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postheadericon Every owner will have cat health questions from time to time

Every owner will have cat health questions from time to time. Short of calling a vet or paying for an expensive visit every time a little issue crosses your mind, you have to find resources that will give you answers directly. Cats are a pleasure to have in the home, but their health must be looked after just as any other animal requires.

It is very easy to find answers to simple health concerns such as how to properly clean out a littler box and keep it sanitary, but there are many issues of cat health that most owners never consider until a problem arises. Let’s look at 3 very different questions that are commonly asked by owners.

When injured, can a cat be given pain medication?

If your cat were to somehow get injured and appeared to be in severe pain, what would you do? This is a common issue with cat owners, because this species of pet is very good at hiding signs of pain. Some pets actually have to be in severe pain for it to really be obvious, but you can assume there is pain if they are less active, hiding, or just not acting like themselves after an accident or mishap of some sort.

The answer is to go to the vet and ask about appropriate pain medications for your pet. Pain killers were once considered unsafe and downright dangerous to felines, but there are some kinds now that have proven to be safe and effective.

Can diseases be passed from cats to humans?

There are some diseases that can be transferred from a cat to a human, though many owners today consider this a rumor. It is in fact the pure truth as there are multiple types of health conditions that a feline can transfer to human owners.

You don’t have to rush to get rid of your pet out of fear for your family or your own health. Most people are not aware of this health issue because it doesn’t happen very often or the owners are unaware of the root cause of the illness when it does happen. If you make sure that the litter box is always sanitary, follow a strict grooming routine for your pets, and make sure that they are all vaccinated on schedule, then you have very little to worry about.

How many years does a cat usually live?

The feline species can fall victim to some of the life threatening diseases that humans face, such as cancer. Given that your cat avoids that serious disaster and is healthy, you can expect them to live in your house for a long time. The life span of felines has considerably lengthened, with some living over twenty years easily.

The average life span for a cat is around nine years, but if you are properly caring for your cat do not be surprised if your feline friend survives much longer than that.

As long as you are familiar with these cat health questions as well as a variety of other care concerns, you will likely have many years to enjoy your pet.

postheadericon Domesticated dogs, much like humans, like to be pampered and comfortable

Domesticated dogs, much like humans, like to be pampered and comfortable. A dog bed is just a dog bed before you get one. Your dog will likely take to it like a fish to water. A ‘cuddly’ cushion makes a good dog bed. It extends the sides to form a protective ring and simulates the feeling of sleeping in a pack. This gives your dog the added psychological comfort for a good sleep.

It is a great idea to buy a dog bed. There are certain benefits that a dog bed provides. It gives your dog a comfortable sleep zone, in the same way a mattress does for a human. The ideal dog bed raises the dog above the ground, provides warmth and supports the joints of the dog. A whole range of dog beds is available. From expensive sofas that heat and cool as required to simple foam filled cushions, there is a dog bed for every dog and every level of spending. Some dog beds are filled with chips of cedar. These discourage the growth of fleas. Fabric that is machine washable makes washing easier.

Plastic, rattan and wicker are used in the making of dog beds. Rattan and wicker dog beds are constructed as low profile round or oval baskets fitted with a custom-made cushion. Plastic is often used in the same manner to make beds. Care should be taken however to see that it is chew resistant and without sharp edges. Stainless steel is used in beds that are more expensive. This is easy to clean.

Beds should use fabric that is resistant to chewing and easily washable. Some beds use foam or polyester fiber as filling. Though these are comfortable, they do not stop the laying of flea eggs. Dog beds that act against egg laying fleas have an outer zippered covering of cedar chips. These are less comfortable than other types of beds, but more functional.

Some dog beds offer the option of heating and cooling. They do this through a heated or frozen gel pad fitted within the cushion. This is not a good idea for canines that have the habit of chewing furniture. Some dog beds heat in the manner of an electric blanket that is placed on top of the bed and under the dog. These warmers are necessary for some dogs, particularly ones with joint issues.

A dogs sleeping environment should duplicate its natural sleeping habitat. The bed’s size should be proportionate to the dog. It should be large enough but not overly large. It should make the dog feel natural and unthreatened. For those who want the perfect custom-made bed for their dog or want one cheaper than would otherwise be available, the option of making a custom dog bed is always available. Here is one way to make such a bed.

You will need a string, pillow cover or tee shirt and plastic grocery bags. Choose designs that look best to your eye. Fill up the pillow cover with the grocery bags and sew it up. You can do this with the t-shirt as well. Optionally sew a zipper onto the pillow cover or t-shirt and periodically fill it with plastic bags, as you like.

A good dog bed can provide all the rest your dog needs to remain healthy and happy. A healthy and happy dog means more fun-filled hours for you with your dog. In short, a good dog bed is a small price to pay for what you get in return.