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postheadericon Before crate training your pit bull puppy, you’ll need to acquire a crate

Before crate training your Pit Bull puppy, you’ll need to acquire a crate. There are many types and variations of crates available for purchase. It is important to pick the type of crate that will best suit the needs of both you and your puppy.

You should also take into consideration the size of your dog now, and how large he may be when fully grown to avoid having to purchase more than one crate. It is also important to remember that the crate will be his own individual space, and you want to make it as comfortable as possible so that your Pit Bull will enjoy his time there.

Since the puppy will be spending a lot of time in his crate, you should put several of his favorite toys and treats in the crate for him. Keep in mind that any toy you purchase should be large enough for the dog not to be able to swallow it, to avoid any injury to your pet. Having toys to chew own will not only give the dog something to chew that he can’t destroy, but it will help to prevent boredom while he is in the crate.

Due to the strength of the Pit Bull, it is important to purchase tough toys that are made to last. They tend to really like Kong toys, and they can be stuffed with treats, which will usually keep him interested at least for a couple of hours, or until he gets all the treats. You can also purchase bones and toys that are especially made for Pit Bulls, they are tougher and usually safer for them to have than regular toys and bones. Regular bones, such as rawhide bones, can be dangerous for Pit Bulls, because they are strong enough to chew off bits of bone and get them lodged in their digestive tract.

If your Pit Bull will be spending more than two hours in the crate, it is a good idea to equip it with a water bottle in case he gets thirsty. Many pet stores sell the same type of water bottles that are used for hamsters or gerbils, just in larger sizes. These tend to work well in the Pit Bull’s crate.

You should also put some kind of bedding in the crate to help your Pit Bull puppy be more comfortable. Old towels or soft blankets usually suit this purpose very well. Occasionally Pit Bull puppies will chew their bedding, if this happens, be sure to remove all the pieces so that the puppy doesn’t swallow them. If the puppy wets his bedding, just remove it until the puppy stops using his crate as a bathroom, then put it back in.

Since the crate is your Pit Bull’s own private space, it is important not to let children or visitors play with him while he is in his crate. He should be left alone to play or rest as he likes. If someone wants to play with him, he should be taken out of his crate first. You want your Pit to like being in his crate, and feel comfortable spending time there.

postheadericon Take care when introducing cattle to grain and pelleted diets as there is a risk of grain poisoning

Take care when introducing cattle to grain and pelleted diets as there is a risk of grain poisoning. The high starch content of most grains can cause grain poisoning. Lupin is the exception because it is low in starch.

Good security of grain stores and standing crops is essential in order to prevent accidental poisoning. If you intend to turn stock onto stubble, it may be a wise precaution to feed some grain beforehand, so that the rumen bacterial population becomes adapted to grain.

When stock are fed grain or any feed that has a high carbohydrate content, the feed must be introduced gradually so that the animal’s rumen has time to adapt to the increasing levels. There should also be a minimum of 10-20% roughage in any ration.

During the introductory phase to grain feeding, animals should be closely monitored. Diarrhea is often the first sign of mild grain poisoning, and if this is seen in a number of animals, the proportion of hay in the ration should be further increased.

Some grains, for example lupins, are safer to feed than others. Similarly, it is safer to feed oats, which have a higher ratio of fibre to starch than does wheat.

When changing between different types, or even batches, of grains, and especially when changing between batches of pellets, the new feed should be introduced by ‘shandying’ it with the old and gradually increasing the proportion of the new feed over about 7 days.

When cattle are introduced to a high-grain diet, they should be started on a ration consisting primarily of hay, with the percentage of grain being gradually increased over 2-3 weeks.

postheadericon Your pet guinea pig depends on you completely for it’s food and nourishment

Your pet guinea pig depends on you completely for it’s food and nourishment. To ensure your furry little friends is as happy and healthy as he possibly can be you have to make certain he’s eating the suitable varieties of guinea pig food and getting every one of the necessary nutrients and vitamins. This information will make it easier to learn all you need to know to become a knowledgeable and loving guinea pig keeper.

The main food for your guinea pigs are going to be pellets. Young guinea pigs, under 10 months old, should be fed alfalfa hay-layered pellets. However, right after they reach 10 months of age you’ll want to switch them to timothy hay-layered pellets because alfalfa hay has elevated levels of calcium and high doses of calcium usually aren’t good for adult guinea pigs. A superb guinea pig pellet also needs to be hard and firm, making it necessary for your pigs to bite, chew and gnaw through it. Guinea pigs naturally enjoy chewing and gnawing on things so your little piggies will definitely love eating their hard pellets.

Ensure that you get pellets which are specifically formulated for guinea pigs and it is therefore a complete food, meaning it has each of the right nutrients in it. This includes an additional dose of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) which happens to be an important supplement to your guinea pig’s health. As in humans, ascorbic acid will not be naturally produced in guinea pigs. Deficiencies in vitamin C might cause your pet to develop scurvy. Should the pellet food that you’re feeding your guinea pig not be fortified with ascorbic acid, supplements can be bought in pet stores and can be put into their drinking water. Make sure you give your furry friend guinea pig approximately 20mg of ascorbic acid supplements every single day.

Guinea pigs also love to eat fresh vegetables, and vegetables are an essential supply of nutrients and vitamins. Leafy green vegetables help provide your pig with additional vitamin C. A summary of healthful vegetables that your guinea pig will like comprise watercress, turnip greens, swiss chard, spinach, mustard spinach, kale, dill weed, dandelion greens, cabbage, beet greens, cilantro, collards, and chicory greens.

I have discovered that the best food bowl for your pet is a heavy ceramic bowl for the reason that it’s hard to tip over while eating, and also the sides of the bowl needs to be high enough to hold back all dirty and contaminated bedding. Your guinea pigs needs a constant source of clean, fresh water, and the best way to make water available is by using a water bottle equipped with a “sipper” tube. Take care to always keep your guinea pig’s water bottle clean for the reason that can have a tendency to become contaminated and blocked as the guinea pig chews on the end of the sipper tube which often can backwash food particles up the tube.

This should be almost everything you might want to know about guinea pig food and feeding your furry and friendly companions. For anyone who is new to caring for guinea pigs then there are a lot of things you’ll want to understand about guinea pig care. So, click here now to pick up even more tips to ensure excellent guinea pig health.

postheadericon The latest fashion trends show that small dog clothes are really in; every dog owner will dress his small dog in order to take a walk

The latest fashion trends show that small dog clothes are really in; every dog owner will dress his small dog in order to take a walk. The Clothes should be kept on at least 10 minutes in order for the dog to like them.

The dog is likely to try to get rid of the clothes; he will be trying to tug at these clothes but he has to be made to chew all his toys instead. Even the small dog clothes are to be protected by the dog’s teeth and his attention should be focused on other items such as food or toys.

Over time the dressing period should be longer in order for the dog to feel comfortable with the clothes on; the owner has to be patient because training a dog in order to wear dog clothes is not an easy or quick task.

On the contrary, gradual progression is to be expected and the result will be spotted in time. By increasing the dressing time, the owner will make his dog believe that is pretty normal for him to wear dog clothe; he will not feel threatened by them anymore.

For instance, you will have to choose comfortable clothes; these clothes must not be too tight or too loose because they can become pretty uncomfortable for the dog to wear. Therefore, you will have to choose small dog clothes in order to allow your dog move freely without having to worry about the condition of the clothes.

The frills are also to be avoided and even the flowing ribbons are to be left aside because they can actually get in the dog’s way. The owner has to make sure that his dog is able to urinate and defecate whenever is required because the clothes must not prevent him from the natural needs.

Regardless of the preferred outfits for your little dog, you have to bear in mind that these items should be washable; even if they are stylish, these items need to be kept clean in order to prevent the dog from getting sick due to the constant wearing.

You have to be aware of the sequined coats because the dog may become interested in chewing them; you have to stay away from the fabrics that may result into a hazardous and unwanted effect because the accidents are to be avoided.

Comfortable Dog Clothes are to be searched for because the dog resembles his owner when it comes to quality clothes. There are many online stores that can provide you with different materials and fabrics; if you do not manage to have an opinion about the wide variety of fabrics, you may even ask for a professional help in order to find out which type of fabric is likely to suit your pet.

postheadericon The system is very easily installed and will give your dog complete freedom which he may not perceive otherwise

talled only if your puppy is between sixteen to twenty weeks of age and no younger. The system is very easily installed and will give your dog complete freedom which he may not perceive otherwise. Dogs do tend to be very nosey and will attempt to cross the street, run to the neighbor’s yard, dig in the flower garden and even chase pedestrians. This system will teach the dog what is not to be done and what is to be done. In essence your dog will learn the basic do’s and don’ts.

Verify at your local pet and supplies store for details on the containment system and pricing. Just like how you need freedom, your dog deserves it too. Keep in mind that he is an essential part of your family and it’s your duty to take care that he is safe, healthy and happy. This system will give him much needed freedom and even a thank you from your local mailman!