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postheadericon Having multiple house pets actually seems to decrease the allergy risk of children, as long as the children have been exposed from infancy on

Having multiple house pets actually seems to decrease the allergy risk of children, as long as the children have been exposed from infancy on. Recent studies have shown that children raised in a home with two or more cats and/or dogs in the first year of life are less likely to develop allergic diseases than are children raised without these pets. In fact, exposure to the allergens associated with pets very early in life seems to have a long time protective function.

This seems to fly in the face of conventional wisdom. Most people would believe that the less pet allergens in the home, especially for newborns and very young children the better. But studies are showing that exposure early in life not only protects from pet allergies but also grass, ragweed and dust mites. Pet exposure seems to cause the immune system to settle down and shift from allergic type responses. The layman explanation for this strange turn of conventional thought is rather obvious. Our bodies have only recently been subjected to antiseptics and clean germ free environments. Television and other mass media hammered away at us about the dangers of germs, all germs. Commercials sold us products to help keep our kids free from germs and we actually strive to do this. We forget that we would die without the help of billions of beneficial bacteria that co-exist with us in and upon our bodies. Our bodies have an immune response system that distinguishes from good germs or bacteria and bad. The bad bacteria is attacked, killed and or rendered harmless and removed from the body. This war goes on in our body twenty four hours a day. Occasionally things get out of hand and we come down with a cold or flu. That is all part of the beauty of the system because our bodies can more effectively fight against these diseases once we have had them. When our bodies immune system has very little to do because we keep our environment too sanitized and clean, the immune system starts lowering its threshold of activation. That means the immune system kicks in at the least provocation and you have higher sensitivity to allergens which causes allergic response. It is even said that this same mechanism is partly to cause for arthritis in many cases. The immune system actually attacks our joints because it has little else to do. Studies suggest that exposure to more than one pet the first year of life is more beneficial, probably because the variety of potential allergens are increased, giving the babies immune system plenty to deal with. The actual statistics were children 7 years of age were 70% less likely to be allergic to common allergens when exposed to pets as babies. Scientists are trying to figure out the exact mechanisms that make this a reality. They think that pet bacteria release endotoxins that, when a baby is exposed, eventually shift the babies immune system away from responding to the common allergens. Scientists can pick through this mystery as much as they want to but there is a common sense explanation to this. People, even babies, are just not meant to live in sanitized surroundings. Our bodies have spent too many thousands of years evolving and protecting us from the ravages of germs. Giving our immune responses little or nothing to do by having a germ free environment is setting this powerful germ killing machine against its own host.

postheadericon Yorkshire terriers are cute as can be, especially as puppies, but they also require some effort to keep them safe and to prevent their creating havoc with your property

Yorkshire Terriers are cute as can be, especially as puppies, but they also require some effort to keep them safe and to prevent their creating havoc with your property. If you puppy-proof your house before you bring your new best friend home you can save yourself some grief.

Puppies have the same curiosity as toddlers. They want to explore everywhere without any knowledge of where the hazards are. They also have neither received puppy training nor learned the rules of good behavior yet.

Baby gates are a good way to safety-proof your home from the pup. Use them in front of stairs to keep your pup from having falls. A baby fence can also serve to keep the pup in a room without carpeting so that you will have an easy time cleaning up messes before your Yorkie is house trained.

Like a human baby, a Yorkie puppy will feel free to explore the insides of cupboards, so keep the ones at floor level closed at all times. If you have the kind that opens easily in response to pawing, then invest in some locks. This will not only keep your cupboards clean, but also prevent your pup’s getting into garbage and cleaning supplies, both of which are potential hazards.

If you have a cat, you will need to keep cat food away from your puppy. Dogs often prefer cat food to dog food, but it is harmful to them, being higher in protein than dogs can tolerate. It is a good idea to feed the cat on a surface that the dog cannot reach, such as the top of a dresser or washing machine. Dogs also like to eat cat feces, since it still has cat food in it, so keep the litter box away from the pup. A cat litter box cabinet with an entrance too high for a Yorkie to climb into is one solution, or place the litter box atop a large cat scratching post. Cat litter can contain parasites that can hurt the pup.

Puppies have a way of putting everything into their mouths, so keep socks, other clothes, and small household objects off the floor. Garbage should be kept inside cans until it is taken outside, never left in a plastic bag that a puppy can chew through.

Part of puppy-proofing your home is changing your state of mind. Now that you are responsible for a puppy, you must remember always to close doors behind you so that the pup can’t wander out into the street or fall into a pool. Never open a door with much force or move furniture against the wall without checking first to see if the Yorkie is there.

Keep both your new Yorkie and everything in your house safe, and enjoy your new best friend.

postheadericon You bring your cute, fun loving puppy home for the first time and of course you want your him to sleep with you

You bring your cute, fun loving puppy home for the first time and of course you want your him to sleep with you. All furry, cute, warm and snuggly. But that is not the best thing to do for you or your hound. You really need a dog bed to establish correct behavior at the outset. It may be OK now, but when your dog grows to his full size at over 100 lb, will it still be fun?

Now that we have established that a dog bed is an essential item for your pet, what type do you get and what kind of things are you looking at?

How Do You Pick a Dog Bed?

First off ask yourself these questions. Does he like to be able to rest his head with a view of the entire room? Does he hang his head over the edge? Does he avoid the bed because he needs to cool off? Watch your dogs behavior and you’ll quickly learn which type of dog bed best suits him

Benefits and Features of a Dog Bed

The Indoor/Outdoor Bed is tough, water repellent and can be used inside or out. Orthopedic foam tends to provide additional warmth too so if you live in a warmer climate, your dog may prefer a cooling bed like the Canine Cooler to the traditional orthopedic bed. Using a dog bed in your home can help reduce injuries to your pet such as jumping off the couch; which is probably your canines favorite place to lie, especialy when you are away.

Picking the right dog bed will help with your allergies and even clean up. Using a dog bed provides you with one area where the majority of the shedding and/or dander is contained. Just pick up the bed, (or bedding), and put it in the washing machine. Of course make sure it’s machine washable first!

It is important for an older hound to have a comfortable rest area. Senior dogs over the age of 10 are similar to a seventy-year-old person. Can you imagine your grand parents curled up on the floor for the evening? Quality beds such as the Memory Foam Bed or the Thera Ortho Mattress are designed to relieve sore joints, bones and other problems that may arise due to your pets age or weight. They even make orthopedic dog beds now to help address this issue. Similar to humans, dogs also experience changes as they age. Their joints can stiffen, or their bones become thinner. If your older hound has slept in a kennel his entire life, it is good to learn that there are beds specifically designed for use in canine crates.

How to measure your dog for a bed: Different dogs sleep in different positions, as humans do so look at how your canine sleeps and determine the best size bed for your dog. Measure your dog when his is comfortably sleeping and add about 5 inches to ensure that he has enough room in his bed. Watch your canine sleep. Does he usually curl up or stretch out? If he’s relaxed to his maximum size, make sure the bed is big enough to support his entire body.

Spend some time determining which bed is best suited for your dog, keeping in mind that this will become a favorite resting place for your pooch! If your dog likes his head on a pillow, try a lounge bed or couch. Beware, low quality beds are easily torn and fall apart. They never really offer your hound the benefits of a higher quality bed.

Think of your dog bed as an investment, any number of high quality beds will last the lifetime of your canine, and so will their benefits!

postheadericon Finally, a plush toy made for dogs

Finally, a plush toy made for dogs. I absolutely enjoy Crazy Critters and has to be one of the best dog toys around, especially for my puppy. Before my puppy had his Crazy Critter toy, he would get my stuffed animal toys and within minutes would have it in hundreds of pieces. There’s nothing more frustrating than cleaning stuffed animal pieces scattered throughout the room.

I was absolutely relieved to find that Crazy Critters was offering a durable plush toy made just for dogs. My puppy spends hours trying to rip it apart with no success. His former favorite toy, the orange squeaker ball is a distance memory since being introduced to his life-like Raccoon Crazy Critter.

Crazy Critters come in two different animal types. One is a fox and the other a raccoon. They come stuffing free and completely machine washable. They also come with squeakers on each end of the plush animal for captivating your dog’s attention. They measure around 24 inches in length and can be used both indoors and outdoors. What I like the most, it’s completely machine washable. After a good day with the toy, it can get a little dirty. Being able to wash was important to me.

The Crazy Critters is suitable for most dogs of any size and age. With young dogs, it helps keeps them active and doesn’t develop the deconstructive behavior that other non-dog toys create after being ripped apart. For the older dogs, it offers them an opportunity to get some exercise by playing with their Crazy Critter.

When my friend told me about the Crazy Critters plush toy and was made for dogs, I immediately searched it online and had to get it. With my bad experience with my puppy and his obsession with regular stuffed animal toys, the Crazy Critter Fox & Raccoon life-like plush toy has made my life so much easier. Plus, it keeps my puppy occupied for hours. This is one dog toy I recommend to other dog owners.

postheadericon Domesticated dogs, much like humans, like to be pampered and comfortable

Domesticated dogs, much like humans, like to be pampered and comfortable. A dog bed is just a dog bed before you get one. Your dog will likely take to it like a fish to water. A ‘cuddly’ cushion makes a good dog bed. It extends the sides to form a protective ring and simulates the feeling of sleeping in a pack. This gives your dog the added psychological comfort for a good sleep.

It is a great idea to buy a dog bed. There are certain benefits that a dog bed provides. It gives your dog a comfortable sleep zone, in the same way a mattress does for a human. The ideal dog bed raises the dog above the ground, provides warmth and supports the joints of the dog. A whole range of dog beds is available. From expensive sofas that heat and cool as required to simple foam filled cushions, there is a dog bed for every dog and every level of spending. Some dog beds are filled with chips of cedar. These discourage the growth of fleas. Fabric that is machine washable makes washing easier.

Plastic, rattan and wicker are used in the making of dog beds. Rattan and wicker dog beds are constructed as low profile round or oval baskets fitted with a custom-made cushion. Plastic is often used in the same manner to make beds. Care should be taken however to see that it is chew resistant and without sharp edges. Stainless steel is used in beds that are more expensive. This is easy to clean.

Beds should use fabric that is resistant to chewing and easily washable. Some beds use foam or polyester fiber as filling. Though these are comfortable, they do not stop the laying of flea eggs. Dog beds that act against egg laying fleas have an outer zippered covering of cedar chips. These are less comfortable than other types of beds, but more functional.

Some dog beds offer the option of heating and cooling. They do this through a heated or frozen gel pad fitted within the cushion. This is not a good idea for canines that have the habit of chewing furniture. Some dog beds heat in the manner of an electric blanket that is placed on top of the bed and under the dog. These warmers are necessary for some dogs, particularly ones with joint issues.

A dogs sleeping environment should duplicate its natural sleeping habitat. The bed’s size should be proportionate to the dog. It should be large enough but not overly large. It should make the dog feel natural and unthreatened. For those who want the perfect custom-made bed for their dog or want one cheaper than would otherwise be available, the option of making a custom dog bed is always available. Here is one way to make such a bed.

You will need a string, pillow cover or tee shirt and plastic grocery bags. Choose designs that look best to your eye. Fill up the pillow cover with the grocery bags and sew it up. You can do this with the t-shirt as well. Optionally sew a zipper onto the pillow cover or t-shirt and periodically fill it with plastic bags, as you like.

A good dog bed can provide all the rest your dog needs to remain healthy and happy. A healthy and happy dog means more fun-filled hours for you with your dog. In short, a good dog bed is a small price to pay for what you get in return.