about 30 miles per hour should they need to. With that type of speed and power is it is very rare that their prey is able to get away from them.

Grizzly Bear Behavior

With the exception of caring for their young, Grizzly Bears are very solitary animals. They are excellent caregivers and they can become very aggressive when humans are around at the same time they have cubs. Females will also battle with male Grizzly Bears in order to protect their young.

Grizzly Bear Diet and Feeding

They are the top of the food chain when it comes to this area. They don’t have to worry very much about becoming food for anything else. They also can take their pick when it comes to foods available. Some of their favorites include nuts, berries, leaves, and roots. They will also feed on a variety of different types of animals. Some of them are very small such a rodents. However, other times they will feed on a moose.

Grizzly Bears consume a high number of fish including salmon. They are very skilled hunters and it is exciting to watch them. They will observe the waters and quickly swipe with their claws when fish come by. Most of the time they will capture their prey, consume it, and continue hunting for more following this same method.

Grizzly Bear Reproduction Grizzly Bears will mate from May until mid July. During this period of time the males will be calling out to the females. The females will leave a stronger scent for them to follow. Courting involves eating together and rubbing up on the sides of each other.

They will part soon after mating and the female will give birth to one or two cubs at a time. The gestation period ranges from 180 days to 265 days. The cubs are about one pound at birth and very vulnerable. The mothers are excellent at caring for them though. When they are two or three years of age they will venture out on their own.

Grizzly Bear Conservation

There are less than 1,000 Grizzly Bears remaining in the wild today. The illegal hunting of them and the destruction of their habitat continues to be a threat. Even with strong conservation efforts in place it is very hard to get their numbers to increase. The fact that so few remain has encouraged zoos to take them in and to help them reproduce in a safe setting. Plans for some of those young to be returned to the wild are in place.

Grizzly Bear Human interaction

Even though the Grizzly Bear is protected in the continental USA, many people still can kill them in Canada and Alaska. They are considered to be huge trophy hunts and with a limited number of them remaining, many want to get one before it is too late. The fact that Grizzly Bears unduly have a reputation of being man eaters means many people don’t care of they are hunted or not.

postheadericon Horses are known for their horse sense, horse power, loyalty, dedication and what not

Horses are known for their horse sense, horse power, loyalty, dedication and what not. They have become associated with man over the passage of time, since times immemorial. Horses and ponies have served man in many ways. A horse carriage or a horse cart is what comes to our mind at the first instance.

As a means of transport from one place to another, horse drawn coaches have provided comfort, safety and reliability to the persons who travel by means of them. In certain places, horses work in agriculture farms. By sheer diligence and industrious output, horses have endeared themselves to mankind. Stud farms have become the dream possession of animal lovers.

The sight of a stallion with a black velvety and glossy coat, of good height and stature, sturdy, is enchanting for a horse breeder or a trainer. If the animal is fostered and trained by the person, a special attachment and a sentimental relationship get developed. Bonding cannot be depicted in a better way. Stable relationships get exemplified by horses.

Right from the moment they are born, horses are known to show friendliness and playfulness. A foal is a delightful creature that frolics and gambols, providing amusement to the onlookers. A foal is a true depiction of innocent fun, bundle of energy or a live wire. People can be excused if they show a wish to fondle and caress them. The horse also acknowledges this gesture and cherishes it as it grows up only to reciprocate and return this love in a grander manner. An attitude of gratitude, so to say!

However, training of horses is an area where many changes have taken place by way of research and development. Horses, ponies and mares can be expected to learn the ropes fast and deliver goods to the owner’s satisfaction and pride. The grasping power of horses and ponies is phenomenal. But care needs to be taken to ensure that horses and ponies do not inculcate ‘bad manners’.

The situation of the horse going wild and berserk is enough to send shivers down the spine of a person. Holding the reins is of paramount importance. Food and treats that conform to the basic nature and normal food habits are the healthiest. However, horses are known to have different tastes. Generally, treats would consist of raisins, pitted dates, sugar cubes, apple pieces, hay cubes, carrot pieces, sunflower seeds, peppermints. Treats ought to be restricted, else a horse could be demanding and this would pose dangerous. Things that should be avoided under treats would include lawn, hedge or garden clippings, cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes, acorns, chocolates. The last one has resulted in a horse getting tested positive for drugs.

Ponies are miniature horses and are loved to be reared by one and all. Children especially are fond of ponies. Like horses ponies are generally smart, hard and sturdy, athletic, loveable. They continue beauty with intelligence.

All in all, horses have proved to be resourceful for man. They bring laurels in races and restore the wager’s confidence. They toil productively in fields. They help carry goods from one place to another. They serve as good playmates. Can man live without horses? Yes, but perhaps he would lack the horse power!

postheadericon Imbued in english culture is a love animals of all kinds

Imbued in English culture is a love animals of all kinds. I have a website of fine art prints of various Dog Breeds bred over the centuries and shown at various British dog shows and culminating in Crufts”. At my website I have various Dog Breeds on fine art prints by various artists from the 1700’s.   Please Click here to visit my website.

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As so many Famous events happened in England and the rest of the British Isles over the centuries, I thought it would be a good idea to tell the various stories in my various articles of the many English and British Icons from the Anglo Saxon times to the present day’s current history.

My other website is called Directory of British Icons: http://fabprints.webs.com

To visit the list and links to my other Blogg articles: http://bloggs.resourcez.com

The Chinese call Britain The Island of Hero’s which I think sums up what we British are all about.

Copyright © 2010 Paul Hussey. All Rights Reserved.

postheadericon You bring your cute, fun loving puppy home for the first time and of course you want your him to sleep with you

You bring your cute, fun loving puppy home for the first time and of course you want your him to sleep with you. All furry, cute, warm and snuggly. But that is not the best thing to do for you or your hound. You really need a dog bed to establish correct behavior at the outset. It may be OK now, but when your dog grows to his full size at over 100 lb, will it still be fun?

Now that we have established that a dog bed is an essential item for your pet, what type do you get and what kind of things are you looking at?

How Do You Pick a Dog Bed?

First off ask yourself these questions. Does he like to be able to rest his head with a view of the entire room? Does he hang his head over the edge? Does he avoid the bed because he needs to cool off? Watch your dogs behavior and you’ll quickly learn which type of dog bed best suits him

Benefits and Features of a Dog Bed

The Indoor/Outdoor Bed is tough, water repellent and can be used inside or out. Orthopedic foam tends to provide additional warmth too so if you live in a warmer climate, your dog may prefer a cooling bed like the Canine Cooler to the traditional orthopedic bed. Using a dog bed in your home can help reduce injuries to your pet such as jumping off the couch; which is probably your canines favorite place to lie, especialy when you are away.

Picking the right dog bed will help with your allergies and even clean up. Using a dog bed provides you with one area where the majority of the shedding and/or dander is contained. Just pick up the bed, (or bedding), and put it in the washing machine. Of course make sure it’s machine washable first!

It is important for an older hound to have a comfortable rest area. Senior dogs over the age of 10 are similar to a seventy-year-old person. Can you imagine your grand parents curled up on the floor for the evening? Quality beds such as the Memory Foam Bed or the Thera Ortho Mattress are designed to relieve sore joints, bones and other problems that may arise due to your pets age or weight. They even make orthopedic dog beds now to help address this issue. Similar to humans, dogs also experience changes as they age. Their joints can stiffen, or their bones become thinner. If your older hound has slept in a kennel his entire life, it is good to learn that there are beds specifically designed for use in canine crates.

How to measure your dog for a bed: Different dogs sleep in different positions, as humans do so look at how your canine sleeps and determine the best size bed for your dog. Measure your dog when his is comfortably sleeping and add about 5 inches to ensure that he has enough room in his bed. Watch your canine sleep. Does he usually curl up or stretch out? If he’s relaxed to his maximum size, make sure the bed is big enough to support his entire body.

Spend some time determining which bed is best suited for your dog, keeping in mind that this will become a favorite resting place for your pooch! If your dog likes his head on a pillow, try a lounge bed or couch. Beware, low quality beds are easily torn and fall apart. They never really offer your hound the benefits of a higher quality bed.

Think of your dog bed as an investment, any number of high quality beds will last the lifetime of your canine, and so will their benefits!