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postheadericon Blood in cat urine can be caused by many different things

Blood in cat urine can be caused by many different things. Veterinarians will tell you that cat urine with blood in it can either be “gross”, meaning you can see it with the naked eye, or it may be microscopic, meaning you cannot see it except under a microscope. The medical name for the presence of blood in cat urine is hematuria. Causes of Blood in Cat Urine As mentioned above, there can be many reasons for hematuria in your pet. Some of them include: * Various types of urinary tract infections * Bladder infections * Vaginitis in females * Some forms of urinary cancer * Urinary tract stones * Poisoning (especially from rat poison products) * Accidents or injury As you can see, cat urine with blood in it can be caused by some very serious conditions, all of which need to be treated by a professionally qualified veterinarian. In some cases, blood in cat urine can indicate a life-threatening condition, and getting your pet to the vet quickly can save its life. Other Symptoms Associated with Blood in Cat Urine In addition to seeing cat urine with blood discharges, you may also notice some other signs and symptoms. For instance, you may notice your pet is experiencing pain when urinating. You may also notice that your pet has become weak or is unable to move. There may be pain in the abdominal area, and you may also notice that your pet urinates more often than usual. All of these, along with cat urine with blood in it, are signs of a problem. Treatment of Blood in Cat urine Treatment for cat urine with blood depends on the cause. Your vet may need to do several tests to rule out possible causes. This might include anything from urine test to X-rays. Once the underlying cause has been identified, treatment can begin such as making sure your cat is properly hydrated (drinking enough) or if urinary or bladder stones are blocking the path of the urine. In many cases the reason for blood in cat urine can be treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics will take care of most bacterial infections that lead to cat urine with blood in it. In some cases, you may need to change your pet’s diet to help reduce the presence of cat bladder stones. More often than not, blood in cat urine will require increased levels of hydration. And if poisoning is suspected, additional levels of Vitamin K may be required. The key to remember is that blood in cat urine is not normal and should be reported to your vet as soon as possible. Once the underlying reason for the cat urine with blood is known, treatments can begin and recovery can start. Preventing Cat Urine and Feline Urinary Tract Problems Your cat’s urinary tract leads to the outside of the body so that your cat can urinate. While this allows urine to exit the body, it also provides a path for bacteria to enter. The body uses the chemical makeup of urine (high concentrations of urea) to cleanse the tract and kill organisms such as bacteria to prevent infection. The key to health then is frequent urination which has the effect of “cleansing all the organs in the urinary pathway including the ureters, bladder and kidneys and preventing other problems such as cat bladder infections which leads to problems such as cat urine with blood. You should also make sure your cat’s liter box is clean so bacteria that resides on feces isn’t entering the body. Cat’s by nature may not drink enough water as they tend to get the moisture they need through their food. Dietary change from dry kibble to canned food may be something to try if your cat is subject to feline urinary tract infections or has minor cases of blood in cat urine. You might also try natural remedies which help the urine and urinary tract maintain the PH necessary for the urine to properly cleanse the system. Ingredients such as Arctostaphylos uva ursi, Berberis vulgaris, Cantharis and Staphysagris are known to safely help maintain and possibly have a positive impact on the bladder and urinary tract. Discuss this option with your veterinarian if blood in cat urine is a continuing concern.

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